iPhone Contract Deals Telkom (2024)

iPhones are the highest selling phones in the world presently; and as a result there are many who want to use it, if only to have a new experience. The iphone contract deals on Telkom are designed to provide exactly that experience.

These iPhone contract deals are carried in what they offer; no matter the cadre of customers, there is something that will appeal to everyone. Some of these deals are as cheap as R200, while others are a little pricier.

With so many different options available, it may become somewhat difficult to choose the best deal that is just right for the individual. This post will outline most of the deals; making it easier for customers to choose.

iPhone Contract Deals Telkom

iPhone 14 On Infinite Max

Telkom has a contract for the iPhone 14 for just R1749 per month, although the contract runs for 24 months. That means you will only pay R1749 for 24 months. While that may look like a huge commitment, there are many other benefits that come with this deal.

This iphone 14 contract deal comes with 50GB Data, Free 500 Minutes On Net (Telkom to Telkom) Talk time, 30 GB of Data to use at any time, and when that is exhausted you get unlimited data which goes at 1.5 mbs.

You also get 1000 minutes of talk time which can be used for any network within South Africa. After that you get unlimited talk time and unlimited SMS both of which are under the Fair Usage Policy.

Apple iPhone 11

The Apple iPhone 11 is available on the Telkom network for just R669 per month which is on a contract lasting for 24 months. On this contract customers will also get 6GB of internet data, as well as 1150 minutes of talk time to be used on any networks.

Customers will also get 1000 SMS with this deal; it offers a little of everything as far as communication is concerned. The company also delivers this product to the buyers.

Apple iPhone 13

The Apple iPhone 13 is also available to Telkom customers; this one is priced at just R999 per month, for the period of 24 months. The phone has a storage capacity of 128GB, which is great for creating or storing media content without the fear of exceeding the storage capacity.

This Telkom iPhone contract deal comes with some nice offers such as 6GB of data, 1150 minutes of talk time, and 1000 SMS. This deal is a great starter for new users, and after the initial data and airtime offers are exhausted, there are many deals to choose from.

 iPhone SE 2000

Telkom has a deal for the iPhone SE 2000 for just R509 on contract. This deal is one of the more affordable ones; almost anybody can afford it.

This deal is not intended for the business end users; in fact the only details the company offers about this product is that you get a 4’7 inch display screen, an 1800 mAh battery, and a CPU that is great for watching vdeos or playing games.

The phone also has 64GB of storage, which is great for storing media files and all other kinds of files. The phone also comes with several color options.

iphone 13

The iphone 13 is up for grabs on Telkom; lucky customers can get their hands on this machines for just R739 per month. This deal can be described as a cross between the personal deals and the ones designed for business; it may even appeal to those who work from home, or who are engaged in selling online.

The camera is great; it produces pictures with excellence; 12MP on its primary camera, and also has a very good display. This device is good for people who are always on the go; it has a battery life of about 3240 mAh.

This phone has a very efficient CPU; it switches effortlessly between applications, and also has a storage capacity of 64GB.

iPhone 8

Telkom offers the iPhone 8 on a contract deal that will see the subscriber pay just R389 on contract. The company states clearly that this product is like new which is understood to mean that while the product is somewhat used, it will sufficiently look and feel like new.

The phone comes with a 12 MP main camera, and a 7.7’ display screen. This phone also has a battery that is rated at 1821 mAh, which is sufficient to carry one through the day on average use.

This phone may appeal to younger users; the price is quite affordable, and the phone has the functions which should be sufficient for the use young people want.

iPhone 13 Mini

The iPhone 13 Mini is available for just R859 on contract; aside from the great Telkom service users will also enjoy the great features of the phone. This phone comes with a great camera; one that produces pictures with 12MP of quality.

The iPhone 13 also has superior storage capacity; it can take 135GB of stored data; which means users can take as many pictures as they like, and also save other media files such as videos and songs without having to frequently delete saved items.

iPhone 14 Plus

The iPhone 14 Plus is available to customers on the Telkom network for just R859 on contract. Aside from the great Telkom service; customers will also get to enjoy a great mobile experience with the features that the phone has.

iPhone 14 Plus has a camera that is rated at 12MP, and a display screen that measures 6.1’. The phone also has a battery that is rated at 4323 mAh; which means that it could even take 2 or 3 days on average usage before needing to be plugged in.

The iPhone 14 Plus has 128GB or 512GB of storage to choose from; this means that users can keep creating content without needing to delete items. This is a business machine; it is made for those who need value from their mobile phones.

iphone 14 Pro Max

Telkom customers can get the iphone 14 Pro Max for just R1059 on contract. This is a great opportunity for professionals and businessmen who need the high end efficiency of a business type machine.

iPhone 14 Pro Max comes with some cutting edge features such as primary carema that produces pitures of 48MP + 2 additional cameras that re rated at 12MP each. This phone also has a screen display which measures 6.7″.

The Battery life on this phone is also exceptional; it is rated at 4323mAh which means that it could last two or three days on a single full charge, provided that the phone is not used for intensive applications for extended periods of time.

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Those are some of the iPhone contract deals on Telkom, and there is certainly something for everyone regardless of budget, and regardless of what one needs. These phone deals generally last for around 2 years, which is enough time to spread the payment, until the user is ready to upgrade to another phone.