The GTbank token will be activated in the following 24hours after it was being delivered to your account. So, the following are the ways of how to activate a token.


  • When you need to activate your token, you will have to visit your GTBank banking website. When you visit the website there is some content that will be displayed there, so you will input your surname your account number as well as your password. And don’t forget that you must have been registered for online banking. After you logged in through your account (I.e) after you have input all your username, your account number and your password, there will be this content that will be displayed on your phone or system’s screen which is the “setting” you’ll click on it and then you will go to another content again which is “help menu” it is located at the left-hand side on your screen.
  • Secondly, after you have gone through all that, you’ll enter your token identification number without the addition of the hyphen sign in order for you not make mistake this is an instance here for you (1234718343) as you can see there is nothing like hyphen sign there so this is how you will input your token identification number. So, therefore, you will input the number at the space offered. After that, you will then click on this option that will also be displayed ”Acknowledge”  and then you will click “Continue”. Note that the identification number is located on the white panel which is at the back of the token given to you.
  • After some hours that you have completed this process, an SMS message will be sent to you through the same registered number from the Guaranty Trust Bank to thank you for the completion of the acknowledgment process.
  • By now you are free and able to to use your token so easy for your online transactions and any other services which are needed through the Guaranty Trust Bank online banking platform.

So, you only have to make your token activated once and after that, you can now commence your transaction on your account and continue to use your token forever for only your Guaranty Trust Bank online banking transaction as far as you don’t misplace it. To make use of your token, you are to press the button on it in order to offer you a code that you will use any time you complete an online transfer. Do not forget to always keep your Token safe for your own benefit. The GTBank PLC has now launched another token to use an alternative. They have made it so easy and possible again by creating the USSD token to use in place of the previous hardware token it is also used for online banking. What they are trying to communicate is that costumers can now generate their token code whenever they want to complete their third-party online money transfers. So, therefore, you will dial this number (*737*7#) to make it so faster than before through your phone number which has been linked to your Guaranty Trust Bank account. The Guaranty Trust Bank has been able to take the lead and be the best bank among others by creating this alternative token for easy and safe online banking transactions. GTBank token helps you to protect your account from online Theft as well as the Fraudsters.  It is the token key that will allow you to have full access to perform the third party online transactions through the Guaranty Trust Bank Internet Banking platform in the whole world.

How To Activate Gtbank Token

Banking institution has come to existence from the olden days, our forefathers are the one who has started the banking system. Although there is nothing like a central bank or commercial bank then but what they practice then is that most of them who choose to have savings do have their money kept in the ground by then. But later, there was a certain man who formed this banking system by collecting money from people as thrift and save it for them but because of theft hazard, he now planned to develop it by making or constructing a building for safe-keeping people’s property without any disturbance. This is how the banking system came on board. So they started to have many branches from one place to another before technology set in. Nowadays, technology has taken over all banking systems through technology, we can make several transactions through our phones or PC and we can also secure our account in order to avoid unexpected theft. This has made the GTBank a wonderful banking institution to the bank along with. We will be talking about how to activate GTBank Token but before that, we’ll have to know what the word “TOKEN” means. After that, we’ll now talk about how to activate it.

What does the word “token” mean?

The token is an instrument or device which is delivered to the costumes by the bank for the creation of their certain security code in order to secure their online transactions. Therefore, it must be activated and linked to the costumers account before any transaction have to be commenced on it.

Banking has been made so easy to access through the creation of online and mobile banking transactions. So, therefore, to confirm your identity code and keep your account safe, all banks have made it easy by the issuance of the token to their costumer. But I perceived that the majority of people still don’t know how to create or activate their tokens. I will assure you that as you continue reading, you will get to know how the token is being activated. GTBank which full name is “GUARANTY TRUS BANK”  is part of the best bank and at the same time, they are one of the best-patronized banks in Nigeria. The issue of the token to costumes for the online transaction has made GTBank the best bank in Nigeria. This said token has to be linked to costumers account and also it must be activated to ensure easy online transactions before costumes begin to use the account in order not to lead to error in terms of message. When you fail to activate your token, internal server error will be displayed on your screen anytime you try to make use of it.


Conclusion On How To Activate Gtbank Token

Token activation has been made easy for the customer. You can activate your token when you logged into the GTBank online banking website with your personal data like your surname, account number, and your password after this you will now follow the necessary steps accordingly.  After the completion of the activation, you will receive an SMS message from the GTBank.  Guaranty Trust Bank has introduced an alternative USSD token again which is easier than the previous hardware token it is just by dialing this certain number (*737*7#) through mobile phones. Activation of the token has reduced the rate of unexpected theft on costumers account.

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