How To Do SIM Swap On Cell C Without Calling (2024)

The most common reason why people do SIM swap on Cell C, or on any other network is because they have lost their old SIM. It occurs quite frequently; mobile phones are quite small, and as a result they are very easy to drop, or to forget. They are also very easy to steal.

Having lost their mobile phones, or after they have been stolen, people are often faced with the dilemma of what to do next. One challenge that comes with doing a SIM calling of the call center, and all the questions they will ask. Many people consider that quite stressful; especially at a time when they are still distressed with the loss of their mobile phones.

Most readers are delighted to discover that there is a way to do the SIM swap without having to call the customer care.

How To Do SIM Swap On Cell C Without Calling

Please note that this process is also good for those who have not lost their mobile phones or SIMs, but who simply wish to port from any other network provider. The processes are described below.

Purchase a new Cell C SIM pack.

RICA your new Cell C SIM pack.

RICA means Related Information Act; a South African law that regulates communication. What all that means is that you just register your new SIM card. You can usually do this at the point where you bought the Cell C SIM. It could be a Cell C outlet, or at a supermarket or shop.

Thankfully, you can also do the RICA registration by yourself, at home, using your smartphone, or with your laptop computer.

However, there are some things you are going to need.

Things Required For RICA Registration

Proof of Identity

Proof of Address

Usually, people use their ID document, and then they also use their proof of address to back it up. Of course there is still the need to get a phone or computer which you will use to do the actual registration.

Customers who are using a smartphone should keep in mind that they will need a phone with a very clear camera.

With your internet enabled device, please go to which is the Cell C registration page for RICA.

Tap the orange button that says RICA SIM.

The system will take you to a page that tells you all you need to know about RICA; and then you have to agree with the Cell C RICA privacy policy. After that, you will need to confirm that you actually read the privacy policy.

You will then need to click on “next,” to allow Cell C to store your information.

Then you will need to enter your RICA serial number which is located at the back of the Cell C starter pack which you have bought.

Then you will need to enter your PUK number, which is also located in the starter pack.

You will then need to take a picture with your device, to confirm your RICA number.

Then you will need to click next, and then follow the prompts until the process is complete.

Then the new SIM is registered with RICA under your name and identity; it only remains to configure it to your old number, in a process called SIM swap.

Next: Swap The SIM

The following text describes the process of swapping SIMs via text message (SMS) so as easily do the SIM swap.

Text Your Serial Number To 0847678287

You will then receive text messages on your old SIM confirming that the process of Swapping has begun.

Then you can change your SIMs, usually after 24 hours.

As you may have noticed; reference was made to your old SIM, meaning that the old SIM is required for this process. This is therefore not possible for a person who has lost his old SIM card.

If your old SIM card has been lost or stolen you will need to do it another way.

How To Do SIM Swap On Cell C

When a person loses his phone and wishes to swap SIMs so as to continue using the former number, he can do so by following this procedure.

Purchase a new Cell C starter pack. You can do so at any Cell C outlet, or in supermarkets or smaller shops where you see the Cell C logo.

RICA your new Cell C SIM. You can also do this at the outlet where you have purchased the SIM, or at home by following the process outlined earlier in this post.

Then call 084135 or 135. Several options will be dictated to you, and then you have to select option 9.

You will then be required to talk to a customer care agent, who will ask you for the serial number of the new SIM, as well as the PUK number, both of which are on the back of the SIM pack.

You Can Also Do Cell C SIM Swap On Self Care

To do Cell C SIM Swap on self-care, just dial 084135 through a landline or through any other phone. Then enter your Self Service PIN which must have been given to you before you lost the previous phone/SIM.

After that, you will be prompted to choose from a menu which includes many different options. The option to choose is the one for SIM Swap.

You will be required to provide the serial number and PUK number of the new SIM, and then the system will confirm to you that the process of swapping the SIMs has begun.

After that your new SIM will become active with the old number in less than 24 hours. It can actually happen in less than that time, but 24 hours is the given time which will not elapse.

How To Do SIM Swap From Other Networks To Cell C (Porting)

If you become dissatisfied with the services you receive on the network you presently use, and want to switch to Cell C, or maybe you just want to take advantage of the amazing data deals, then you will be interested to know that the process is quite simple.

Buy a new Cell C starter pack.

RICA the new SIM; it can be done at the point of purchase, or you can use the information provided earlier to do it yourself.

Send your new SIM serial number to 0847678287.

You will receive a confirmation SMS on your old SIM.

When you see that the old SIM no longer has network, then your Cell C SIM has been activated.

What Questions Will I Be Asked

Aside from the stress of having recently lost ones SIM, the questions to be answered when doing a SIM swap are not very hard. They are questions that one should be able to answer if truly he owns the SIM which is being swapped. Here are some of the questions.

Was the SIM RICA registered in your name?

Send the serial number of the SIM and the mobile number.

How much was the last amount recharged on the line?

What was the date of the last recharge?

Provide 5 frequently dialed numbers.

Dialed numbers in the last 24 hours.

What Tariff plans are you using for voice and data?



Armed with the above information, you should be able to do your SIM swap on Cell C without any issues. However, so as not to waste time, it is good to be aware of under what circumstances you can do the Cell C SIM swap without having to call the customer care.