How Do I Check My Housing Waiting List In Gauteng (2024)

Knowing how to check your housing waiting list can save you the stress and anxiety often associated with the process. The housing waiting list is not supposed to take a long time; it is supposed to be a quick and speedy process to provide accommodation for the most vulnerable in society.

However, the delays that have been observed often come from the fact that there are too many people in need of this housing; and as a result it takes longer to work through such a long list of eager applicants, all of who want to see their names approved, and RDP houses allocated to them.

Applicants who want to know whether their RDP houses have been approved will be happy to know that it is possible to make such an enquiry just by following these steps.

How Do I Check My Housing Waiting List In Gauteng

In order to check your housing list in Gauteng or anywhere else in the country, the first thing that you will need is an internet-connected device. The easiest way of getting this information is by going online; directly to the servers of the Reconstruction and Development Program.

Visit the HSS online or RDP houses portal; which is

The website is very simple and easy to navigate; the website is divided neatly into sections, and one can easily get the information that he is looking for.

When one lands on the website by typing the web address into the browser, the first thing to look for is the Provincial DBs Availability; which shows whether your province has its database currently online at the moment. It will show red if the province is offline, and green if it is online.

There is no need to continue if your province is showing red; you cannot get the information you need. However, if it is showing green, then it is online, and you may proceed.

At the right hand side of your screen you will find the part that says Portal Login. That is where you need to put in your details, as described below:

Login To The HSS Portal

Enter your email address and password. After doing this; a One-Time PIN (OTP) which is a set of numbers will be sent to your mobile phone. You need to enter that OTP (set of numbers) into the box where OTP is written.

After that the system will welcome you, stating your name on the display page. After that, you can go ahead to navigate to the My Housing Subsidy section, which is in the middle of your screen.

At the My Housing Subsidy section, you will find a box where you are to put your ID number; after which you need to click on the search icon.

Remember that the system has to retrieve the information from the provincial databases; if the database is online, you will immediately see the information about where you are on the housing waiting list. If the database is not online, then you will need to check again at another time.

Alternative Ways Of Checking Your Housing Waiting List

Alternatively, one can also contact the HSS care office directly; one can do this by sending an email or by placing a telephone call. The email address to contact is [email protected].

The title of the email should be Help Checking Housing Waiting List. In that email it would be good to provide information such as your email address, password, and ID Number.

Alternatively, you can call the telephone number: 0800 146 873 in which case you will have to speak verbally to the helpdesk at the HSS; provide them with your email address, password, and ID number, and tell them you wish to check your position on the housing waiting list.

The email address: [email protected] is also associated with the HSS; it was found on the website, in the contact us section of the website. It is believed that this is an emergency helpdesk; and that communications to this email address will be quickly treated. As always, any email to this address should be well titled, and accompanied with your email address, password, and ID number.

Check Your Housing Waiting List In Person

Checking your position on the RDP housing waiting list in person involves going to any one of the offices to check your status by yourself. This is best left as the last resort; after every other avenue has been tried with no success.

Of course one cannot just walk into the RDP office and immediately walk out with details; there are procedures that will apply.

First, one has to spend some time in the waiting room because there will most likely be other people there who have got there before you.

When one is called; he will be required to sign some documents which will provide some key details like email, password and ID number, as well as contact information. The RDP officials within run the provided details through the database so as to find out whether one’s RDP house is ready.

If the RDP house is ready; they will give you the house keys as well of the deed of assignment. If the house is not ready they will inform you, as well as give you an estimate of the time when it should be ready.

What To Do At The HSS Office

While at the HSS Office that is the best time to inform them of any changes that has occurred in your personal life, and personal details. For example; if there are any changes in your health status, or in your employment status, or if your dependents have increased.

Other interesting changes are your contact information, including email, phone, and residential address or postal address. These are important details that one must update with the relevant offices to ensure that the RDP house is processed, and one gets the house.

But What If The RDP Housing Application Is Denied?

The process of getting the keys and deed of assignment for an RDP house in Gauteng, or anywhere else in South Africa usually takes less than 2 years. However, if it happens that someone has had to wait for a longer period, then it could possibly be that the application has been denied, and the applicant is not aware of it.

Before electing to re-apply one must ensure that he meets the profile or requirements for which the RDP housing scheme was initiated in the first place. Recall that this housing scheme was designed to provide housing for the most vulnerable in society. Please ensure that you meet the following requirements.

You should be unemployed, or earning less than R3,500 per month. If your family’s total earning exceeds this figure then you do not qualify.

You must not have received any other government grant or subsidy.

You may be married or single, but living with a counterpart. If single, you must have dependents; the children do not need to be yours biologically.

You must be a South African citizen, and must be at least 21 years of age.

You may be a military veteran; people who have served in the military are encouraged to apply.

You must be mentally capable of signing a contract.

You must not own any other house prior to the RDP house.

An Extended Stay In The Waiting List

If any of these requirements is not met, then the application for an RDP house will most likely be denied. The sad thing is that one can continue to wait for the keys and deed which will never come because the application can be denied without any notice to the applicant.

It is important that one makes sure that he qualifies for this housing subsidy before applying for it, so that the application, and time spent waiting do not go in vain.

If one does not qualify for this housing subsidy, then there are other subsidies that one can take advantage of, so as to get good accommodation for himself and his family.

What Happens If The system Says No Record Found?

If the system says no record found then it means that your application was never received. It is difficult to imagine any different scenario; one may have gone through the process, but for some reason the registration was never completed.

It can be a sad experience, especially when one has spent a lot of time waiting for the housing allocation. Nevertheless, it is better to pick oneself up immediately, and apply for the RDP housing scheme, this time making sure that he completes the application.

To apply (or reapply) kindly visit any of the provincial or municipal offices of the Department of Housing near you. The application is free of any charge, and you are not required to pay for anything.

However, when going to the Department of Housing, one needs to take along such important documents like; you and your partner’s/ spouse’s identity documents (the green books or ID cards)

Your children’s birth certificates. This is important even if the children are not yours.

Proof of income for employed persons, e.g. a pay slip.  A bank statement is also acceptable.

On getting to the Department of Housing office, it is important to behave in an orderly manner, and when it gets to your turn, tell them that you want to apply for an RDP house. They will give you an application form.

Fill it up, and also hand in photocopies of the above documents. You will then be given a Form C which indicates your application number and date. Please keep it safe, it shows that you have been put on the housing waiting list.

Ekurhuleni Housing Waiting List

Those who have applied for housing subsidies at the city of Ekurhuleni need to check the waiting list. To do this you can call 0800 1 46873; the number is toll free. You can also contact the Human Settlements office via email: [email protected].

Whether through phone call or email, one needs to provide the following details: email, password, and ID Number.



This is all you need to know about housing waiting list in Gauteng, or anywhere else in the country. However, it is necessary to state that this scheme should not be abused. If one is gainfully employed, and earning above the threshold of R3,500 per month, then there is no need to apply for this scheme.

Please apply for other subsidies which are available in the country, as applying for this one would be denying poor families, many of who are desperate for decent housing.