Not all men can afford what the First-Class citizens can actually get at a go, but in course of getting more suitable materials to improvise for middle-class citizens, there is a shift to the used clothes importation and selling for people at a cheaper price. We would have loved to write on some shortcomings of these materials but that is not our focus in this write-up, because for everything that has a good side definitely there must be another side of the coin.

Fairly Used Clothes In Bales Price Suppliers In Nigeria

One important thing we need to write also on is the cost of fairly used clothes in bales price suppliers in Nigeria and also where you can get it to supply to you as a marketer or seller.

This clothes bale comes at different prices, as we have earlier discussed on the grades of the cloths, the grade of the bale of clothes you are buying has a volume to speak about the price you will get it from suppliers.

  • Most grade A ranges from 150,000 naira to about 200,000 and for the B grades ranges from 50,000 naira to 120,000 naira, all these depend on the grades, the materials mixed with your clothes, and other duties you need to settle to clear your clothes to be imported to Nigeria.

Okirika cloths are usually gotten from Cotonou, which is the Benin Republic, and most people travel a long distance to access the suppliers in Benin to get the cloths.

  • Question: How many pieces of clothes are in a bale?
    • Answer: Depends on the weight of the bale which varies. The country where the bale comes from determines the weight. China’s bales are 100kg while UK and Germany bales are 55kg. Expect to find between 350-400 pieces of clothes in a 54kg bale. In a 100kg bale, you are most likely to find double the number of clothes in the 55kg bale. No specific number of cloth is given as the bales are weighed which does not factor in the number of clothes. It is the weight of the clothes that matter which in this case can mean quality.
  • Question: How much can you make from the “fairly used clothes in bales” business?
    • Answer: There is a wide gain margin depending on your marketing skills. If you are an expert in the business already, you can double your capital. For a starter, it is safer not to push the profit margins too much. Anything between 10%-60% profit is good enough for a newbie. So your profit depends on how skilled you are in the business.
  • Question: How Much Is A 100Kg Bale of First-class Okrika In Nigeria
    • Answer: Just like I pointed out earlier, there are no specifics. The price range from 50,000 -to- 130,000 Naira depending on the quality of the bale and also the type of clothes in the bale. There are different categories of clothes and these are; Children Cotton Romage (CCR), Men Shirt (MCSH), Children Polo (CHP), Ladies Cotton Dress (LCD), Boys Cotton Shirt (BCS), Men’s Cotton Pant (MCP), Ladies Bum Short (Sex Short), Men Underwear (M Under), Ladies Three Quarter (L3/4), Ladies Chiffon Dress (LSD), Ladies T-Shirt (LTS) and so on. So this affects the price but the price should fall within the range I earlier said.
  • Question: Where to buy top quality bales?
    • Answer: Arena Warehouse in Oshodi. Visit Nigerian Army Shopping Arena in Oshodi and find your way to W block. The block is for Okrika bale dealers.
    • Alaba international market
    • Kotangowa market at Abule Egba
    • Badagry market
    • Tejuosho market
    • Yaba

The above listed are some of the locations where you can get quality Okrika bales from in Lagos, Nigeria.

What You Need To Know About Fairly Used Cloth In Nigeria (Okrika)

This is also known as Okirika clothes some people also call it to bend down and select. This type of clothes encompasses every attire you can think of, it comes in varieties of shirts, skirts, pants, jackets, suits, swimming trunks, belts, trousers, electronic gadgets, bags, and shoes.

This is a cloth that you see average Nigerian patronize. Some people patronize this cloth because it is very affordable and of good quality as well. While some patronize the clothes because of the high quality.

Not everyone who patronizes Okirika cloths are actually not financially buoyant to afford materials gotten from boutiques rather some have this perception of the clothes and materials from the Okirika market as a good material.

It will shock you to know some highly placed individuals still patronizes this cloth, this is because some materials cannot be seen in most boutiques but rather in these markets where they sell Okrika.

You can find clothes for a different set of people, ranging from the old to the materials for babies. 

The economic value of used clothes business

The Okrika business is one of the businesses that we can say today still makes clothes available at a cheaper price for most Nigerians after the exorbitant fee of most boutiques clothes.

Also, it is a source of income to many, the country today hardly has job provisions and offers for the teaming population, and for the people to stay idles, many have ventured into this business to keep their families and also sponsors some of their basic life requirements.

When you talk of the durability of clothing material, you can see the evidence in Nigeria as average Nigerians used clothes materials like iron material yet these materials stand the test of time from most users and proven to be best in terms of durability and lasting clothing material.

Also, this business was able to flourish more in Nigeria because it is not capital intensive, they are a basic business you can starts with as low as 50,000 nairas.

To stretch more, it has more quality, you can hardly differentiate between these materials and the one gotten from a boutique.

Grades Of Okrika / Fairly Used Clothes

Yes for everything in life, there are sizes and categories, just the way we have varieties in terms of domestic goods there are grades also in Okrika cloths.

These clothes always come in two grades, the Grade A or they called it AA, and the grade AB or most people call it grade B.

  • Grade A used clothes are always one of the best you can find in town, they are always neat, and have all its accessories in order not usually stain or comes with a fault, and they are as well costlier than other materials.
  • Grade B cloths are as well good, but cannot be compared to that of grade A. Grade B materials can have permanent stains that cannot be removed or wash or might have its button or zips not in order.

But all it is important to know, your income and budget for clothes can be met while you are in the Okirika market, you will always find your size, your pocket affordable clothes and still look much good.

In a man’s life, there are basic necessities that need to be met even before any other things can be considered or seen as a priority. Cars and jewelry are just needed but not basic necessities, but when you talk about food, house, and cloth, it is visible to all that this is things that are paramount to man. 


To end with, starting a used clothes business is not a difficult thing neither does it requires special training or skills to venture into this business. It just needs capital, needs full attention, and also a very wide scope in business strategy. All you need do is get capital to start the business, get someone already in the business in your area, or meet with one of them in their market area. Then proceed to travel to get the business started. All this can be settled under 3 to 4 weeks of purposeful planning and strategies. We have written on what used clothes is as materials brought into the country to improvise for clothing materials in the country. 


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  1. Mrs.Faith
    Greetings my business partners/customers ,do not make the mistake of buying rubbish bales from the wrong source .MAKE A WISE CHOICE THIS SEASON AND SMILE.NEW GOODS IN STOCK FIRST GRADE (A ) IN ALL KIND OF CLOTHES AVAILABLE call on:—-

    1. I need high quality AA grade to supply in my area, Benue state. I will like you to reach me for more information via — let’s discuss good business plans please.

  2. I want to become an okrika dealer in my state so I can empower the people around me.
    So how can I start importing directly from China please?
    Appreciate your candid reply.

  3. I am so disappointed having read on this platform yesterday on how to start Okrika business, after going through the article, i decided to give a trial. I found a number on this platform 0816 513 86**. I placed a call immediately, and after a long discussion, considering the distance while am in Ogun state he claimed he’s in Lagos (badagry), i consider it very far, not a journey of one day. He told me, i don’t need to come, they send their bale when payment is made. I decided to give it a trial, we a agreed on a price (55,000, Waybill amount inclusive) for two bale. I made initial mobile transfer from my Mobile App of 5,500 for the Waybill and later transfer 22,500 yesterday, he confirmed he got the money, later he said the goods are closed to me, i should balance up 22,000 which i did immediately, just some minutes after he said, the money did not get to his account, I made series of calls to Access bank, they confirmed the transaction was successful. I later called someone whom he gave me his number, a staff of Eco bank, he told me they are having network problem. That the money will be refunded to my account. Now, I told the dealer am not interested in this deal again, he should refund my initial 22,500.00, he requested for my account number which i sent to him, till now, bale of clothes i didn’t see, my money he didn’t send to me.

    This is my experience, and someone should please tell me how to get my money back.

    1. Ha ha na wa o, you shouldn’t have transfer money without seeing the goods first, next time you do see and buy scammers everywhere.

  4. Can you show me how to export direct from much is your man jeans giant bale
    ? I want to buy

  5. I knew it was a scam when I saw her comment, bales of okrika are not cheap, you can never buy 1 quality bale for anything less than N55,000. Not to talk of two bales. I deal in okrika. I have been doing it for years if you need quality bale budget from N100,000 and above. My location is Lagos.
    I am only helping because I have been scammed almost N500,000 when I started the business. Be wise!

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