Hello buddies, in our today’s article we would be bringing to your knowledge the online transfer limits and charges of a reliable and reputable 21st-century bank. it has been a puzzle yet to be unraveled to some people concerning the transfer limits of this prestigious bank called Guaranty Trust Bank Popularly Known as GTBank.


  • GTBank ATM Transfer Limits 

    • Daily Transfer Limit – N3,000,000
    • Daily Withdrawal Limit – N150,000
    • ATM Transfer Abroad – $300 (N1,200)

Guaranty Trust Bank plc, pertaining to transfer limit, has a record of one million nairas (N1,000,000) as the maximum daily transfer limit, but being a fast developing incorporated company has now increased their daily transfer limit to three million Naira (N3,000,000). This development tends to be a superb one, however, the transfer limits for ATM users are on daily bases, which implies that you are only permitted or restricted to transferring N3,000,000 daily. More also, as stated above that the daily transfer limit s N3,000,000, the Daily withdrawal limit for ATM users is limited to one hundred and fifty thousand nairas (N150,000), for an international ATM withdrawal, it is limited to a maximum of $300, however, a service fee of N1,200 is applied for every cash withdrawal on ATMs outside Nigeria, while Online transactions abroad are free.

  • GTBank Mobile App Transfer Limits

Guaranty Trust Bank Creating a mobile user-friendly App for the purpose of an easy banking system to meet up with our home comforts, and as a secured means or mode of banking, it tends to have a transfer limit of a maximum of N5,000,000 also on daily basis.

GTBank Transfer Charges

  • POS Transactions Are Free
  • Online Transactions Are Free
  • Abroad ATM Transactions Attracts N1,200 charges
  • Also, There is monthly SMS Charge
  • Daily Online Transfer limits

Pertaining to online banking system on the Guaranty Trust Bank plc sector, as easy and reliable as it could behave the same transferring limits as other modes of banking system initiated by the Guaranty Trust Bank plc (GTBank) which is equivalently N5,000,000. As we could have it, it is also on a daily basis which also means you are permitted to transfer a maximum of N5,000,000 everyday.

  • Maximum Transfer on 737

Talking on this fastest mode of Banking system introduced by the Guaranty Trust Bank plc, an easy, reliable, fast and great mode of banking as a maximum transfer limit of N20,000 and a minimum of N1,000 daily being the least maximum transfer for a day. Using this USSD code makes it such an easy way to the bank in such a way that you do not need an internet connection before you make your transactions. using this feature of the USSD code you would only be charged a transfer fee of N20 for a single transfer.

  • GTBank Modes of Banking

This initiated mode of banking from the comfort of your home has been made easy to suit the purpose of different individuals, however, this mode of banking are stated below

  • USSD Transfer code

This is the fastest mode of Banking, is one of the initiated modes of banking by the Guaranty Trust Bank for easy banking at the comfort of your house, its easy, fast, reliable and accurate. This mode of banking as now limited time off work, which means it works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week which saves a whole lot of stress, in such a way that you don’t need to be worried about the opening and closing time of the Bank. This code works on all mobile and this is to the advantage of everyone both a smartphone user and a non-smart phone user, thus using this code you have to dial *737# for your easy banking on all networks, although there are terms and conditions applied.

  • Online Banking System

This mode of banking is limited to only Smartphone users; this is because you have to be internet connected to make use of this feature of banking. To make use of this applaudable initiative by the Guaranty Trust Bank plc, you have to visit on your web browser https://www.gtbank.com/Online_Banking, by doing this you would be given a platform to log in to your account with an input space for username and password in which if correctly typed it takes you to your account panel to view your account details and more also perform other transactions that you wish to.

  • Mobile banking Application

This is also a well-strategized idea to suit the purpose of Smartphone users as well. This mode of banking requires the presence of the GTBank Mobile Application on your phone for an easy access to your account, it gives you the option of performing transactions without having to go down to the bank. To make use of this Mobile App, you have to download it from Google play store, install it on your Smartphone device and run it. For a secured banking, you also have to log in with your correct details.

  • ATM Banking System

ATM also was known as the Automated Teller Machine is also an easy mode of banking, this mode is specifically used when you want to withdraw money from your account, it saves you the stress of going into the bank to fill tellers before you get to withdraw your money. This mode of banking can as well be used for cash transfers.

  • POS Banking system

POS known as Point of sale Terminal is a very portable device that allows debit cardholders to withdraw their money and more also make payment for goods and service without a dime at hand at the marketplace or a retail outlet.

Conclusion On Guaranty Trust Bank GTBank Online Transfer Limit And Charges

GTBank is one of the leading African Financial Institute with a high service focused operating technics, more also known as the most profitable, vast development and standardized quality banking or service system.

As a vast developing bank as it could be, Guaranty Trust Bank once had a limit of one million nairas (N1,000,000) daily transfer, but with a vast developing spirit, they have now increased it to five million Naira(N5,000,000) daily Transfer limit.

Guaranty Trust Bank plc also known as GTBank is a highly reputable and respected bank in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large, Guaranty Trust Bank is also one of the biggest and fastest developing incorporated bank in the world today, and as a reliable and developing bank, this prestigious bank came up with a helping decision for their customers to enable an easy banking system in the comfort of their homes.

With such a viral development and decision, people are now being saved the stress of walking down to the bank for cases like transfer, following this recent development everyone can now have access to his or her accounts, probably get to know their account balance, make cash transfers either to the same bank or other banks, recharge directly from your accounts, withdraw cash without entering the bank and so on.

Guaranty Trust Bank plc has enlarged their coast in the aspect of proving means of banking from the comforts of your home, being a developing bank, they have increased their maximum transfer limit from N1, 000,000 to N5, 000,000 except for the USSD code users that have the maximum limit of transferring N20, 000 on all day basis.

Note: A service fee of N55 is applied for the transactions or transfers that involve other banks, that is transferring from your account to another bank attracts a service fee of N50 actually plus a value-added tax charge popularly known as VAT charge of N5 making it a total of N55 (This is pertaining to Online, Mobile and ATM banking system only).


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