How Can I Check My Housing Subsidy Status Online (2024)

Knowing how to check your housing subsidy status online will save you the time, stress, and expenses which you would otherwise use to check it through other means. Yes, it can be a source of anxiety when one does not know whether his housing subsidy application has been approved or denied. However, if one qualifies for it, there is usually no need to worry.

It can take anywhere from a few months to two years for the house to become ready; and as a result, one may need to check the status of the application several times; first to ensure that one is on the waiting list, and then to know when the house will be ready.

Regardless of how long it has been since one registered for this program, it can help one rest easy when he checks the status, and knows that it will soon be his turn to be the proud owner of a house. Here is how to go about it.

How To Check My Housing Subsidy Status Online

Checking the status of your housing subsidy is not difficult at all; in fact, the authorities created a web portal for the very purpose of allowing applicants check the status of their subsidy applications. However, it needs a little bit of knowledge, which is why the process is explained here.

You will need a computer, laptop or tablet. Whatever device you decide to use has to be connected to the internet. The device does not need to be owned by you; you can use a public computer, or one belonging to a friend.

With the internet enabled device, just go to the Department of Human Settlements web portal;

Thankfully, the authorities have created a very easy website; even those with little or no knowledge of how to use the internet will find the website quite easy to use.

Navigating The HSS Web Portal

The first thing you want to look at when you land at the website is to look at the box to your far right hand corner.  It says Provincial DBs availability.

That is where you have to check whether the Data Base of your particular province or municipality is available. Remember that each province and municipality handles its own housing subsidy program separately, and according to its own rules.

Therefore if you find that your province is showing green then you may proceed. If on the other hand it is showing red, it means that it is not online, and you will need to try again at another time.

If your province is available; then navigate to the far left of your screen, to the part that says Portal Login. You will need to enter your email address, and password. Please note that this is the password you registered for this particular website, not (necessarily) your email password.

When you put in the above, a One Time Password (OTP) will then be sent to you. You will need to enter the OTP on the portal, and then click “submit.”

The system will welcome you with your registered name, and also display other options.

To See Your Housing Subsidy

However, you will need to go to the center of the page; to the part that says My Housing Subsidy. Then you will need to input your ID Number in the box to the status of your housing subsidy.

When you enter your ID Number the system will display the status of your housing subsidy. It could be approved, pending or rejected. Sometimes it could even say “Application not found.”

Other Ways Of Checking The status Of Your Housing Subsidy

Of course that is not the only avenue through which one can check the status of his housing subsidy application. There are other means which may appeal to those who do not have access to the internet, or who may not know how to use it.

Check Your Housing Subsidy Through Phone

It is possible to check the status of one’s housing subsidy through phone. The Telephone number to call is 0800 146 873. On the phone; one will be required to provide his name, and email address, as well as provide his ID number which is what will be used to check the status of the housing subsidy, to find out if the RDP house is ready for occupation.

Another way of checking is to send an email. The email address is [email protected]; and the email should be clear and straight forward. The title of the email should be very clear; Housing Subsidy Status.

In the body of the email one must provide basic details such as Name, Address, Email Address, Password, and ID Number, which ultimately is what will be used to check the status.

If the desired results are not achieved, one may try a last resort.

Going To the Office To Check The Status In-Person

Going to the office to check the status of the housing subsidy is the last resort; this means that one has to go directly to the nearest office of the Department of Human Settlements. Thankfully, there are many offices of the DHS scattered throughout the country; no matter in what city you live, you will find an office close to you.

When you visit the office you have to wait until it is your turn so that they can attend to you. Then you politely tell them that you wish to check the status of your housing subsidy application.  The housing department will then ask you to sign some documents providing key details such as ID number and contact information.

The status of your housing subsidy will then be checked directly on their system, and the results will be made known immediately.

Whatever, means you use to check the status of your Housing subsidy, it does not matter. Once the house is ready for occupation, the relevant officials will contact you. Without any ceremony they will hand over the house keys and title deed.

However, it is important to note that one may only check the status of his housing subsidy if one has registered for the program in the first place. Otherwise the system will likely say: “details Not Found.” If that happens then it means that one has not registered. Even if one believes that he has registered, the system is confirming that no such account exists in the database of the Human Settlements department. One may have started the registration without completing it.

In such a case, the proper thing is to start the process of registration again, this time ensuring that one completes the process. The following is a brief guide on how to go about it.

When Details Are Not Found

When details are not found, it means that one is not on the waiting list. Rather than complaining about what has gone wrong, the best thing is to immediately reapply for the program so that one’s name can be added to the waiting list.

Presently, it seems that one must visit the nearest office of the Department of Human Settlements because there is currently no provision to register on the HSS Portal. In any case, there are many offices scattered around the country, and when the applications are done in person there is no risk of the registration not being completed, or the details of the applicant not being found.

When you get to the office, wait for your turn. Then politely tell the officials of the reason why you have come; which is to register for the RDP Housing scheme. RDP means Reconstruction and Development Program; and it was started in 1994, under President Nelson Mandela.

The officials will then give you an RDP housing subsidy application form. You should then fill up the form, ensuring that you put in accurate information. You will need to supply your full name, as well as address, ID Number, and contact information. If you are married you will need to provide your marriage certificate, as well as the birth certificates of your children. Even if you are not married but have children living with you, it is important to provide their birth certificates.

After filling the form and submitting it, you will be issued with a Form C which will indicate your application date and number. This will ensure that your name has been added to the waiting list, and you will soon get the RDP house.

Can An Application Be Denied?

Yes, even though after application most people expect that they will soon get the RDP house, the truth is that applications can be denied if the applicant does not meet the requirements. To be clear; this housing subsidy scheme is reserved for the poorest South Africans. One’s application can be denied if does not meet the following requirements.

If one is not a South African or a permanent resident of South Africa.

If one does not have a Valid ID.

If one is not 21 years old and above.

If one is not unemployed, or if one earns above the stipulated threshold which is R3,500 per month.

If one already receives some form of government grant or subsidy.

If one already owns a home.

If one is not mentally capable of signing a contract.



That is all you need to know about how to check the status of your housing application. It is not difficult at all, once you make sure to follow the steps as presented, then you should immediately receive the status, so that you can estimate when your RDP house will be delivered to you.