Top 10 Richest Actors In South Africa 2020 (Actresses)

A list of the richest actors & actresses in South Africa. The movie and theatre industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. This is because there has been an expansion in the numerous ways in which entertainment can be served.

Just like the actors in this industry are making money by entertaining people in other countries, South African actors are also doing the same. In fact, they are among the richest people in the country.

However, there is a form of level among them in which some are far richer than others. Hence, the top 10 richest actors in South Africa include: 

Top 10 Richest Actors In South Africa

1. Charlize Theron 

    • Net worth: $130 Million

Being a renowned fashion icon, movie producer, and actress, Charlize Theron is known as a woman of numerous capacities in South Africa. She got such fame because she has starred in numerous award-winning movies including Mighty Joe Young of 1998, Hancock of 2008, The Cider House Rules of 1999, The Fate of the Furious of 2017, and a host of others. In addition, she has received numerous awards including the Silver Bear, Golden Globe Award and the first-ever academy award to be won by a single South African Actor or actress.

She currently owns a firm called Denver an Delilah Production and her firm has produced a couple of film productions like Dark Places of 2015, The Burning Plain of 2008, and many others. It is a common belief in South Africa that she is able to pull up her current net worth as a result of dedication and consistency.

2. Sharlto Copley

    • Net Worth: $15 Million

Sharlto Copley is a movie producer, actor, and director. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Copley’s dream since childhood is to be with the movie industry. At the age of 25, he became South Africa’s youngest television producer as he runs the production in a television company behind the scene. In further pursuit of his dream, he got the role of H.M meaning ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock in the big screen adaption of the 1980’s TV hit The A-Team in 2010. Sharlto Copley has featured in numerous great movies and is very famous for his role as “Wikus Merwe’ in District 9 Science which is an Osward award-winning fictional movie.

3. Trevor Noah

    • Net Worth: $13 Million

When it comes to making money via satire, then Trevor Noah should always take the lead. He is considered one of the best comedians in Africa and the entire globe. Noah is also a media critic, producer, television host, and writer. It is a belief that he has been using his creativity to earn himself cool cash. He worked as a TV host in his home country for eight (8) years before eventually moving to the United States of America in 2011. Currently, he is the Television host of Daily Show which is an American satirical news program on Comedy Central. He has earned himself numerous awards including The South African Comics’ Choice Award in 2012, MTV African Music Award in 2015, nominated for Critics’ Choice Television Award in 2016, nominated for Writers Guild of America Award in 2017, Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award, etc. Currently, he was nominated as the GLAAD Media Award for the Outstanding Talk Show Episode.

4. Sello Maake

    • Net Worth: $13 Million

Sello Maake is a well known South African actor and a voice actor. He rose to fame by appearing and playing numerous roles in theatre, television, and films in the United States of America, South Africa, Canada, Europe, and Britain. His character as Daniel Nyathi in the longest-running soap opera scandal creates love in the hearts of numerous South African. He is also well known for creating the documentary movie of Africa’s Outside, which describes the unusual chase and hunting of wild animals. Sello Maake is a seasoned Director and Producer. It is a belief in South Africa that any movie he appears is likely going to be a stunning one.

5. James Barlett

    • Net Worth: $12 Million

James Barlett is a famous actor in South Africa for his role as David Germo in a popular movie called Rhythm City. The movie has been known for receiving numerous airplay in numerous African nations. He also featured in American films such as American Ninja sequel movie. He is also among the elite crop of the South African actors with decades of international film credits under his belt. James Barlett has earned numerous awards in previous years including 3 SAFTAs in 2009, 2015, and 2019. Based on his epic performance, many South African are in love with him with some even saying he deserves an Oscar award.

6. Moshidi Motshegwa

    • Net Worth: $8 Million

Moshidi Motshegwa is a well-known actress in the movie industry in South Africa. She has been in the industry for close to two (2) decades. With prowess in both local and international movies and television shows, she has been featured in numerous shows that have earned her the current fame. She was the winner of the Golden Horn Award for the Best Actress in a TV Soap. She is also famous for producing the movie titled Noem My Skollie which was South Africa’s Official Selection for the 89th Annual Academy Awards (Oscar) in the Best Foreign Language Film Industry and was also nominated for the SAFTAs. When she was being interviewed about the role she wishes to play, she said she is willing and open to play any role that will challenge her.

7. Lesley Brandt

    • Net Worth: $2 Million

Based in Auckland, Lesley Brandt is a South African actress known for her fantastic role in the high rated Spartacus series where she played the character of the slave girl – Naevia. Another fantastic role she has played includes the role of Maze in Fox Television Series called Lucifer. She is well known for her creative playing and ability to assume any given roles in the movie industry. 

8. Pearl Thusi

    • Net Worth: $2 Million

Popularly known as Mama Panther, Pearl Thusi is a South African Actress known to be diversifying in the usage of her creative thinking. Other lucrative careers she ventured in include hosting TV, Radio Shows, Modelling, appearance in many rappers shows etc. She currently released a project titled Queen Sono and this has earned her numerous likes. She launched her haircare range in 2015 and also start a line of her own hair products.

9. Shashi Naidoo

    • Net Worth: $1.7 Million

Being a well-versed celebrity and actor in South Africa, Shashi has earned herself many titles including model, fashion blogger, entrepreneur, and television presenter. She is well known for hosting the ETV Magazine Show and the nationwide MTV VJ show. Born in Port Elizabeth, Naidoo moved to Johannesburg to study chiropractic medicine at the University of Johannesburg. Currently, she is a Brand Ambassador for Demalogica, Dive Divine Hair, Cotlands Children’s Home, Tumi Luxury Travel Bags, Glam Palm Hair Straighter, and many others.

10. Jolene Martin

    • Net Worth: $1.3 Million

Being a prominent television personality, MC, business lady, an actress, and an anchor, Jolene Martin is a well-known actress from her days of hosting the South African version of International Lottery called ‘Powerball’. Another fantastic fact about her is that she got her first job as early as 17 years old. She was a child presenter in Cape Town and that focused the eyes of numerous directors and producers on her. Among the numerous events, she has hosted include the high commission South African celebrity gala in Singapore, United Nations New Year’s celebration in Ethiopia, etc. 


Surviving and making money in the theatre industry in South Africa requires a lot of dedication and consistency with numerous touch of sacrifice. Most of the above-mentioned actors have ap their dues and this is the reason why they are making it to the list. Currently, they are among the richest people in South Africa. {Tag: Richest Actors/Actresses In South Africa}.