How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt With No Money

How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt With No Money – No one loves being in debt. Those in debts are always desperate to get out of the dirty pool and are always seeking ideas to help them pay down their credit cards as quickly as possible. In fact, some ask questions like “How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt With No Money” – which simply indicates how bad debts can be.

Of course, credit card debts are paid with money. We understand that some are currently broke and needs tips and strategies for paying off their credit card debt even if they currently don’t have a lot of money at hand

Worry not, this article is about how anyone can swiftly tackle their maxed out cards and take their first step toward getting out of the ugly situation called debt.

How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt With No Money

  • 1. First, Set a Goal

This is the right thing to start with. It is actually necessary for anyone in debt to set for themselves realistic goals for paying off their high-interest credit cards (or even any other type of debt).

However, anyone can set a goal. The reason many couldn’t live up tomorrow’s expectations is that they aren’t disciplined enough to stick to their goals. Therefore, without the need to emphasize too much on this, you should know that it is necessary to work on yourself and discipline yourself accordingly.

  • 2. You Should Put Your Credit Cards On Ice

Doing this will help one to think twice before using credit and spending cash. Actually, no one is perfect in regards to money management. The difference is having to take crucial steps when necessary. It is advisable to get those credit cards out of one’s wallet so there won’t be temptations to use them. Until your debts have been settled, you should simply get them frozen, while you focus on tackling your debts. This, of course, might be inconvenient at first, but when you consider the future, you will be encouraged to make the necessary sacrifices now.

The long-term benefit should fuel your resolve and keep propelling you to continue to move forward in the game plan. It has to do with adapting to new behaviors, which won’t come in a jiffy. So, start from somewhere and be consistent. At the early stages, it might feel impossible, but as you progress bit by bit, it becomes a character, you get okay and used to the flow.

At this point, you should prioritize using cash to purchase kinds of stuff. With it, your needs would be separated from wants, and you will have various thoughts before spending money.

  • 3. Give Big Priority To Your Debts

Ensure you put in place a full list of all of your debts and you should then prioritize them in order of importance. For instance, you are expected to give more priority to mortgage payments, as shelter is very crucial.

Of course, we can’t give a rule for this because everyone has different priorities. So, it is left to you to wisely decide the order in which you intend to pay off your debt. You can seek advice if you feel you don’t know the right things to do. Walk with what will work out well for you.

  • 4. You Should Trim Your Expenses to Free Up Some Cash

You can easily settle your debts by reaccessing your monthly expenses and seeking ways to cut your costs. You should begin by tracking the movement of money to and from your coffers. By so doing, you will make various discoveries that will influence your spending habits. Look closely at your spending to know how you can get to save more money.

When you do this, you should be shocked when you discover how hugely you spend (more like lose) money on things that don’t really matter and which you can do without. Generally speaking, we humans seem to have the tendency of spending money on different kinds of stuff that doesn’t really matter. So, it is possible to trim your expenses and remove some stuff out of the way – so you have more money to cater to the most important things.

So, take the necessary sacrifices (this is very important at this stage). Even if you have to let go of different kinds of stuff that you enjoy so much (eating out, cinemas, etc), just take the needed steps to trim your expenses and have more money on you, which will be utilized to clear your credit card debts.

  • 5. It Is Necessary To Create a Monthly Spending Plan

You should go-ahead to create a monthly spending plan to settle your credit card debt once and for all. If you are really ready to get things done, then you should be prepared to take crucial steps to bring it to reality. Take steps to create a monthly spending plan for your cash. This has a lot of benefits attached to it. It will help you to live appropriately within your means. When you do this, you won’t need to go on spending above what you earn (which is how a lot of people dip themselves into debt). Apart from this, you will also know when you will be done paying off your debt and get encouraged to work towards your goals  

Of course, we should emphasize the need to be disciplined in this too. It is not just all about creating a beautiful looking plan, but the most important thing is being able to work consistently towards doing these things. So, try to ensure you stick to your monthly plan if you want to really get reasonable results from all these processes.

  • 6. Be Strategic

A lot of individuals have discovered that it is more realistic to get out of debt when done strategically. Now, pay attention to this. After settling debts like mortgage (that are on fixed monthly payments), one can go ahead to make the minimum payments required on one’s credit cards with the lowest interest rates and maximize one’s payments on the credit cards with the highest interest rates.

With the interest settled, you can proceed to utilize your extra money to settle the credit card with the next highest interest rate. With this, one will be able to appropriately save some cash and settle other debts without hesitation.

  • 7. Making Use Of The Snowball Method

You should note that a lot of people have passed through a similar journey and they were able to scale through successfully. Such persons utilized certain strategies that can be recommended to others. One of such methods has been tagged ‘snowball’.

How this works is that you pay off small credit card balances first before anything else. This actually has various important advantages. For some individuals, they begin to get more encouraged that they are making reasonable progress, and before you know, they settle the bigger stuff.

  • 8. Use Savings to Pay Debt Down Faster

You can actually utilize this to pay off your credit card debt, plus it is a reasonable way to settle debts quickly. With an emergency fund and saving for other pieces of stuff, you can focus on settling your debts while ignoring other things.

The money one will save by taking steps to settle one’s debts will actually be really bigger than the interest one will earn in a savings account. It is also advisable to make use of such things as income tax refunds.

  • 9. A Debt Consolidation Loan or Balance Transfer Could be a Good Option

This also can be used to leave the pool of debts. An individual in debt may take steps to consolidate their debts with a consolidation loan. However, while doing this, don’t forget to calmly look at the terms associated with it before rolling with it.

  • 10. Refinance Your Mortgage

An individual trying to settle their credit card debt can choose to refinance their home mortgage to achieve their aim. Those that own their house are expected to have enough equity to consolidate all of their debts into the mortgage. Take note that additional mortgage insurance costs may be costlier without much equity in a home. So, it is necessary to look closely at the various options that are available and ask around to be appropriately advised  

When someone consolidates debts into their mortgage, it is necessary to craft a budget that allocates money to savings. Without that, such persons might yield to the temptation to get more loans when unexpected different kinds of stuff pop up.

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In conclusion, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the high figure you are to pay as debt. The fact remains that there are people who have been in such situations before now, and they were able to successfully clear up their credit card debts. By being determined and disciplined, you will easily clear off your credit card debts too. Remember to stick to the game plan and be consistent with it. If you can, strive to take up a part-time job somewhere that will increase the movement of money into your coffers. The more money you have, the easier it becomes to settle your credit card debts. The earlier you settle your credit card debt, the better for you.

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