Nasarawa State University Cut Off Mark for JAMB and Post UTME 2020/2021 – NSUK, a popular state-owned institution in the Northern part of Nigeria, but attracts attention beyond the shores of its immediate environment. If you are an aspirant of the University, or you know someone who is, then this article will be of great benefit. 

First, it should be noted that that JAMB has pegged the official cutoff marks for Nasarawa State University NSUK to 180, and we will also take time to explore the courses being offered in the school as well as their respective cut off marks. 

Unlike some universities in the country that aren’t cool with the idea of students making them a second choice when applying for Jamb, Nasarawa State University NSUK don’t seem to mind. So, even if you have chosen them as the second choice, you have no problem whatsoever, and you can get in too. One of the benefits of such action is that you can increase your chances of getting admission this year (because if your first choice of institution failed to bring you in, you can quickly run to the second choice). 

Nasarawa State University Cut Off Mark For JAMB & Post UTME 2020/2021

NSUK – Nasarawa State University Cut Off Mark  For JAMB is 180 for the 2020/2021 academic session, for the post UTME cut off point, check the list below

NSUK Departmental Cut Off Point

  1. For all Engineering courses – 200 and above in jamb, as well as 60% in post UTME
  2. For all Basic medical sciences courses, it is 180 and above in jamb as well as 50% and above in post UTME
  3. Professional and highly competitive courses – it is 240 and above in jamb as well as 85% and above in post UTME
  4. For all Agricultural and educational courses, it is between 120 – 180, as well as 20% and above in post UTME

Here is a list of all courses being offered in the school:

  1. » Accountancy / Accounting –

2 » Agricultural Economics and Extension –

  1. » Agricultural Economics and Farm Management –
  2. » Agronomy –
  3. » Animal Science –
  4. » Arabic Studies –
  5. » Banking and Finance (Mgt) –
  6. » Biochemistry –
  7. » Business Administration –
  8. » Business Management –
  9. » Chemistry –
  10. » Christian Religious Knowledge / Studies –
  11. » Computer Science –
  12. » Economics –
  13. » Education and Biology –
  14. » Education and Chemistry –
  15. » Education and Christian Religious Studies –
  16. » Education and Economics –
  17. » Education and English Language –
  18. » Education and French –
  19. » Education and Geography / Physics –
  20. » Education and Integrated Science –
  21. » Education and Islamic Studies –
  22. » Education and Mathematics –
  23. » Education and Physics –
  24. » Education and Social Studies –
  25. » Educational Management –
  26. » English Language –
  27. » Estate Management –
  28. » Fisheries –
  29. » Forestry And WildLife –
  30. » French –
  31. » Geography –
  32. » Geology and minning –

35 » Guidance and Counseling –

  1. » Hausa –
  2. » History –
  3. » Home Science and Management –

39 .» Information Resource Management –

  1. » Islamic Studies –
  2. » Languages and Linguistics –
  3. » Law –
  4. » Mass Communication –
  5. » Mathematics –
  6. » Microbiology –
  7. » Nutrition and Dietetics –
  8. » Physics –
  9. » Plant Science and Biotechnology –
  10. » Political Science –
  11. » Psychology –
  12. » Sociology –
  13. » Statistics –
  14. » Theatre Arts –
  15. » Zoology – 
Nasarawa State University Cut Off Mark

Now, it must be noted that for every applicant, their WAEC (or any other O’level result) must be fully completed and on the ground if they are to be qualified to partake in the admission screening exercise. So, if you haven’t made ready your result, kindly do that straightway before it is too late. 

As it is known, passing Jamb is a prerequisite before any other thing, and the way to determine one’s success in Jamb is by beating the cut off mark that was set by the board. However, even after scoring an impressive score in Jamb, it is expedient for the students to ensure they do well in the post UTME screening exercise. Therefore, we can tell confidently that to get high chances of this session’s admission, you should strive to score high in the post UTME admission screening exercise that will be organized by the school. 

This is a major decider, as the school can’t admit every one of you interested in schooling there. In fact, there are many institutions that admits way less than what Nasarawa State University takes. The management is concerned about their capacity too. Therefore, measures must be put in place to ensure the possibility of sifting. So, for those who will score below 40 percent in PUME, they will likely come back again next year. 

Actually, there are different factors responsible for low scores. However, one of the most prominent reason we can highlight is the lack of adequate preparation. And when we are talking about preparation, one thing we can’t but talk about is having and practicing with past questions. It helps a lot if you can get your hands on genuine past questions with answers, and work with them. The interesting thing is that in these modern times, they usually come in soft copies, making it possible to read them on a smartphone or laptop (and can even be printed). Be familiar with the way they set their questions, and of course, you can be lucky to discover that some of the questions will be repeated. Imagine if you find a lot of repeated questions, you will simply choose them and be fine. 

According to a statistic available on the internet, over 70,000 aspirants are slugging it out to enter Nasarawa State University. Nevertheless, the School will admit way less than that. The reason isn’t alien to us, it is a general thing. A school will only admit how many students they believed they can handle for a session. Perhaps, it will get better if the government can take the step to build more schools (and upgrade the existing ones) 

{How to Calculate NSUK Departmental Cut off mark 2020/2021}

Nasarawa State University might not be as popular as certain higher institutions in the country (such as the University of Ibadan, University of Lagos, University of Benin, Covenant University, and so on), still, the management is doing all that can be done to move to the elite list. The reason for stating this is to make you realize that they actually offer several varieties of courses for different degree programs (that ranges from undergraduate program Bachelor of Science B. Sc., Master’s degree, Postgraduate Programs, Ph.D. postgraduate doctoral degree, and part-time). So, there are alternatives. 

Now, as you proceed with your admission quest, the advice is that you choose wisely whatever it is that you deny studying in the school. Check properly the requirements for the course as well as the eligibility before you go on registering them in post UTME. If you know a particular course is out of hand, simply don’t pick it again and go for others. However, since we won’t advise you not to follow your dreams, if you feel a particular course will bring you to your dreams, then you can come back again next year fully prepared. 

Actually, the point system option was embraced after the board of JAMB had a meeting with higher schools in the country. 

Nasarawa State University Keffi NSUK Admission and Eligibility

It is necessary to do certain important things first before settling for a course and department at Nasarawa State University. Please note that the institution doesn’t offer all courses, but with the JAMB Brochure, you can get to know whatever it is that you want to know. Go through the brochure and after deciding on the course you want, see if your four subjects in jamb and 5 relevant subjects in your O’level fits in for the particular course.

If you couldn’t get at least 200 in your Jamb score, try to avoid very competitive courses then. Now, if you were able to score 200 and above in Jamb, you should retain the mindset that there is still more to be done, so, you can put extra efforts in your post UTME examination to be admitted (always remember that the higher your score, the higher your chance of being admitted). 

That’s all about Nawarawa State University Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 Academic Session.


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