Top 10 Hottest Female DJs In South Africa (2024)

The hottest female DJs in South Africa do more than just balance the gender gap in the country’s entertainment industry; they are in the forefront of the country’s nightlife. Women love to party! Since every party is going to be dominated by women, it makes all the sense in the world for the people pumping out the sound to be female.

In the whole of Africa, nobody makes female DJs like SA; their amazing combination of talent and grace makes them the new champions of the female cause in the entertainment industry.

With plenty of talent and the love of the people, some of these DJs are even bigger stars than their male counterparts. They are trailblazers starting a revolution across the industry- find out who they are.

Top 10 Hottest Female DJs In South Africa

1. DJ Zinhle

Ntombezinhle Jiyane, better known by her stage name DJ Zinhle is probably the hottest female DJ in South Africa with good reason. She is great at the art of vibing; she knows how to get the people jumping. She was born December 30, 1983, and has worked her way up to fame as a Disk Jockey who often performs at fancy clubs around the country.

These fancy performances have earned her several awards, a platform to launch other successful ventures. She is an author, entrepreneur, singer and record producer. It is therefore no surprise that she is also the richest female DJ in South Africa.

She is frequently on TV and Radio, and has several profitable brand endorsements to her name. DJ Zinhle is a complete package; she is a walking entertainment brand with an estimated $1.8 million in the bank.

2. DBN Gogo

DBN Gogo is best known for hosting the Lockdown House Party on Channel O at the height of the covid-19 pandemic. That shows her commitment to her craft; to her it is not just about making money, but also about uplifting souls through music, or rather through partying.

Her real name is Mandisa Radebe, and she was born May 30 1993. DBN Gogo is a smoking hot entertainer; she is multitalented; she is in the class of DJs who have albums selling in the music space, and are also Music Producers.

She specializes in House Music; a genre in which she excels. However, her music artistry is also quite versatile; and it is that versatility that has earned her recognition, and a huge fan base stretching far beyond the shores of Africa.

DBN Gogo recently featured in Coachella; which is one of the biggest festivals in the world. If hotness means breaking new ground, and attracting more followers, then DBN Gogo is one of the hottest DJs in the country.

3. Lerato Kganyago

Lerato Kganyago is a beauty to behold. However, it is not her beauty that has brought her to the spotlight; it is her work as a DJ. She is one of the most popular and renowned DJs in South Africa, and apart from that, she is also an Emcee, Actress, Model, and Entreprenuer.

Dynamism is the name of the game; she is not a person to stick to one genre of music in her shows, but instead she flows effortlessly from one genre to another, keeping the crowd on their feet throughout her shows.

Lerato Kganyago has a good understanding of the mood of her crowd; she can alternate between fast paced music and slow beats; in a fashion that keeps the crowd pumped with energy. This ability has earned her several awards, and a throng of followers on social media.

She was born on 22 July 1982, and is a proven woman of considerable influence in South African society.

4. Owami Mafokate

Owami Mafokate is a South African DJ of great fame and importance. She is the youngest on this list; she was born 20 September 2001. Despite that young age, she has risen to glory, and is one of the top DJs in the country, in addition to being one of the best known faces, especially among the younger generation.

It all goes back to the fact that her talent was discovered early; she had already showed her talent in her early teens; she had convinced them to put her on live TV at the age of 16, and she has never looked back since then.

Now, she is a DJ, entertainer, brand ambassador, and philanthropist. She regularly performs at shows, clubs, and events, and has a nice side gig as a social media influencer. It is impossible to talk about her without mentioning her father Arthur Mafokate, who is a legendary musician. He even did a song by her name, praising his beloved daughter.

5. Miss Williams

Miss Williams is a DJ on the rise; she has certainly taken the South African entertainment scene by storm, and looks intent on holding down a place in the industry. Her real name is Cindy Williams, and she was born on April 12 1987.

He rocks the stages and clubs of Johannesburg every night, and is quite well known for her selections which become popular mixes. She blends different music genres; producing electrifying performances that keep her audiences on their feet all night long.

Miss Williams is also a musician; she has her own music on the air. She has also recently launched her music school, where she hopes to groom the next generation of music stars. Recently, she went on a tour of East Africa; playing at the biggest clubs in the region. This is no ordinary performer; she is one that has the mind of achieving great things, and stamping her mark on history.

6. DJ Lindi Lush

Lindi Lush is beautiful, with a smoking hot body. She has been in the industry for quite some time; and has graced audiences with the DeeJaying and dance moves. She regularly performs at top clubs and shows in and around the cities of Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng, and Mosselbay.

DJ Lindi Lush is a passionate performer; that above all else is what sets her apart. She has an ear for different genres of music; even sounds that may seem strange to the average South African. Anyone who attends her show or performance should be ready to switch from genre to genre, in a selection that alternates between fast and slow paced music, but with plenty of melody.

She has plenty of awards and nominations to validate her claim as one of the most relevant female DJs in South Africa. She is also quite popular on social media; one of the South African heavyweights.

7. DJ Shelly

DJ Shelly is a big South African DJ. Her real name is Rochelle de Bruyn, and she was born on March 07 1990. Her rise to fame was more conventional; she is still known as one of the in house DJs on SABC2; most notably on the music game show Noot vir Noot.

Building upon that platform, she has gone on to establish herself in the entertainment scene of Cape town; she is a regular in the fancy clubs and parties, and also takes part in the top shows that have been held in the city and country.

DJ Shelly is also a record producer, emcee, business woman and public speaker. She is very active on social media, even though she does not yet have such a massive following.

8. Thando Thabethe

One of the few using their real names on stage, Thando Thabethe is a DJ whose talent cannot be questioned by anyone with a sane mind. She was born on June 18 1990, and even if you try to avoid it, beauty is still one of her selling points.

She is a DJ, Actress, and TV Show host. Even now she is still a radio show host, in addition to being a DJ. Her Deejaying is mostly on radio, but she is also active on the party scene in clubs, and shows.

She made her start on a popular youth radio station which has also nurtured many other talented persons; helping them to launch their careers.

9. Poppy Ntshongwana

Poppy Ntshongwana is a South African DJ and On Air Personality. She is slim, fit, and a delight to look at. She is also a delight to listen to; as a DJ she hosts radio shows, as well as events in clubs, and shows.

Poppy Ntshongwana was born on January 26, 1984, and she made her start into the entertainment industry as a contributor to the Fresh Drive show. After showing sufficient capacity to do well, she landed her own show.

She is best known as a radio presenter on 5FM; and she is also a DJ and an Emcee.

10. Dineo Ranaka

Dineo Ranaka is a heavyweight DJ in South Africa. She was born on December 16 1983, and has a solid foothold in the entertainment industry in South Africa. She made her start in 2003, when she starred on 5FM, presenting The Fanta World Chart Show with Brown Sugar. Since then she has gone through several radio stations, and contributed much to DJs becoming regular features on radio shows.

She loves electronic music; and some even credit her with the widespread acceptance of the music genre in the country today. She flips genres on her shows and performances; but electronic music is a sure and definite feature with her.



Those are the hottest female DJs in South Africa at the moment; they are proven entertainers whose talent is uninhibited by gender, and who are shining examples to the coming generation about what they can achieve with their talents.