How To Check Cell C Balance For Data And Airtime (2024)

New and existing customers will find this guide on how to check cell c balance and airtime very useful because it will help them know exactly how much airtime and data they have, so that they can better monitor their spending.

Cell C does not require too much spending; in fact this network is known for being one of the cheapest networks in the country, especially for data bundles and broadband connectivity. This is perhaps its biggest selling point; the biggest reason why the network is so popular.

Cell C is very popular; it is the third largest mobile phone network in South Africa; it gets thousands of new subscribers every week. If you are one of the new subscribers you will be glad to know how to check data and airtime, and to do other things on the network.

How To Check Cell C Balance For Data And Airtime

Checking Data

There are actually many different methods via which one can check his data balance on Cell C; depending on which one each person finds easy to use, or has grown accustomed to. Most of them require dialing short codes on your mobile.

Dial Short Codes

Dial *147# and follow the prompts. Select option 2 which is check balance, and subsequently the data balance you have on your bundle will be displayed on your screen.

Dial *109# and follow the prompts. After selecting data balance, the remaining available balance on your data bundle, as well as the type of data bundle currently active on your mobile device will be displayed on your screen.

Calling Customer Care

It is also possible to have your data balance dictated to you when you call the customer care line which is 135. When you call that number you will be met with a voice prompt which will give you several options. When you listen properly, it will mention option 9 which is the one to speak to a customer care agent.

When you speak to an agent you can then request them to give you your data balance.

You can also call 136, and then listen while the voice prompt dictates the options. Then it gives the option to check data balance; which is the one you want and should do. When you do that, your data balance will be dictated to you.

You can also get the balance of your data bundle by dialing 135 and using the self care option; which is to listen to the voice prompt and press 1 for manage, in which case options will be read out. After that, you press 1 again for view remaining balance.

When you press that, your remaining balance will then be displayed on your screen, as well as the type of data bundle that is active on your account, and the date of expiry if applicable.

Other options include:

Checking Cell C Data Balance Via Text

There is also the option to check your data balance through text message; you only need to send “bal” or “balance” to 14302. Please do not add the Quotation Marks (“”) when sending the message.

The system will respond by sending you your data balance via SMS.

Check Data Balance Via The App

The Cell C app is a beautiful app which has been very effective for allowing customers to do certain necessary things themselves. This easy platform also has the option to allow customers check their data balance.

When you open the app to the home screen you will see several options; including Purchase, Link, View Invoice, Gift, Share, Bundle Rollover, Emergency Recharge, Call Settings, Pay Your Bills, SIM Swap, Save Your Cards, and Manage Limits.

When you click on Bundle Rollover, it will show how much data bundle you have left, and will also show when the data is due to expire.

The next option is very similar to this one:

Checking Your Data Balance Online

Checking your data balance is also possible on the internet; through the Cell C portal. is where you need to go, although you may need to login your personal details before the system will then show your data balance.

Checking Airtime Balance On Cell C

Check Airtime Balance Via SMS

Not the most popular method, but still one of the easiest ways of checking your airtime balance is to obtain it through SMS. In order to do so, just send “bal” or “balance” to 14302. Please remember to remove the quotation marks “” before sending.

Your airtime balance, tariff plans, and other information will be sent to you via SMS.

Check Cell C Airtime Balance Via USSD

This is by far the most popular method of checking airtime balance; this only requires that you press the USSD into your press, and then press send.

The code to press is *101#, and then press send. Immediately after that, the airtime balance is displayed on your screen. It will also be accompanied by your data balance, as well as the data plan and tariff plan.

It will also show the date of expiry of both the data and airtime if applicable.

You can also check your airtime balance by pressing *147# and then press send. After that, several options will drop down on your screen. Choose option 2 which is the option to view your balance.

Check Airtime With Your Cell C App

The Cell C App is a convenient avenue to check your airtime balance. If you do not already have it, go the native app store of your smartphone, and download the Cell C app. after downloading, you need to install the app.

After installation you will need to register your profile with your mobile phone number as well as name and address.

After that, whenever you open the app you will find many options displayed on your screen. You will then choose View Invoice.

Check Your Airtime Balance Via Customer Care

You can also check your airtime balance by calling the customer care numbers. There are two numbers to call, and they operate quite differently.

Dial 136, and then press send. That is the self service option, and when you press it, you will see the several options. You should then choose the option “0” which is the option for balance enquiry.

Immediately after that, your airtime balance will be displayed on your screen, as well as your tariff plan, and expiry date if applicable.

Alternatively you can call the second number.

The second number is 135 and then press send. When you press that, you will see the option to speak with a customer care agent, which is option 9. When you press that you are transferred to a customer care attendant, and you can then request your airtime balance from them.

You Can Also Use The 1VR To Check Airtime Balance

In order to use this method to check your airtime balance you can just press 135 and then send on your mobile phone. The response will be a set of options, and you will need to press 1. After that, you will press 1 again which is for “manage.”

After that, you select 1 again for the available balance which will then be displayed on your screen.

Check Airtime On The Internet

The option to check your airtime balance on the internet is quite similar to using the app; it can be done with your mobile phone or on your computer.

Just visit the Cell C website which is and then register your details. When you register, your airtime balance will be displayed along with a welcome message on the home screen.



When it comes to checking data and airtime balance, most people prefer to just dial USSD codes, in which case their account balances will be sent to them via SMS, or just displayed on their screens. Most people consider the options to have it dictated to them after calling a self service number, or after speaking with customer care representatives too slow.

Whatever your preferred mode; you can get your data and airtime balance by following any of the steps outlined in this post.