Telkom Uncapped Wifi Deals (2024)

Telkom uncapped Wi-Fi deals offer the opportunity to have unlimited internet connection for some of the best prices in the country. Telkom has extensive wire line and wireless infrastructure, which is why it is able to offer these products and services at some of the most affordable rates you can find.

Telkom is not only generous with the rates; the company is also quite generous with the speeds at which these connections are allowed to run.

Although the company has recently made some price adjustments, it remains one of the most affordable in the country.

Telkom Uncapped Wifi Deals

It is important to know that Telkom supports both Wi-Fi routers that are wireless and those that come with wire line cables. If you do not already have a Wi-Fi router then be sure to contact Telkom on their customer care line 10210 or 10215.

Telkom will provide a list of the best Wi-Fi routers, their prices, and also advise you on which type of router is most suitable for your particular needs.

Telkom customers, or returning customers who already have Wi-Fi routers will find the following uncapped internet deals too good to miss.

Frogfoot Uncapped Air

Frogfoot Uncapped Air is the name of a very attractive Wi-Fi package sold by Telkom; the connection is uncapped in the sense that the internet bundle will not get exhausted. However, there are some limitations to the speed of the connectivity; it goes from 10Mbps to 20 Mbps (megabits per second).

This option is adequate for home use; it can be used to surf the internet, to read news and current events, and also to browse social media. This uncapped Wi-Fi package is also good for those who like to download media files; download movies or stream content directly without downloading them first.

Frogfoot Uncapped Air goes for only R329 per month, it is a contract package which requires the subscriber to pay for several months at a time.

LTE Wireless Unlimited Off-Peak

LTE Wireless Unlimited Off-Peak is the name of another interesting Wi-Fi package. On this package the internet is inexhaustible and can be used continually, provided it is used within the agreed parameters.

This Wi-Fi package is for off peak hours; which means it is best for those who do not need 24 hours connectivity; or who have access to other networks and bundles which they may use during peak hours.

It goes at a steady rate of 10 MBS; and only costs R349 per month. This is a contract package; and it is a SIM only package, with no roaming capabilities. This means it works best at a fixed location, and may not be suitable for customers who travel frequently.

Prepaid Fibre Starter Pack

The Prepaid Fibre Starter Pack which is offered by Telkom is a great Wi-Fi deal for a starter, or for someone who needs connectivity that is not limited by time. The Wi-Fi package comes with some advantages as spelt out below.

This package works 24 hours of the day, 7 days in a week. It also goes at a steady rate of 40 MBS (that is 40 megabits per second).

This is quite suitable for home use; it can download media files, or browse through news, gossip, and entertainment websites very easily. This is also good for those working from home; writing, selling, doing presentations, and so on.

It only costs R399 per month, and it is a once off package.

Metro Fibre Uncapped Wifi

Metro Fibre Uncapped Wifi is another popular product from Telkom; it can go between 20MBS to 500MBS (customers can select the speed they want), and it offers uncapped internet connectivity- meaning that it has no limits.

Metro Fibre Uncapped Wifi is for more serious users; if for home use, it is suitable for those who mostly stream their content; while those who make a lot of internet calls, and who do video calls will also find it very attractive.

Metro Fibre Uncapped Wifi is also quite affordable; it goes for just R499 per month, and is a contract deal.

Telkom Easy Connect Fibre  

Telkom Easy Connect Fibre is one of the cheapest Wi-Fi packages on the Telkom network; it goes for just R215 per month. For that small amount customers get unlimited internet connectivity which can go from 20 MBS to 30 MBS.

This seems adequate for home use; families who need round the clock connectivity, but who do not require high speed internet can find this a good solution to meet their needs if it is mainly about social media, reading their favorite news and gossip sites, and doing some downloading.

As long as the files to be downloaded are not particularly heavy; they can be downloaded quite easily using this Wi-Fi package.

Telkom Easyconnect Fibre

Telkom Easyconnect Fibre is one of the low priced internet options available anywhere in the country. Interestingly, this low price does not necessarily bring down the quality of the data available; in fact users will find the speeds quite attractive.

This data bundle goes at speeds of between 20MBS to 30MBS. For that kind of connectivity customers pay about R215 per month. This is a plug and play system; it only needs the customer to switch it on, everything has been set from the factory.

This network is very efficient; it would work great for home use, or for those who work or sell from home, or for offices that only require minimal internet use.

Telkom Fusion

Telkom Fusion is the name of another interesting internet package; one of the more popular Telkom uncapped Wi-Fi deals. This one is for the more serious users; the data speeds appeal to professionals.

This Wi-Fi package goes between 20 MBS and 40 MBS, and comes with a Flex On SIM. It is quite good for a single person, or for a couple who are always together. This is because the SIM can also work for a mobile device; and is obviously intended to be switched between the mobile phone and the Wi-Fi router.

Telkom Fusion goes for just R525 per month, and the contract must be for the period of 24 months, or 2 years.

Telkom Endless Fibre

Telkom Endless Fibre is another interesting Wi-Fi deal; it is one that combines both low costs, and efficiency. It goes at speeds of between 40 MBS and 75 MBS.

That should appeal to the office user; this speed is adequate for light office work, and for sending and receiving of graphics, media files, and such things. It is also good for downloading media files for entertainment purposes; most users will find the download speeds sufficient.

This Wi-Fi package goes for just R545 per month, and it is uncapped in that the user does not run out of data.

Telkom Fusion Endless Fibre 40/40

The Telkom Fusion Endless Fibre 40/40 deal is a Wi-Fi data bundle that offers uncapped Wi-Fi connectivity; at constant speeds; 40 MBS during the day, and 40 MBS during the night.

This deal is good for those who need fairly high speed internet, regardless of the time. People who could fit into this category of users include social media influencers, creative professionals, and people who have so much office workload, that they take some of it home at night.

Those who are social media aficionados, or who like to download or stream movies from the internet.

This Wi-Fi deal goes for just R605 per month, and the contract is for a minimum of 12 months. However, it also comes with a Flexon 2 SIM, and works for mobile data as well.

Telkom Core Fibre 40/20

Telkom Core Fibre 40/20 is a Wi-Fi deal which offers 40mbs of connection speed during the day, and 20mbs of connectivity during the night. This is very good for those who do most of their heavy lifting during the day, and only browse lightly during the night, maybe for leisure.

This Wi-Fi deal is unlimited; you cannot run out of data. It costs just R609 per month, and the contract must run for a minimum of 12 months. However, customers who subscribe to this package will also enjoy 1 Telkom Flexon 2 SIM, which works great for mobile data as well.

Vumatel Uncapped Lite

Vumatel Uncapped lite is another interesting product from Telkom; it offers Wi-Fi internet connectivity at speeds from 50MBS to 500MBS. The internet connectivity is unlimited; and the speed is constant regardless of the time of the day.

This Wi-Fi deal is available for just R720 per month, and it is on contract basis. The deal is for professional use; downloads are almost instant and sending of media files or documents is just too easy.

This deal would be great for the big offices, or for the established businesses who make enough money to cover expenses on connectivity.



These are some of the Telkom uncapped Wi-Fi deals. For more details about the most suitable offers please contact the company directly on their customer care lines; 10210 or 10215. Furthermore, please specify whether or not you already have a Wi-Fi router, as this may affect the prices that will be quoted.