Slot Phone Swap – All You Need To Know About Phone Swap In Slot Matrix

Slot Phone Swap – All You need to know about phone swap in computer village, Ikeja, Lagos, or any part of Nigeria

Slot Systems Limited is a Nigerian-owned tech company that specializes in the sale of tablets, laptops, mobile phones, and other gadgets. It is best known for its massive collection of original mobile phones which cut across various brands including Android, Infinix, Samsung, and Tecno. Precisely, They are seen as a pacesetter in the sale of smartphones and other gadgets. With the view of serving many Nigerians regardless of social class, Slot Nigeria offers a trading platform –often called Slot Trade-in phones –that allows people to exchange their old phones for new ones.

Slot Phone Swap Slot Trade-In Phones

Everyone can testify to the fact that technology advances day by day and due to this, there is a need to upgrade from outdated/old phones to the ones which offer the latest features. With the establishment of “Slot Matrix Phone Swap or Trade-in” as a convenient medium for phone swap, phone users now have the grace to switch from old phones to the new ones they desire.

Slot Phone Swap Trade-In Phones Exchange

In Nigeria, the task of swapping phones comes with several risks and disadvantages. Due to the high incidence of fraud and stealing in the country, some innocent people have encountered severe troubles in the attempt to swap their smartphones with unknown persons. Across any Nigerian city, you can find a handful of unauthorized persons who engage in phone swap but it is quite difficult to know the rightful persons you can swap phones with. To save yourself from the risk of getting arrested, probably for having obtained a stolen phone during an exchange, Slot Phone Exchange comes in as the most authorized Nigerian-owned company you can resort to.

To assist you in the quest of exchanging your current phone for a new one –probably one of the latest smartphones in the mobile market –Slot Phone Swap has fashioned out a trading platform which offers you the opportunity to swap your current phone with the latest smartphones from top manufacturers like Blackberry, Apple, Samsung, HTC, Gionee, and Infinix.

In this article, we have carefully compiled some of the tips that will guide you on how to make use of Phone Swap In Slot as a medium for swapping your old phone with a new one. As you read this article further, you will find out what qualifies you and your phone for a swap deal at any authorized Slot store in Nigeria. Before you go through these tips, bear in mind that different phones bear different monetary values and the money you may be required to include in a swap deal usually depends on the worth of your current phone and the new one you wish to buy.

How To Swap Phone In Slot Matrix

  • Ascertain the Trade-in Value of Your Smartphone

Before you visit any Slot outlet to swap your old phone with the new one you desire, you need to have ascertained the monetary worth of your phone. Meanwhile, this is called the “trade-in value’’ as it estimates the exchange value of your mobile device. Finding out the trade-in value is quite easy. You can simply head straight to any nearby Slot outlet in your location to inquire about phones and their trade-in values.

  • Create a Back-up for Your Phone’s Data before Swapping

It is advantageous and advisable that you create a backup for your phone’s data before you attempt to exchange your phone. Moreover, Slot Matrix expects you to have signed out of any Google or iCloud account on your phone before you tender it for a swap deal. If you fail to comply with this instruction, Slot reserves the right to reject your phone.

Likewise, it is a better idea that you sync the data on your phone to your Google or iCloud account. As implied previously, it is essential that you create a backup for your phone’s data. And to avoid disappointments, ensure all the data (including contacts, apps, and media files) on your phone is backed up even if it cannot be done automatically.

  • Make Sure Your Phone is Backed by the Necessary Document

Slot Matrix doesn’t welcome illegal swapping of phones and in order to authenticate your ownership of any phone, you must be able to back the phone with the necessary document –such as the receipt of purchase. To avoid fraudulent deals, Slot requires that you provide your means of identification alongside your phone’s receipt of purchase.

Phone Swap In Computer Village Ikeja Lagos Abuja PH Nigeria

  • Go to Any Nearby SLOT Store for the Swap Deal

In as much as Slot operates nationwide, it is quite easy to find an outlet in your city. Their stores are available in cities like Ikeja, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and lots more. After creating a reliable backup for your phone and after ascertaining the trade-in value of the device, visit any nearby Slot store and present your phone to any of the agents you meet there. The Slot agent should present you a form, asking you to provide genuine details about your phone. Meanwhile, these details should require the phone’s status –whether good or bad. At this juncture, you must be certain that your phone is in good condition.

The next thing is to back the phone with something that can verify that you’re the owner. Likewise, the matrix agent will ask for your ID card as a means of identification. After doing that as required, the agent will provide you with a voucher that suits the trade-in value of your device. Meanwhile, this voucher is very important because you will have to redeem it as explained below.

  • Redeem Your Voucher

It is very easy to redeem your voucher but be informed that you can’t redeem it in any place other than an accredited SLOT store in Nigeria. Based on the value of your desired phone (the phone you wish to buy from them) and the price placed on it, you will be required to include money in the swap deal after redeeming the voucher. Meanwhile, the amount you add depends on the worth of your new phone as well as the value and condition of the phone you’re giving out in exchange. After reaching all the required terms, you can then complete the swap deal by having your new phone. 

  • Recognized Branches

  • Abuja2, Ajah 1, Akin Adesola, Ola Ayeni Computer Village 1, Ikeja, Lagos, Eugu, Festac, Festival Mall, ICM, Owerri, PH4, Saka Tinubu VI, Surulere, Warri, Benin 1, Benin 2


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