It is now very easy to open diamon bank account online in the country now without actually visiting the bank. The process is quite easy because you will be provided with the diamond bank online registration form online. the process is easy and does not require filling any form online. You also have the option of opening an account offline which include a very easy way of opening an account. The bank only made a provision of quick account opening, which still requires you to complete the process in the banking hall. The diamond bank only tries to make the account opening process faster and also reduce the amount of time you spend in the banking hall. The bank gives you the form online, you fill and take to the bank for physical verification. Let’s discuss some important things to know about diamond bank online registration.


  • Kindly go to
  • you will be required to enter your BVN
  • Daz all – The remaining process is direct

Things To Know About Opening Diamond Bank Account Online

  • After opening your instant account online, you will be able to transfer up to N100,000
  • The account can hold up to N300,000
  • You will be able to deposit N50,000 in the account at a time
  • Other features are similar to other accounts

Minimum Amount To Open Diamond Bank Account

To open an account with a diamond bank in Nigeria offline, you need only N1, 000. There is, however, no minimum amount of money that you have to keep in your account. The bank also provides the following additional services that allow customers of the bank to carry out transactions from their bank account anytime, anywhere 24/7 on the go with its several banking channels.

How To Open Diamond Bank Account Online

The banking channels of the bank are:

  • Diamond In-branch Banking
  • Diamond Online Banking
  • Diamond Mobile Banking
  • Diamond Line Call Centre
  • SMS notifications and alerts on all transactions

To open an account you with Diamond bank, you need to make the following documents available:

  • A completed application form that you can get from the bank’s website.
  • A recent passport sized photograph
  • Valid identification e.g. an International passport, driver license, National ID card, and voters’ card
  • Resident permit only required for foreign nationals in Nigeria
  • Proof of address i.e. a recent utility bill

Fill the form and take the completed form to the nearest Diamond bank to complete the account opening process. This is the only valid means of opening a diamond bank account online as of the time of writing this post but note that this process is subjected to change at any time the bank wishes to.

  • Diamond Bank In View

Diamond bank is one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria offering banking services to Nigerians. The bank has several branches scattered all over the country to enable their customers to carry out financial transactions easily. The bank provides financial services in Nigeria and has its headquarters located in Lagos, the economic capital of Nigeria. The bank also maintains a banking subsidiary in the United Kingdom. As at the month of June 2013, the bank operated 240 branches scattered all over Nigeria. The bank also has branches in some African countries. The bank has 20 branches in the Benin Republic, 2 branches in Senegal, 1 branch in Togo and also 3 branches in Côte d’Ivoire. As of the month of December 2012, the bank’s total assets were valued to be in excess of US$7.3bn (NGN:1.7 trillion)

  • History Of Diamond Bank

Diamond Bank PLC started out as a private limited liability company on the 21st of March, 1991. The company was however incorporated on the 20th of December, 1990. About ten years later, precisely in the month of February 2001, it became a universal bank. In the month of January 2005, following a Private Placement share offer which substantially raised the equity base of the bank, Diamond Bank became a public limited company. Also, in the month of May 2005, the Bank was listed on The Nigerian Stock Exchange. Moreover, in January of 2008, Diamond Bank’s Global Depositary Receipts (GDR) was also listed on the Professional Securities Market of the London Stock Exchange. The first bank from Africa to achieve that feat. Quite recently, in the month of October 2018, Diamond Bank Plc has rated 4 stars and also ranked as one of the best retail banks globally by the Lafferty Banking 500 index 2018.

  • Diamond Bank’s Organization

Diamond Bank Plc boasts of the very best minds in the Nigerian Banking industry and also a team of professional and creative minds that are focused on providing innovative customer-centric solutions. Over the years, the customers who are the best assets of the bank have continued to sustain the bank. The business of the bank is based on strong, enduring relationships and is also driven by innovation and also leading-edge technology.

  • Structure Of Diamond Bank

The diamond bank brand is built based on strong, enduring relationships that are driven by innovation and also leading-edge technology. The marketing/business development function of the Bank is organized in such a way that enables the bank service its clients in the various market segments optimally. This structure, in addition to the alignment of the Bank’s service, control, and other support functions facilitate excellent customer services delivery.

  • Diamond Bank Team

Diamond Bank has been able to put together a team of professionals whose combined banking experience, coupled with the result-oriented culture of the Bank, enables the bank to offer a wide range of services that meet international standards. Diamond Bank has been able to identify the key success factors in today’s Nigeria banking environment to include:

  • competent staffing
  • strategic focus
  • superior technology, and
  • a sound financial position.

Subsidiaries Of Diamond Bank

Diamond Bank Plc operates several subsidiary companies and some are listed below:

  • Diamond Pension Funds Custodian Limited – Victoria Island, Lagos, Lagos State
  • Diamond Bank (UK) Plc – London, United Kingdom.

This article focuses on how to open an account with the diamond bank online in Nigeria. It is amazing that the internet is now taking a great place in Nigeria. Each day, internet penetration is on the rise in the country. It therefore important they bank take advantage of this technological advancement to their gain as well as that of their customers. It quite obvious that almost every business is going online today, and there is, therefore, every reason to make things easy there.


Conclusion On How To Open Diamond Bank Account Online In Nigeria

Diamond Bank Plc is one of the leading banks in Nigeria. The bank is very strong and is well rated within the international banking industry. The bank has over 240 branches that are currently operating all over the country. Due to the forward-thinking mentality of those managing the bank, the bank has assumed a leading position amongst rivals in Nigeria. The bank in line with its status as a leading bank in the country continually come up with innovative products and services to ensure its customers carry out banking transactions with ease and also enjoy maximum satisfaction. This is why the bank allows those who are interested in opening an account with the bank to partially initiate the account opening process from their end and then visit a branch of the bank to complete the process. This ensures that people do not waste valuable time waiting in the banking hall to get this done.

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