Top 10 Richest Musicians In Uganda 2021

An interesting list of richest musicians in Uganda presently. Uganda is a country full of opportunities where anybody can make a living. This is because of the developing economic situation in the country. In fact, the country has witnessed significant growth in her economic situation over the past years.

However, just like with the corporate environment, the country also offers numerous opportunities for creative minds, most especially those in the entertainment industry. The industry is full of numerous segments including the music, theatre, and performing act, comedy, and numerous others.

In the music sector, the amount of money you take home depends on how influential and how creative you are. This is the same in Uganda too with some cashing out big while some get not up to.

But, who are the wealthiest musicians in Uganda? Here are they: 

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Uganda 2021

1. Bobi Wine

Popularly known as The Ghetto President and Gladiator, Bobi is a renowned Dance Hall Music Artist that has accumulated wealth over the past years making him the richest musician in the country. Thinking outside the box and as an investor, the musician has corporate deals with numerous big public and private companies including MTN, Ministry Of Health, Centenary Bank, and Life Bank Condoms.

Other companies Bobi Wine has investments in include Semakokilo Plaza and a host of others. He also owns a prominent beach along with the showers of Lake Victoria known as One Love Beach. He has also spread his tentacles into the transportation sector as he owns numerous taxis, Boda Bodas, Yacht and a speedboat. He has numerous cars in his expensive house located on a vast land of two acres. He is also a political player as he is a member of the parliament and aspiring to contest for the post of President in 2021.

2. Dr. Jose Chameleon

Given birth to in the year 1979, Jose Chameleon is one of the most educated musicians in the country. He started his Music Career in Kenya as a DJ with AGOPA DJs. Being in the music industry for over 20 years, Jose has numerous investment deals with Big companies including MTN, Coke Studio Africa, Pepsi, Uganda Cranes, and a host of others. Spreading his tentacles into the agricultural sector, he also practices ranching and crop growing on a large scale. He also owns a private beach along the showers on lane Victoria called CoCo Beach.

Among Jose Chameleon properties also include cars, shoes, mansions located across the country in Rwanda, and the United State of America. Additionally, he has two records for hosting the most expensive events in the Eastern part of Africa and for hosting the largest concert with an attendance of more than 4000 participants. He has also won numerous awards and hoping to run for Mityana Constituency Parliament in 2021.

3. BeBe Cool

Formerly known as Moses Sali, Bebe Cool is one of the Ke music legends in the music industry. Starting out with the Regea Bashment crew including Petermiles, Dzzy, etc, Bebe Cool started his music career in Kenya. In addition to his own accumulated wealth, he is also the son of a father that has featured as a minister in numerous Governments. In fact, his father is a friend of President Museveni. He currently has endorsement deals with numerous companies including Coke Studio Africa, Airtel, and Uganda Cranes. He also operates a record label into the Names of GaGamel Music. Just like his fellow musicians, he is also a major investor with a focus on real estate. He has a fleet of cars and numerous other properties.

4. Ragaa Dee

Ragaa Dee is a prominent musician known for involving in 3 music genres including reggae, hip hop, and Lingala. He is also a good wisher and friend of President Museveni. Surprisingly, The Ghetto President, the richest musician in the country, is also his friend. He has however managed the situation to accommodate their political differences. It is a common belief that he is the consular of Uganda to Burundi as he was given the position by President of the Republic of Uganda. In 2006, he was the first musician to import the most expensive car then – Hummer. He also has investments in real estate and is the owner of a record label known as the Buggie Empire.

5. Grace Nakimera

Grace Nakimera is the richest female musician in Uganda. She is considered one of the best live performers in the country. Even though she inherited most of her wealth, she has also accumulated numerous wealth and this gave her the fifth position in the list of richest musicians in the country. Additionally, she is also into the agricultural sector and real estate as she is the owner of numerous apartments and land in Kampala and several parts of the country. In Uganda, she is considered as one of the most hardworking women.

6. Ronald Mayinja

Ronald Mayinja is one of the renowned musicians in the country. He is among the team members that spearheaded the establishment of the Eagles Production Band, which is a prominent band in the country. Additionally, he is also into the hospitality business as he is the owner of numerous hotels including Roma Hotels and Roma Wares. He has also extended his neck into other sectors including the transportation sector. In fact, he currently owns a number of commercial Lorries used in transporting bulky goods across the country. In the political atmosphere, he is aspiring to join politics and compete for the parliamentary seat in 2021. He owns a fleet of luxury cars and a beautiful home.

7. Mesaech Ssemakula

Also among the key founders of the Then Eagles production, Mesaech Ssemakula is one of the top directors of the prominent band. Currently, however, he is fulfilling his music passion at the Golden Band production. Mesaech is one of the most famous musicians in the country has won a ‘SIR’ from the Kabaka of Buganda and a host of other awards. He is also the owner of one of the prominent music recording studios in the country known as Kann Studio. As an investor, he also has numerous investments in real estate and owns numerous apartments across the country.

8. Geoferey Lutaaya

Also among the key founder of the then Eagle Production and an active member until its liquidation, Geoferey Lutaaya is one of the most recognized and wealthy musicians in the country. He is the founder of The New Eagles, which derives its name from the former ‘Eagles Production’. He is also into the hospitality business as he is the owner of one hotel, a club, and two motels. Additionally, he is also the owner of a fleet of luxury cars and numerous other properties located across the country. However, many people believed that he owns the properties together with his wife.

9. Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo is the most highly rated musician in the country. This has earned him fame as he has bagged numerous awards including the BET Award. He is also considered one of the few musicians that have managed to export the Uganda industry to the external world. He is also considered as the steadiest fast progressing young musician in the country. He also has numerous deals with companies including Airtel etc. He is also an ambassador of the tourism sector. Eddy is the owner of numerous properties including a fleet of luxurious cars, an expensive home, etc.

10. Hajji Haruna Mubiru

 One of the hard-working musicians in Uganda is Hajjo Haruna Mubiru. He was also a member of Eagles Production until its liquidation. Afterward, he established an independent private production company known as Kream Production. He has managed to make things work for him in his new company and has made numerous investments, most especially in the real estate. His properties include a fleet of luxurious cars, a home, and numerous others.

Uganda is full of talented individuals that are making use of their creative minds to earn some cash. This is supported by the fact that most of their musicians occupy some spots in the list of richest individuals in the country.