Hungry Peoples In Africa , Top 20 Region

Top 20 Regions Where We Have Hungry Peoples in Africa

Food supply have not been equally distributed worldwide, reasons for this post on Hungry peoples in Africa . While some places have surplus for wastage, others barely have enough to boost of just a meal per day. Most of these hunger striken areas are in the developing country. This article would centre on the top 20 hungry peoples in Africa .

Top 20 Regions Where We Have Hungry Peoples in Africa


Burundi is one of the most notorious place for hunger and malnutrition in Africa and the world at large. The people had been faced with unrest in the past and despite the gradual return of peace to the land, food security for the majority of Burundians is a nightmare. From studies, more than half of Burundi’s people suffer from mal-nourishment and live below the poverty line which has land them on the top spot on our list of hungry peoples in Africa . Majority of them live in the rural areas.


This country is unfortunately also one of the most hungry place in Africa . The country is situated between Sudan and Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa. Famine, drought and malnutrition are some of the problems bedeviling Eritrea. All efforts put by the government to ameliorate the pitiable situation of hunger, poverty and economic deficiency have largely been ineffective. The country is making headlines in recent years.

Hungry Peoples in Africa


This island country have been a country bewitched by coup, counter coup and attempted coup. These, together with the issue of political instability, high population increase and other factors had led to Comoros being tagged as a hunger zone in Africa.


There’s no separate studies showing the rate of hunger between Sudan and South Sudan, so Sudanese as a whole are tagged the fourth hungry people in Africa . Though blessed with oil, the reason for this is not far from the fact that the country had been a war zone for more than a decade before the country was finally separated. This in itself had not been able to remedy the people from the situation.


Chad is situated in the arid sahelian region of Africa. This country has consistently suffered from hunger going for a very long time now. 2010 happens to be the baddest of all as food security was drastically cut down by drought, lack of usable farmlands and clean water pushing malnutrition to a higher region.

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Ethiopia as one of the poorest nations of the world, it citizens happen to be one of the hunger and malnutrition striken people in the world. The actual extent of this malnutrition is shocking. According to “ Cost of Hunger in Africa ”, child malnutrition costs Ethiopia 16.5 percent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) each year.


Zambia is one country in this list that have enjoyed economic bloom in recent years. This has not been able to correct the menace caused by poverty as hunger is still a major problem in this country. Most children in Zambia eat only once or twice and even at that, the food lacks essential nutrients needed by the body. There’s a conscious effort by the government to fortified maize meal with life saving minerals and vitamins.


Sierra Leone as one of the world’s country with the highest malnutrition rates having acute malnutrition at or above emergency levels of 15 percent among children under 5 years old, the country faces significant challenges of food security and nutrition. In Sierra Leone, Poverty remains pervasive, particularly in the Eastern and Northern regions, where more than six out of ten people live on less than one euro a day.


This island country in southern Africa takes the 9th spot on our list of hungry peoples in Africa . The country’s unfortunate presence here is due to the natural disasters such as flooding, cyclone and drought. The agricultural land is also been eroded due to lack of proper management and deforestation. These had led to hungry in the land.


The Central African Republic (CAR) has been the abode of conflicts that has driven hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. This created a humanitarian crisis in which displaced people are living in camps that have sprung up in dozens of different locations. Because of the fighting, the farmers have not been able to harvest their crops and many other people have lost their livelihoods.


Niger just like Chad had been a major country affected by drought and famine. The country is located in the Sahara desert and as such, food insecurity is the major problem disturbing the people.


Liberia is one of the two countries that were not colonised during the time of colonisation. This country’s hunger cause is as a result of the Liberian War. This had lead to large scale famine and malnutrition in the country after the war.


Somalia is named as a least developed country by the UN, Somalia is not only the poorest country on the continent, it is the most impoverished nation in the world. The economy of this country relies on livestock and foreign remittance, as well as telecommunications. The ongoing civil war that started in 1986 is one of the main reasons for hunger in this country.


Mozambique according to the Global Hunger index is one of the poorest on the African continent. Subsistence agriculture continues to be the strongest source of income. Bad as it is, inflation and dependence on foreign financial assistance disrupt a steady growth in the economy.


Zimbabwe is one of the most unfortunate countries in Africa. This country had suffered a lot. One from the severe unemployment rate put at over 80% caused by the countries involvement in a war between 1998-2002 and the second being hunger. The decades rule of President Mugabe had not been able to help in this regard. The countries currency has also and is still loosing it value faster than it should.

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Rwanda is a landlocked country with 90% of it citizens engaged in agricultural. Ironically, the country is a hunger zone on the continent. The countries income is mostly through the export of coffee and tea.

17. MALI

Mali is one country on the continent that had enjoyed financial aids from international bodies including the World Bank. This had put the country in a number of debt and also put it people in hunger.


90% of Malawians live in rural areas and as such, agriculture is the main means of livelihoods. The rapid growth of HIV/Arapid deforestation and poor educational and inadequate health facilities in Malawi has resulted in a miserable quality of life in Malawi.


In This is one of the countries bewitched by hunger. The country lacks natural resources and agricultural land to enhance better production of food. The economy relies on livestock.


Africa’s giant, Nigeria is is one of the world’s largest producers of oil in the world is unfortunately on this list. Ironically, the country is blessed with cultivable land for agriculture. The main problem in the country are corruption and inflation. In Nigeria, there’s food but out of the reach of the common man due to price.

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