List of Funding For Environmental Projects in Africa 2020

Are you in search of the list of funding for environmental projects in Africa? Then, this post is for you.

All we do in one way or the other drastically affect the environment we live in. Subsequently, any positive or negative effects of our behavior on our environment directly have an impact on us.

And this is the major reason why many individuals are geared toward the eradication of negative behaviors and improve positive behaviors on our environment. In order to achieve a compounded effect, many NGOs have also always give back up to these initiatives. 

Hence, the following is the list of funding opportunities available for environmental projects in 2020 in Africa.

List of Funding For Environmental Projects in Africa 2020

  • 1. Call For Climate or Clean Energy Projects

This program closes in the next couple of days and it is for individuals looking out to get funding for their business geared toward climate or clean energy or even looking out to scale up their businesses. 

  • 2. Bio-Bridge Initiative Projects

This program has closed and it is for individuals looking out to get technical and scientific cooperation for businesses that are oriented toward addressing biodiversity-related issues and challenges. The program provides about $20,000 in the capital for businesses.

  • 3. 2020 Alongside Wildlife Foundation’s Grant Program

The program is designed to support projects that are of high importance and are usually overlooked by the funding agencies. The program basically helps fund projects that are tailored towards the preservation of species next to us in the animal kingdom.  It sources out for people that will use science-based strategies that will allow people to share landscapes with wildlife.

  • 4. RELX Environmental Project Grant

Annually, the RELX Environmental Project Challenge awards grants to projects that best demonstrate how they can provide sustainable access to safe water or sanitation. The projects to get the grants must have clear practical applicability, address identified needs, and advance related issues such as education, human right, and health. The Grant awards a $50,000 prize for the first place entry and a $25,000 prize for the second-place entry. The grant also offers free access to many bonuses for one year.

  • 5. Global Green Grants Fund

The Global Green Grants Fund is known for providing funds for projects that are implemented in Africa, including the development of sustainable climate-wise alternatives in order to reduce the rate of deforestation and charcoal production. The program boasts of experts that are known for advising grantmaking in Africa identify community-based organizations that are known for implementing solutions that address the most pressing challenges in different parts of Africa.

  • 6. The Africa Climate Change Fund

The Africa Climate Change Fund is known for supporting regional member countries in their transition to a more climate-resilient and low-carbon mode of development in order to prepare them to access greater amounts of climate finance and the use of funds received more efficiently and effectively.  The grant is majorly available for regional member countries of the African Development Bank. The program is known for massively investing in projects in Africa. 

  • 7. Africa Bird Club

The ABC program is known for supporting small to medium-sized conservation projects located in Africa. The program boasts of supporting a wide variety of projects including training courses, researches, etc. The maximum grants offered by the club are about 3,000 Euros. The objectives of this grant are to survey and research into African birds, educational projects or training courses, production of guides to the common birds of a country in local languages, interpretation material for nature reserves, and many others. However there are a few restrictions including permanent residence in Africa, that must have a major part of the project budget and many more.

  • 8. Blue Action Fund

The goal of the blue action fund is to reduce the dramatic loss of marine biodiversity and to advance local development by stabilizing incomes in communities and thereby enhancing protection. Hence, the Blue Action Fund contributes to environmental issues by supporting national and international non-governmental organizations and their promotions.



Our environment is an essential part of our day to day activities and this is the main reason why there are some dedicated grants and funds to support initiatives that are directed towards the maintenance of our environment.

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