Wakanow Pay Small Small is an online or E-commerce booking that established in the year 2008. This online booking has its Head Office located in Lagos State, Nigeria; and it covers almost all the nations of the world; which implies that anybody can easily access its website at any time and at anywhere.


Wakanow Pay Small Small (PSS) is a non-static travel payment company that permits its customers to make use of massive deals through making 25% down payment only of all travel cost and make an installment payment in his or her free time. That is to say that Pay Small Small permits its customers to save up to 150% of total travel cost by taking the benefit of the “early bird” transport fares.  So this writes up encompasses all you need to know about this travel and flight agency, their flight prices and other information that can be important to your journey and safe tip, sit back and read again.


Permission for its numerous customers to get an accommodation, book a taxi and also book their flight schedule is one of the unique services Wakanow company provides which has made it stand out from the rest of the online booking companies. Flights can be booked more easily now with foreign airlines like Turkish Airlines, Kenyan Airways, Qatar Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airline, British Airlines, and so many other ones.

Aside from providing International Airlines, Wakanow company also provides internal flight services for Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya which can also be booked too online.

Mobile Androids app is not considered as the best method of booking flight since today there is an option of one can either book his or her flights through the company’s app or through their official website.

Wakanow Pay Small Small

General Overview:

Mr. Obinna Ekezie is the founder and the chief managing director of this E-Commerce company. Apart from the general coordinator who is the founder of this company, Timilayo Ademiliyi serving as the company’s CTO, Vipul Gaur as the COO of the company, Victoria Onwubiko working as the company’s chief managing officer, Ralph Tamuno who is also the partner and the co-founder and also the GDMD of the company, Imohimi Aig-Imoukhuede as the CFO of the company and then Oluwatoyin Odutayo as the ED of this Wakahow company are the names of the key or vital people of this online company who ensures the smooth running of the company just to increase its productivity.

This company basically utilizes an internet to carry out its roles or functions. A total number of over seven hundred employees are been employed by this company. Its official website knows. Oya, Destinations Africa is the subsidiaries of Wakahow Pay Small Small company.

Wakanow, an E-commerce travel agency industry has its base situated in Nigeria. This online travel agency offers both the internal and external travel solutions for its numerous customers.

Apart from locating its company here in Nigeria, Wakanow Pay Small Small has an operational base in Dubai, Ghana, London; and at the same time, the company is extending its operational base to Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. The Wakanow Pay Small Small started its full activities or operation in South Africa during the period FIFA World Cup was played in the year 2010 though it has been launched on February 2008.

Tiger Global in the year 2010 was the name of the venture capital investors that gave an undisclosed amount of capital or fund to Wakanow online booking company. There was an announcement by the Africa Alliance in the month of August 2014 that they invest or give any assistance financially which was an undisclosed amount to Wakanow Pay Small Small company. Africa Capital Alliance is a self-reliant privately-owned equity company which has right to a $400 million fund of an equity.    


The previous player of National Basketball Association (NBA) by name Obinna Ekezie alongside with his partner by name Ralph Tamuno joined hands together to established Wakanow Pay Small Small on the month of February 2008; which implies that it has been existence for over ten years now. Oya.com.ng that is the subsidiary of this online booking agency company sufficed since it was acquired by this company to aid in doing internet bus ticketing activities from the L5 labs.   

“Pay Small Small” which permits its numerous customers to make payment for any products that are produced and offers by the Wakanow company installmentally in the middle of the year 2015.

Destination Africa which is the name of the documentary television that stipulates the highest twenty-one nations in Africa was announced by Wakanow in the month of December of 2015.  



The company has its offices situated in diverse nations which includes Nigeria, Kenya, Britain, and Ghana. Below are the Wakanow offices addresses together with their contact details.

  • 1. London Office: The company is located at Combe Road in 3rd floor, 46/50, New Surrey, KT340, Surrey, London, United Kingdom.
    • Email Address: Its official website in London is [email protected].
    • Contact No: +44(0)2035383369 is the official phone number for Wakanow company.
  • 2. Ghana Office: The Wakanow company is located in Ghana at Millennium Heights Building, at Ground Floor, 14 Casey Hanford Road, Airport Public Area, Accra, Ghana, Africa. 
    • Email Address: [email protected] is the official email address of Wakanow company Ghana branch.
    • Phone No: Ghana’s branch of Wakanow company contact numbers are +233 242 435515 & 0307082484.
  • 3. Kenya Office: Viking House, Ground Floor along Waiyaki Way, West Lands, the capital city of Nairobi, Kenya, Africa is where Wakanow company is located in Kenya country. 
    • Phone No: The Kenyan’s office of the company’s contact number is +254 (0) 227640793.
    • Email Address: The official email address of this online company in Kenya office is [email protected].


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