An updated list of richest women in Uganda based on our findings. Uganda is one of the countries located in the Eastern part of Africa. Just like with many other African countries, Uganda is a major exporter of numerous essential materials including maize, tobacco, sugar, and a host of others.

Therefore, the country boasts of a very fast growing economic environment. Hence, this gives the government the opportunity of making life easier for her citizens. Additionally, there are numerous numbers of millionaires and billionaires, both males and females, in the country.

Just like their counterparts, the females in Uganda are also known for their dedication towards success and hardworking behavior. This is supported by the fact that a lot of them occupy a certain position in the list of the wealthiest people in Uganda.

But who are among the richest women in Uganda and how much does each one of them worth? They include:

Top 10 Richest Women In Uganda 2020

  • 1. Jyotsna Ruparelia

Being the wife of the leading business tycoon and richest man in Uganda, Jyotsna Ruparelia occupies the first position in the list of richest women in Uganda. Her husband, Sudhir Ruparelia, is a well-known investor in the country. Both couples seems to have a similar source of wealth. Jyotsna is known for earning millions of dollars as the Managing Director of numerous organizations including Kabira Country Club, Kabira International School, Ruparelia Group, and a host of others. Just like her husband, the woman has also spread her tentacles in the form of Investments into numerous organizations. She apparently directs an investment company known as Meera Investments. Via this, one of her companies, Ruparelia Group, has maintained the ownership of numerous assets in the country.

  • 2. Maria Kiwanuka

When it comes to making money by providing people with the right and necessary information needed, Maria Kiwanuka is one of the major players. Being the Managing Director and a long-standing business partner, the woman manages one of Uganda’s most lucrative radio authorities known as Radio One.

Apart from being a hardworking and vibrant businesswoman, Maria was also a former Minister of Finance in the country and this has significantly improved her fame in the country. Maria has occupied numerous prestigious positions in the past including being a financial expert and economist to the World Bank, Member of Board of Directors (as a non-executive director) for Stanbic Bank, Nkumba University, The Nabagereka Development, and numerous others. She is also among the class of learned business individuals in the country as she holds a Master in Business Administration Degree from the School of Economics, London. Additionally, she owns numerous assets including Maria Galleria, Akabozi Ku Biri – an urban shopping arcade, and a local radio station respectively.

In Uganda, Maria Kiwanuka has built a great business empire for herself and the other assets she owns are an urban shopping arcade (known as Maria’s Galleria) and a local radio station (known as Akabozi ku Biri).

During the 1980s, Maria Kiwanuka served the World Bank as a financial expert and economist. Maria Kiwanuka –who is well known as the wife of Mohan Kiwanuka –served several other organizations in the past. Among these organizations are Stanbic Bank Uganda, Uganda Development Bank, Nkumba University, The Nabagereka Development Trust, and East Africa’s Aga Khan Foundation. On the board of directors for each of these organizations, Maria Kiwanuka performed the role of a non-executive director.

  • 3. Julian Adyeri Omalla

Considered one of the industrious female characters in the country, Julian Adyeri Omalla is a Ugandan businesswoman and the third richest woman in Uganda. As an active entrepreneur, Julian Adyeri serves as the owner, managing director as well as chairwoman of Delight Uganda Limited –a renowned Ugandan company concerned with the production of fruit drink.

  • 4. Sylvia Namutebi

Being an influential woman in Uganda, Silvia Namutebi is one of the most acclaimed female characters in the country. Popularly known as Mama Fina, Silvia is considered one of the fortunate in the country as she accumulated her wealth as a cultural practitioner. It is therefore an accepted fact in the country that she is among those that rose from grass to grace due to their dedication and consistency. She has been in the trado-medical profession for quite a long period of time and she currently serves as the leader of Uganda Traditional Healers Association. In addition to this, she also has numerous investments with the possession of numerous boutiques and estates. This has massively increased the bulkiness of her wealth purse. 

  • 5. Nina Karugaba

Another active player in the business sector is Nina Karugaba, a wealthy Ugandan woman. In fact, she has a vigorous presence in the sector. Additionally, she has been in the sector for a long period of time and this has increased her experience in numerous folds. Currently, she owns and manages Nina Interior, a company known for dealing in furniture needed for hotel, office, and numerous domestic uses. The company also has subsidiaries in Rwanda and Kampala. Being an influential woman, she has been able to acquire numerous prestigious assets in Kabale and Kampala. All these sums together gave her a spot in the list of richest women in Uganda.

  • 6. Maggie Kigozi

Margaret Blick Kigozi, popularly known as Maggi Kigozi, is another influential and wealthy woman in Uganda. She is also considered one of the most versatile and flexible women in the country. Mingling various positions including business consultation, sports, education, and medical practice, she has been able to acquire for herself numerous wealth that gave her the sixth position among the richest Ugandan women.

Just like numerous others, she is also a major player in the investment sector as she is a shareholder and director of Pepsi Crown Bottlers. Additionally, she also works with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization being a certified and qualified business consultant. 

  • 7. Amina Hersi

Amina Hersitrue is a renowned Ugandan as well as Kenyan entrepreneur with various investment dealings. She is one of Uganda’s most influential female characters who has established a number of mega projects in the country. Her investments span across Uganda and they include Laburnum Courts Apartment (situated in Nakasero Hill) and Kampala-based Oasis Shopping Mail. Within and beyond the country, Amina Hersitrue is an acclaimed investor. Meanwhile, she was honoured with an award –Woman Investor of the Year –in 2008. This award came in recognition of her initiative contributions to the investment sector.

  • 8. Morine Wavamunno

Morine Wavamunno merits a position among the richest Ugandan women. She maintains her wealthy stance as the executive director of a popular Ugandan group known as Wavamunno Group of Companies.

Under her management –as the executive director of Wavamunno Group of Companies –there are a number of subsidiary companies such as Spear Motors, WBS TV, and Wavah Water. As regards the several subsidiary companies, the turnover of Wavamunno Group of Companies is estimated in a massive proportion.

  • 9. Babirye Mugerwa

In Uganda, Babirye Mugerwa is one of the leading women. She is one of the most influential female moguls in the downtown of Ugandan capital –Kampala. Precisely, Babirye Mugerwa has been in the business sector for many years and she is believed to be one of the first female importers of merchandise from the United Arab Emirates in the ’90s. Also, Babirye is the reputable owner of luxurious assets including a number of hotels (located in Makerere Kikoni), Park View buildings, Yamaha Center, and H&B Plaza.

Babirye –who initiated her business enterprise with cosmetics –later diversified into several other businesses and today, she is considered a vibrant female importer from international regions such as Thailand, China, and Japan.

  • 10. Sarah Kizito

Sarah Kizito makes money through her ownership of Lady Charlotte –a Ugandan store for bridal and salon needs. Lady Charlotte is one of Uganda’s top choices for wealthy women to purchase bridal and salon accessories. Though Lady Charlotte is her major source of income, Sarah Kizito is also the owner of Nalongo Estates.


This list comprises the Top 10 Richest Women in Uganda and how these female characters have managed to emerge from the country’s wealth ladder. As a notable point, some of these women are investors while others engage in several other lucrative businesses.

In Uganda, men are not the only wealthy characters and in order to amass their own portions of the country’s riches, Ugandan women engage in various business activities. Nowadays, there are a number of Ugandan female investors who have built impressive business reputations for themselves. That’s all on the top 10 wealthiest women in Uganda.


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