Nigerian Civil War Facts / History { Biafra Civil war }

Nigerian Civil War Facts / History { Biafra Civil War }

The Nigerian Civil War which is also popularly known as the Biafran Civil War, was fought between 6th of July 1967 to 15th of January 1970. The civil war was fought to counter the secession of Biafra from Nigeria { Brief History of the Nigerian Civil War Facts { Biafra Civil war } }.

Biafra represented the aspirations of the Igbo people to be a nation. The leaders of the Igbo people felt they could no longer coexist with the Northern-dominated federal
government of Nigeria. The conflict resulted from political, ethnic, economic, religious and cultural tensions in the country though the war was stimulated by a military coup, a counter-coup, and the massive persecution of Igbo people living in the Northern part of Nigeria.

brief history of the nigerian civil war Facts { Biafra Civil war }

– : Meaning of Biafra

Biafra was the name given to the secessionist state in the south eastern part of Nigeria. It is believed that the named was culled from the Bight of Biafra which is the name of the Atlantic bay to it’s south.

-: Causes of the Nigerian civil war

The anti-Igbo pogrom in the year 1966 was a series of mass public massacres in the Northern part of Nigeria which was directed at Igbo people and other people of southern Nigerian. The anti-Igbo pogrom began May 1966 and reached the peak towards the ending of September 1966. Over 40,000 Igbo civilians were murdered throughout northern Nigeria during the period and this murders where carried out by Hausa-Fulani soldiers and civilians who sought revenge for the 1966 Nigerian coup d’état, which claimed the life of Northern leaders. These bloody events
led to the secession and the declaration of the Republic of Biafra , which in turn led to the Nigeria-Biafra war .

Effects of the Nigerian Civil War { Biafra Civil War }

The Nigerian Civil War cost the Igbos a great deal in terms of lives, money and infrastructure. Up to three million people are estimated to have died due to the conflict, most of them from hunger and disease. More than two million people died as a direct cause of the famine imposed deliberately through blockade throughout the war. Lack of access to medical attention also contributed to the deaths. The Federal army was also accused of further atrocities which includes deliberate bombing of civilians, rape and mass slaughter with machine guns.

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