How To Invest In Treasury Bills In Nigeria, All You Need To Know

How To Invest In Treasury Bills In Nigeria, All You Need To Know

Are you searching for how and where to invest your hard earned money. Have you given treasury bills a chance.
Treasury bills is one of the savest investment

What is Treasury bills?

Treasury bills are short term government debt instrument,

so in a sense you can say buying treasury bills is like borrowing the government money for a short period of time.

how to invest in treasury bills in Nigeria

How Does It Work?

Lets assume that Ogun State government wants to pay salary for this month, and the State is yet to receive income for the month, the State will go to CBN to help raise money by selling treasury bills. The Central Bank of Nigeria will issue the treasury bills at a specified interest rate, specifying the maturity, mostly 91 days, 182 days or 364 days.

Also in addition to borrowing money to the government, The Central Bank of Nigeria also uses Treasury bills to control the circulation and availability of money in the economy. When CBN wants to reduce the money in circulation, it sells Treasury bills to Nigerians resulting in reduction of the amount of money in circulation and when CBN wants to increase the money in circulation, it simply buys back the treasury bills.

Note: We have Primary market Treasury bills, which are the newly issued T-Bills and the Secondary market Treasury bills {also called Open Market Operation}, this happen when CBN is unable to sell all the Treasury bills, they will keep them and reissue them in a latter date. The reissued T-Bills are referred to as secondary market treasury bills.

How To Buy Treasury Bills In Nigeria?

While anyone can buy treasury bills in Nigeria {from secondary market, broker}, It easier for you to go through banks, who will act as CBN agents.

Minimum Amount You Can Buy
While most bank will sell a minimum of N100,000 purchase or more, nomarly you should be able to buy a minimum of N1,000


  • Yield and Income on investment is realizeable upfront and can be automatically rollover for higher income
  • Profit is tax free
  • The bills can be used as collateral for short term borrowing from banks

Nigerian Treasury Bills Percentage Rate / Interest Rate

As at the time of this post update :

  • 91 days – 3 month t bills rate -13.9%
  • 182 days – 6 month t bills rate – 17.09%
  • 364 days – 1 year / 12 month treasury bills rate in Nigeria  – 18.25%

    So there you have it, if you are wondering how to invest in treasury bills in Nigeria. The information should give you a head start.

Reference: CBN, Vanguard

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