Top 10 Best Djs In South Africa (2024)

The best DJs in South Africa are by default also some of the best on the continent because South Africa has the most vibrant ground for Disc Jockeys. This is where they are allowed to thrive, and to become significant contributors to the entertainment industry.

In today’s world, the DJ is not just a curator; he is also a maker, a creator, and a sampler of music. South African DJ’s have albums and mix-tapes all over the place; they have also captured the attention of the international audience; anchoring important musical and cultural events all over the world.

Best Djs In South Africa

1. Black Coffee

No matter where you look for the information, Black Coffee is going to be listed as the number one DJ in South Africa. This is with good reason; the man has reached legendary status. So big has he become; South Africa could no longer contain his talent and personality, hence his move to the United States.

Black Coffee was born Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo, on March 11, 1976, in Umlazi, South Africa. He is one of the biggest names in South African entertainment; having been a singer, record producer, DJ, and Emcee.

He has conquered the party scene in South Africa; having established himself as the go to person when it is necessary to keep the crowd jumping. He then turned his attention to hosting events and concerts for the top artists in the country. He has several awards under his belt, both local and international.

He has several albums to his name, some of which have songs that have become international sensations. He famously remade some iconic South African songs of old; breathing new life and new flavor into them

2. DJ Oskido

DJ Oskido is a musical heavyweight in every possible meaning of the word. He was born 29 November 1967, and has certainly cut across generations; leaving his unique imprint in the nation’s musical culture. Primarily, he is a DJ, but he is also a recording artist; his genres include Kwaito, House Music, and Afropop.

As a DJ and Record Producer he has been instrumental to the general acceptance of Afro-House music which has a special pride of place, along with electro music in the South African society. DJ Oskido has literally made the careers of many musicians who have gone on to establish themselves as heavyweights as well.

He has played in every club worth mentioning in South Africa; and has hosted several shows with big name artists from outside the country. He has several musical compilations; including Church Grooves which actually has 10 volumes, and was released from 2001 to 2010.

3. DJ Euphonik

DJ Euphonik is a superstar DJ; he is the king of the air waves, one of the best known as long DeeJaying on radio is concerned. He was born on December 6, 1983, and his real name is Themba Mbongeni Nkosi.

DJ Euphonik started in his early years, he started playing in clubs before he turned 20. His mixes became quite popular, and audiences loved them when they achieved radio play. It didn’t take long after that for him to get his own shows on radio.

That has been his fort ever since; he is one of the longest serving radio DJs in South Africa, and still has a reputation that is growing. He has performed at shows with some of the biggest artists in the country and abroad, and has also featured in world renowned cultural and musical events.

He has at least 20 albums under his belt; most of them being House Music and Electro.

4. DJ Mariphosa

DJ Mariphosa is another South African big boy DJ; he is at the upper echelon of DJs on the continent. DJ Mariphosa was born on 15 November 1987, and his real name is Themba Sekowe. As a DJ he has played in all the fancy clubs, anchored radio programs, and featured in live shows, concerts, and events in the far corners of the world.

As a record producer he has received credits from the Crème of African music including: Wizkid, Black Coffee, Major Lazer, Runtown, and Uhuru. He has also received production credits from Drake.

DJ Mariphosa has at least 11 albums under his belt, and he also has several singles co-produced with a lengthy number of artists. He has toured Lagos, Nigeria, and worked on other tours on the continent.

5. DJ Kent

DJ Kent is widely acclaimed; he is one of South Africa’s top DJs. He was born in Pimville, Soweto, South Africa. Although his date of birth is not available; he does not look a day over 40. He has been in the game for a long time; he started playing in clubs circa his 20th birthday.

He developed a mixing style which became his identity; and his free-flowing mix of house music with afropop and other music genres soon earned him the love of the people, and he became famous on radio.

His fame soon spread abroad; he is idolized in Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Mozambique, and many new DJs have copied his style.

He has several singles to his name; and he also has 5 albums to his credit. He has won several awards, and has featured on some of the biggest musical and cultural events; most notably the World Cup in 2010.

6. DJ Fresh

DJ Fresh is another big star as far as DJs in South Africa are concerned; he is a DJ, Musician, Record Producer and Businessman. His real name is Thato Sikwane, and he was born on 15 October 1972, in Botswana.

He is based in Johannesburg, where he has built a relationship with every fancy club in the city, and has built a career around the radio stations; particularly 5FM, and Metro FM. He also has a fruitful and long lasting relationship with YFM.

DJ Fresh has a long list of albums and compilations, some of which go back as far as the 90s. He is a big name DJ; he has toured South Africa, as well as Dubai, Miami, Moscow, and London.

7. DJ Sbu

DJ Sbu’ real name is Sbusiso Leope, and he was born on 28 May 1977. He is a DJ, musician, record producer, and businessman. He is best known for Mofaya, but let us first learn about his background.

DJ Sbu started out on radio; he hosted a show on Tembisa Info Radio. He then moved to YFM; where he was a producer and co-host of a show. From there he went to movie production; he has starred in several successful movies and TV shows.

He retraced his steps back to music; and released several compilations, and albums; including Mofaya in 2014. Mofaya became his brand as he released a beverage with the same name also in 2014, which has become very popular.

8. DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle is the biggest female DJ in South Africa; she is also a TV personality, actress, record producer, and entrepreneur. She was born on 30 December 1983, and her real name is Ntombezinhle Jiyane.

Growing up, she was only a little bit interested in music; but her brother was always scratch sounds on vinyl records, and that rubbed off on her. Gradually, she started playing in clubs and parties, and she eventually landed on radio.

She has worked with several great musicians in South Africa and outside, and has released several singles, one of which has been certified 3× platinum by the Recording industry of South Africa (RISA).

She has won numerous accolades and awards, and has featured in many popular TV shows, including Idols South Africa, where she featured as a guest judge.

9. DJ Cleo

DJ Cleo is a man; even though his moniker sounds feminine. He is one of the biggest names in South Africa, as far as DJs go. He was born on January 17, 1980, and his real name is Tlou Cleopas Monyepao.

He is a DJ, record producer, and song writer. He started his career at YFM where he was a producer on the Unrestricted Breakfast Show. It was during this time that he discovered his potential as a record producer, and started producing music for himself and others.

He has at least 12 albums to his name, and also has several songs he has produced or co-produced for top musicians in the country. DJ Cleo is a multi-award winning DJ and producer, and he has also featured on several television productions, including as a producer, as a performer, and as a co-host.

10. Heavy K

DJ Heavy K is a heavyweight DJ; he is also a music producer. He was born on 4 December 1991, and his real name is Mkhululi Siqula. He left home at 21 to Johannesburg to pursue a career in music, and has never looked back ever since.

Heavy K was already quite established as a teenager; he had made a name for himself by producing the beat for a successful single when he was 16. Obviously the intention was to be a singer, but he found more opportunities in production.

One of his songs has been certified Platinum 6×, and he has at least 8 albums under his belt. He has produced for many top South African musicians, and has gained several awards and nominations.



The best DJs in South Africa have largely not been content with just playing songs by other people; they all have their own songs, compilations, and EPs which have further earned them plaudits. Many of these stars have toured the major cities of the world, and have featured some of the biggest artists on the continent.