List Of Commercial Subjects In Secondary Schools

Check out the full list of commercial subjects in secondary schools. No country will undermine the uses and purpose of education to attain their developmental stages both in terms of infrastructure and economic wise, the need for education is very imperative. Some even though not until one becomes a professor he or she is not successful, the answer to that is no, not until you reach the highest level in academics line before you are considered successful but you need basic education knowledge.

Like the existing saying that no one is the highest level of knowledge and no one can have all fields of life study in his head rather there is a need for breaking down different areas of life to the different fields of study so as to promote efficiency and proficiency. In all higher institutions of learning, all courses have been categorized into different courses which have their root in the 3 major classes in a secondary school which is art class, science class, and commercial class.

These major classes are meant to brood students to attain a specific goal and equip students in a different area they might wish to go into, to further their academic career or what they desire to be later in the future. Also, it is of great importance to note that different countries’ fashion and design education systems in their countries suit and solve the country’s challenges and problems. So, all the nations in the world have their specific goals to attain and also their objective, so, all they do is design technic and systems to achieve this.

In this section, we will be writing on the list of subjects that are expected of a commercial student.

List Of Commercial Subjects In Secondary Schools


Also, mathematics is another subject that is not disputed by all students in secondary school, it is one of the subjects that is also useful for students and also help students in almost all the field of study in life.

Mathematics exposed students to basic arithmetic expression, algebra processes, geometric, surd, simultaneous equations, indices, trigonometry, quadratic equation, and other related topics.

English Language

This is the official language in the country and other parts of the world.

This subject exposes students to a different area, areas such as letter writing, the comprehension passage, article writing, use of English language, summary writing, oral training, figures of speech, vocabulary development, idiomatic expressions, lexis and structure and other developmental training in the English language to sharpen the spoken and written English of students.


This subject involves the use of the basic knowledge gotten here to handle daily marketing structure and business promotion. also, it helps students to learn consumer strategies to patronize more of your products and how to get new consumers to your products.


This is the core heart of commercial students. It involves training learners on the basic balance sheet, how to prepare balance sheets, and the columns you need on it, double column and single-entry sheet. Also, it helps to teach students how to take inventory and record the business profit and losses over a period of time.


As a commercial student, this is another subject that is expected of you to take in your secondary school. This subject focus on human needs, scarcity, and human wants.

It exposed students to how humans make decision based on their needs and want, it then gives students an in-depth idea on how to make a rational decision when it comes to the issue of deciding in case of limited resources but different contrasting needs. How to set priorities, bases to which one can determine market value, demand, and supply chains, taxation, and many other economic activities that also surface in the day-to-day activities.

Biology Or Agriculture Science

Because it is compulsory for students to choose at least one science subject, they are to choose between either biology or Agricultural science.

Agricultural science exposed students to basic knowledge they need in handling basic agricultural practices, how to cultivate farmlands, to know the basic ways to rear animals and poultry for both commercial uses and substantial uses.

Even though the culture of planting and farming has reduced in the country, this subject help students to appreciate this field and how it can help the nation as a whole.

Biology science equips students with the normal basic idea of what they need to know about life and nature. Also, it exposes students to the nutrient cycle in the environments and other related things you need to know about life, how nature relates and reacts with one another.

Civic Education

In lie of the societal devaluation in ethics and norms. The moral and code of value have been lost due to acculturation and another invading phenomenon, the purpose of the introduction of civic education is paramount and of greater importance to restore morale back to society.

Also, what is acceptable by the citizen and the fundamental right of every citizen are exposed to a student here.

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Closing On The List Of Commercial Subjects In Secondary Schools

All related subjected needed by commercial students and what will be useful for your external examinations has been listed here.