Top 10 Most Dangerous Airports In Europe 2020

Ever wondered which Airports are Europe’s scariest? Naijaquest list out the most dangerous Airports in Europe presently. Airports are a secluded area in a country where people transport themselves and their goods from one part of the world to another via a flight. Many experts also have it that the safest mode of transportation is air transportation.

However, this is not the case in some airports in Europe. Out of the over 800 airports located on the continent, some of them are very dangerous when it comes to landing and even loading passengers and/or goods.

But which airports are among the scariest airports in Europe? They include the following;

Top 10 Most Dangerous Airports In Europe 2020

1. Akureyri Airport

  • (Located in Akureyri, Iceland)

The most dangerous airport in Europe is Akureyri Airport. In fact, pilots are usually prohibited from landing unless they have received special training on a flight simulator or very much familiar with the conditions at the airport. The major complex area in the airport is the steep descent into a high-terrain as well as maneuvering within a very tight valley. In addition, its complex terrain calls for a high rate of descent that most of the pilots are not well familiar with. Therefore, it is very much important for the pilot to be well experienced before flying into the airport.

2. Courchevel Airport

  • (Located in Courchevel, France)

The Courchevel Airport is known for having the highest runaway of 537 meters long. Additionally, the airport sits at an elevation of about 2,010 meters. Hence only turboprop planes and aircraft can land here. Therefore, many commercial aircraft and private jets are prohibited from the airport due to safety and security reasons. In fact, before flying in the airport, the pilot must have the ‘Qualification of Sight’ license which fewer than 100 pilots have. This is because the pilot must navigate via mountainous terrain while making a steep descent before hitting the uphill of the runaway.

3. Gibraltar International Airport

  • (Located in Gibraltar)

The third most dangerous airport in Europe is the Gibraltar International Airport. This is because there is the need for a pilot to cross Winston Churchill Avenue which is a public street that connects to the neighboring country, Spain. Therefore, the street must remain closed whenever a plan is about to take off or land. In addition, the challenging terrain makes non-standard visual approaches necessary and irregular winds around the area. This usually causes turbulence that can cause serious hazardous accidents if not managed well. 

4. Heathrow Airport

  • (Located in Landford, United Kingdom)

Another scary airport in Europe is Heathrow Airport. This is because there is a requirement for the pilot to be highly experienced before flying in the airport. The airport is actually one of the busiest airports in the continent. Therefore, the pilot must learn how to navigate through heavy traffic while in the air and also when taxing on the ground. All these make the airport one of the most dangerous airports in the continent.

5. Innsbruck Airport

  • (Located in Innsbruck, Austria)

Innsbruck Airport is the fifth most dangerous airport and hence, pilots must develop the necessary qualification and experience before they fly in the airport. Pilots must land their planes or aircraft in a mountain valley while trying all their possible best to avoid a peak that stands at a height of almost 2,438 meters. In addition, the surrounding terrain makes both the wind shear and turbulence a major concern for the flying pilot.

6. London City Airport

  • (Located in London, United Kingdom)

The main reason why the London City Airport was built is for use as business aviation. However, the recent infrastructural developments have made the airport one of the most dangerous in the continent. This is because there is now the presence of numerous skyscrapers and this has made landing a major problem for pilots. Aircraft of regional-sized jets can be accommodated in the airport and take-offs and landings must be done at a five-degree angle. This is much steeper than the European standard of three degrees. Hence, for any pilot to fly a plane in this airport there is the need for special certification and aircraft configuration. 

7. Madeira Airport

  • (Located in Santa Cruz, Madeira, Portugal)

Madeira Airport is another most dangerous airport located in Europe. The rocky terrain and high winds surrounding the airport area make landing a very difficult task for pilots. In addition, pilots flying into the airport have a length of almost three thousand (3000) meters of runway to land on. However, the runaway is actually partially built on a platform that is above the ocean.

8. Svalbard Airport, Longyear

  • (Located in Svalbard, Norway)

Being the world’s northernmost commercial airport, Svalbard Airport is also one of the most dangerous airports in the continent. The airport is located on a Norwegian island in the Arctic Ocean. The airport is surrounded by steep terrain and this poses a major challenge for pilots to land. Another challenging situation is the high winds and the slippery runaways that occur due to adverse winter conditions. Therefore, pilots must receive special training and specific procedures before flying into the Svalbard Airport.

9. Ataturk Airport

  • (Located in Istanbul, Turkey)

The ninth most dangerous airport in Europe is Ataturk Airport. Recently, the airport has witnessed numerous increases in the number of flights. However, the airport has done a compensatory measure to counter the increase in flight so as to be able to accommodate such an increase. The airport is currently presented with challenging approaches such as non-standard descent angles and a non-standard go-around procedure due to the crossing arrivals.

10. Airports in The Greek Island

Many airports located on the largest Island in Europe are considered as some of the dangerous airports in the continent. Most of them experience a high volume of traffic most especially in the summer period and most of them are not equipped with precision guidance technologies despite the fact that the weather condition is usually challenging. Most of these challenging conditions include crosswinds, turbulence, and thunderstorms and all these pose serious challenges for the pilot during landing.

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Aviation is one of the safest places in the form of transportation in the World. However, some airports in Europe pose serious dangerous conditions for both the pilots and the passengers.