List Of Mobile Money Loans In Ghana (Lenders/Apps) 2020

A current list of mobile money loans in Ghana, lenders, and lending apps where applicable, including their requirements and how to get them. Mobile money services are offered to people to help them in saving, receiving, and sending money on their mobile phones even without bank accounts. The support from Ghanaian Central Bank has made the use of mobile money more popular in Ghana. 

Mobile money is usually owned by a mobile network operator or financial institutions. The services offered include: bill payments, money transfers, turns physical money into electronic funds and vice-versa, and salary disbursement. 

List Of Mobile Money Loans In Ghana (Lenders and Lending Apps)

1. MTN Mobile Money

Since its inception in almost a decade, MTN mobile money has been the biggest and oldest mobile money player in Ghana. The conditions for registering either involves going to a merchant who gives you a SIM card that you use in registering on your phone or just registering online.


  • Voter’s ID/Driver’s License
  • National ID card
  • Passport 


2. Airtel Money

Airtel and Tigo were operated differently as network providers until 2017 when they decided to join forces to create AirtelTigo Money. 


  • Your AirtelTigo number
  • Residential details
  • A valid National ID card
  • Date of birth


3. Vodafone Cash

Vodafone is the second-largest mobile network provider in Ghana. Its mobile money service was launched in 2015.


  • Your valid and registered  Vodafone number
  • You must be registered on Vodafone Cash
  • A valid National ID card


4. UBA Mobile Banking

The application allows customers to access their UBA bank accounts via their mobile phones. It is one of the best mobile banking apps in Ghana that offers all banking services by UBA.


  • An active salary account with UBA
  • No documentations are required


5. ABSA Ghana Loan

Absa Ghana app gives you access to your accounts, allows you to send money, access loans, and withdraw.


  • Download the application from Google play store
  • Completely filled application form
  • You must have an account with Absa
  • You must be in paid employment
  • Your account should have one month’s salary credit or even more
  • National ID card
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months for the non-Absa account holder
  • Latest payslip for Absa account holders


6. UMB SpeedApp

This app can be called one of the best banking apps in Ghana. It offers every banking service to customers in a simple and secure way.


  • Download the mobile banking app on Google play store to access loans


7. ADB Mobile Banking

Offered by the Agric Development Bank of Ghana, this app is good for accessing all financial services offered by the bank.


  • Download the ADB mobile banking app to access loan


8. Fido Loan

Fido loan is an online lending institution licensed by the Bank of Ghana. It offers fast short-term loans to customers.


  • Download the Fido App
  • Valid National ID
  • Duly filled application form
  • Residential details
  • You must be a resident in Ghana
  • You must have registered an MTN mobile money or AirtelTigo money in your name for 8 weeks



That’s all on the list of the best mobile money loans in Ghana 2020, the list comprises of lenders and lending apps, including how to get them and their requirements to make your application easier.