How To Buy Data On Cell C With Airtime (2024)

As the third largest cellphone network in provider in South Africa, Cell C pulls quite some weight in the country. However, what is more interesting is the fact that Cell C has become extremely popular because of its cheap and pocket friendly data plans.

No doubt, this is the reason why you want to know how to buy data on Cell C with airtime, so as to take advantage of their offers which can be simply too-good-to-miss.

Cell C data is the preferred choice for data and internet services, especially among big users, who alternate between mobile phone usage and internet tethering on computer devices. Whatever the device you use, it is quite easy to purchase data on this network. This is how:

How To Buy Data On Cell C With Airtime

There are actually several options available to customers to purchase airtime; it all depends on which one is more convenient for the individual. The following is a breakdown of the available options, and how to use them.


This is the most popular method of buying data on the Cell C network; as a matter of fact it is the most popular method of buying data on any network. It involves pressing a code, and following the responses that appear on your screen.

Just dial *147# and press send. Shortly thereafter, a set of options will appear on your screen, including the one that says “Buy Bundles.” That is the one you are looking for; choose it. Of course, there are many different types of bundles such as daily, weekly, and monthly bundles.

Choose the one that is most appropriate to your needs, and which will best serve you. There are even social bundles which are either applicable for specific social network platforms, or for all social networks.

The bundles also differ by price so you want to check how much you have in your Cell C balance before choosing an option, as the money will immediately be deducted from your Cell C airtime balance, or declined if you have insufficient balance.

Another interesting option is the app.

Buying Data From The Cell C App

The Cell C app is designed to make data purchases easier for users; there are many options available on this app, but first of all one needs to have the app on his mobile phone. As expected, one can only have this app if he uses a smartphone.

Smartphones on the android and apple IOS platforms can easily download this app on their respective app stores.

After downloading it you have to install it. To get optimum benefits from this app, you may still have to register a profile, which includes adding your phone number. After that, this app is very easy to use.

to buy data from the Cell C app, just open the app, and you will be met by different options including Purchase, Link, View Invoice, Gift, Share, Bundle Rollover, Emergency Recharge, Call Settings, Pay Your Bills, SIM Swap, Save Your Cards, and Manage Limits. What you need to tap on is the one that says Purchase.

When you tap Purchase, you are shown many different options, and you have to choose the option to buy data. After that you have to specify that you will be paying via airtime. Then the many different data bundles will appear for you to make a selection; choose the one most suitable to your needs.

Aside from buying data for personal use, this option is also great for buying data for family and friends. It allows one to either transfer the data from his own balance, or to buy directly for them from his airtime balance.

Buy From The Cell C Website

The Cell C website offers another good opportunity to buy data, either for personal use, or as a gift to loved ones. To do this, just use your internet enabled device, and go to which is the Cell C landing page.

There you will find many different options and products which are displayed as advertorials. However what you want is located at the top of the website, just navigate to the menu which says “Recharge,” and as you navigate to that menu, you will find many options drop down from it.

The third one says “Data Bundles,” and that is the one that concerns you. When you click on it the system loads a page that says “Buy Bundles and Recharge Online.” Then it offers many options, some of which are promotional offers.

You have to choose the most suitable option for you, out of the many that are displayed on the website. One thing to keep in mind is that the more you are willing to spend, the more you can get in terms of data, and the validity period of the data you purchase.

Let us now check out another way to buy Data on Cell C.

Partner Channels

There are many retail outlets out there which serve as partner channels for Cell C. these include supermarkets all over the country, and even small retail outlets like shops and grocery stores. Usually they have the Cell C logo displayed outside the shops so as to let customers know that they offer the service.

You can buy vouchers with cash in any of these outlets, or buy with your credit or debit cards. You just ask for a Cell C data voucher, and enter the code into your phone.

Buy Data From Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a very convenient platform through which you can purchase data on the Cell C network; almost everybody has whatsapp on his mobile phone, and everybody knows how to use it.

To buy data via this avenue on the Cell C network simply send a message to 084 444 0040, and then a message will be sent back to you, with several options. Choose “buy data” option, and then choose the quantity of data you want to buy.

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Cell C Data

  • While there are fixed rates for data bundles, there are almost always some interesting promotional offers on the Cell C website; these offers are usually long term offers but they are quite cheap, and one can save good value by buying these bundles.
  • You can buy data not just for yourself, but also for your friends and family; on the app just click the option that says “Gift”, and for the USSD just *147# and press send, then from the options that appear look for the option that says gift.
  • The prices of the data bundles differ according to quantity of data and the validity as well. That is something to keep in mind.
  • You can check your data balance by dialing *147# and then selecting the option that says “My Account.”
  • Before buying the data bundle, please check to see that you have sufficient balance.



That is what you need to know about how to buy data on Cell C with Airtime. There are several options, therefore you can just go through the post again to find the option that you find most suitable for yourself.