Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa 2020

In this article, we’ll be discussing the highest paying Jobs in South Africa. There are so many factors to consider before choosing a job and which salary,  wages, remuneration etc. is part of it. In this century, passion is almost driven out of job seeking, rather thousands are driven by how much they get paid for their services. This is true as people switch from job to job in search of higher pay, salary, wages, remuneration etc. It is no surprise that thousands surf the net seeking for jobs that pay the highest income which can meet and sustain their financial life. Therefore, this has been a quest for us to search for the highest paying Jobs in South Africa which the citizens can apply and be paid a satisfactory wage or salary.

TOP 10 Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa 2020

  • 1. Software Engineer – Pay per Annum: R1.2 million

The field is a young field but due to its relevance in the technological age one of the country’s most important professions. Software engineering is not just a highly sought after job in South Africa but currently is the highest paying job as well. Due to the nature of the job, it’s relevance, skills required and time consumption, it makes the number one on our list. The job of a software engineer is to design, develop and maintenance of software programs. Software engineers are mostly graduates with degrees in computer science and programming.

Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa
  • 2. Pilot – Pay per Annum: R695,800

As a driver drives the car so does the pilot man’s the airplane. The pilot is the man behind the wheels of the giant flying bird and is the second highest paying job in South Africa on our list. Due to its professionalism, it is certain that a pilot job is not one that can be done by any other professional except the pilot who is as well-trained and just as skillful. The job description of a pilot is one that is tedious and demanding and as such attracts an eye-catching remuneration. A pilot must have graduated and obtained a degree from the School of Aviation.

  • 3. Lawyer – Pay per Annum: R650, 000

Lawyers are referred to as the custodians of the Law and as such, they refer to themselves as “Learned Colleagues”. The lawyer is the third highest paying job on our list and obviously, they cannot be overlooked. You’ll agree with me that Lawyers are important to everybody from the government to organizations to average and common citizen in the country, better put where there is conflict or dispute, you’ll bed a lawyer to settle the case. Their job is to interpret and defend the law which is often done in the courtroom before a judge. The higher the years of practice the higher your salary.

  • 4. IT Manager – Pay per Annum: R620,230

IT (Information Technology) manager presently is among the growing and highly sought after profession in South Africa and the world at large. In the growing and demanding world of technology, the place and function of an IT manager cannot be underestimated. The IT manager’s function is to monitor operational requirements, researches strategies, and technology solutions as well as builds the most cost-effective and efficient systems. Currently, there is a high demand for this profession in South Africa as many organizations are turning side to technology. The salary of an IT manager increases as the years on expertise in the profession increases.

  • 5. Specialist Doctors – Pay per Annum: R400, 000 – R600, 000

If it were the important jobs, this profession would have come atop or second is a specialist doctor. A specialist doctor is different from a general doctor because a specialist doctor has completed a much higher degree and clinical training that has seen them specialize in a particular field in the medical profession (pediatrician, gynecologist, ophthalmologist etc.). Those who choose this profession are bound to spend long years in school and this has discouraged some from pursuing this career but those who do, are enjoying the fruit because it is a known as a financially rewarding profession.

  • 6. Petroleum Engineer – Pay per Annum: R570, 000

In a country that seeks to better her energy sector as well as increase the production crude resources, it pays more attention to petroleum engineers. Petroleum Engineer works mainly at the Oil Refinery. They drill deep into the heart of the earth to draw up crude oil. The job of a petroleum engineer requires dedication and commitment with a dice of expertise, creativity, and hard work. This job is a hot cake in South Africa and also attracts high remuneration. It takes 5 – 6 years to study and obtain a degree. Aside from being one of the Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa, it is one of the most lucrative and high paying engineering jobs as well.

  • 7. Management Consultant – Pay per Annum: minimum of R390, 000

One of the core function of a management consultant is to help and aid organizations achieve and attain a mass improvement in their performance. This function is achieved and carried out by simply analyzing existing challenges or problems in the organization and thereby coming up with meaningful and positive development plan or ideas that can help the organization counter and overcome the existing challenges. You’ll agree with me that this job is very important in the cooperate parastatal. The nature of their job is the reason it attracts high pay and made it seventh on the list.

  • 8. Actuary – Pay per Annum:

An actuary is a figure-loving profession that has a degree in mathematics.  The core function of an actuary is to deal with an organization’s financial impact of risk and uncertainty. Their job is not just limited to finance alone but also are capable to assess and examine the potential of an uncertain event such as an earthquake, hurricane, or any other natural disaster – and assess the impact of financial losses. With all these job descriptions, I’m not surprised and little wonder it ranks as one of the high3st paying Jobs in South Africa.

  • 9. Air Traffic Controller – Pay per Annum: R580, 000

Next on our list is the Air Traffic Controller. The job of an Air Traffic Controller is highly important Particularly to the aviation sector. The demand for their services is increasing. The function of an Air controller is to ensure that an airplane flies at safe distances from each other. To WordPress job, you must have good knowledge of geography and geometry among others. This job is tasking and stressful b3cause it demands total attention and unwavering concentration, this is to avoid the collision or any aircraft went missing. You can best describe this job as the central nervous system of the aviation sector.

  • 10. Chartered Accountant – Pay per Annum: R435, 000

Last on our list is a chartered accountant. The function of a chartered accountant cannot be undermined in the cooperate industry be it government organization or private firm. The job description of a chartered accountant is to give financial advice, audit accounts to ensure accuracy and provide trustworthy information concerning financial records. These duties are achieved through financial reporting, taxation, auditing, forensic accounting, corporate finance, business recovery, and insolvency, or accounting systems and processes. If you have your own business, you sure need the service of a chartered accountant. To be proficient in this job it requires a whopping 7 years length of study in a South African educational institution.

List Of Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa 2020

After choosing the kind of job you want to do, the next question is how much will I get paid? It is important to know the kind of job where you can fit in, be valuable and be excellent, in the same vein you shouldn’t neglect or think less on the pay package. The list below shows which jobs pay the most in South Africa which you can choose from and apply hopefully, who knows you can be selected and you enjoy yourself. After careful research, the jobs enlisted below are not assumed but are the actual Highest Paying Jobs you can find in SA.

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Pilot
  3. Lawyer
  4. IT Manager
  5. Specialist Doctors
  6. Petroleum Engineer
  7. Management Consultant
  8. Actuary
  9. Air Traffic Controller
  10. Chartered Accountant


Conclusion On The Top 10  Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa

Peradventure you are seeking for a job in South Africa or you just moved into the country and planning to settle down, you have seen the Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa. It is imperative and optimum that before you make a vital decision concerning a career or taking a job, you need to know the kind of job you are passionate about but most importantly, you need to know the paying ability of such a job reason been that job satisfaction is commensurate to the amount of remuneration, salary or wages you are paid. More so, people opt for jobs with higher pay and scarcely prefer a lesser paid job because they believe it is the best motivation to aid them to work efficiently and effectively.

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