We will be writing on major industries in South Africa in this write-up. Of course, development is not a rocket science, yet it is evident that a country is living and functioning in her credence and motto that the heroes of the past have suffered for. No nation witnesses a drastic change in their development and incomes to the nation without practicing or involving in one or the other type of industries.


  • Manufacturing Industries

This is one of the fast-growing industries in South Africa, these industries focus on the production of various chemicals, clothing materials, spare parts for various automobile, insecticides, electronics, footwear, and many others.

There are various companies piping into this sector of the industry and even makes large and commercial products that are always shipped outside South Africa to neighboring countries even the world at large.

Foods and beverages sector also cannot be excluded from this system, many foods and drinks used in the shore of Africa today are from South Africa. The enabling environment created by these industries drive potentials investors to the country and as a matter of fact one of the reasons South Africa is one of the best countries in Africa.

The textiles section of the industry also has proven beyond the potency in the fabrics industries of the country.

  • Finance And Business Services

This is one of the major industry in South Africa, in which business moguls delve into and large potentials have been recorded on.  Banking industries, investment industry, stock exchange industries, load facilities, and many other industries are categorized under these industries.

On a serious note, these industries are one of the backbones of the country. The banking sector in this country brought in more investors to the country, also the insurance company in this nation is one of the best insurance body on the shore of Africa.

  • Mining Industries

This is another industry in South Africa that have amassed large income to the nation both private and public individuals. This industry focus on mining of natural resources deposited in the country. Which ranges from gold exploration, Diamond mining and processing, iron ore mining, and many other resources that are found abundantly in the country.

  • Information And Communication Technology

This is a major industry that has over the time grown even though there is a continuous development in this sector yet it has gotten to a state of good performance. Mtn first started in South Africa and moves to other Africa countries.

In terms of technological advancements, this nation has achieved a tremendous land sliding achievement in the country and the nation at large.

Major Industries In South Africa
  • Agricultural Industries

Just like the case of many other African countries, this nation also has a developed agricultural sector, which involves in the commercial production of agricultural produces and for a large export to other countries.

Agro-allied companies are categorized under this sector, different derivatives of Agriculture like milk, hide and skins, shoes, beverages, cotton and many other products are produced in large quantities in this nation.

  • Tourism

Most nation troops into South Africa on daily basis in escaped of tourism, this is a fast-growing sector of the industry in South Africa. There is different tourist center in South Africa which people from all over the world are ready to enter them into the country for a sightseeing.

  • Wholesale And Retail Services

This is basic selling of commodities on daily basis to all and sundry in the country. This involves the day to day activities and sales, services and holds an offer to people in the nation both in wholesales and retails form.  This is one of the sectors that make goods and commodities produced by different industries readily available to consumers.

  • Entertainment Industries

This is another sector of the nation that encompasses both the young and the old. This industry entails comedies, music, and videos. This nation is one of the most developed entertainment industries in Africa due to advancement in the technology used in the production and shooting of different movies and music.

  • Industry Exegisis

An industry is a carefully planned environment where production of goods and services are produced for either exportation or consumption of that particular nation. It involves making services available which cut crosses every sector and human needs in life.


South Africa is a country in the continent of Africa. This nation has thrived well in course of time and still one of the Africa nations with verse development in all areas and as well able to sustain her administrative and clerical activities. Most of the rankings that come to Africa in the best categories South Africa is always one of the Africa countries to be on the list as well in relation to world rankings.

The economy of South Africa sat in Johannesburg which serves as a head office to many industries and companies in the whole of South Africa. Many activities that go on in South Africa in terms of business and economy ranging from real estate, catering, agricultural activities, hotels and many others investment setups in the nation is majorly carried out in Johannesburg.

Outside the primary source of income to South Africa which is the natural resources of this nation, for example, South Africa is known in the whole world to be the fifth highest suppliers of gold and gold reserves, also irons and other natural resources, South Africa industries are as follows.

  • Manufacturing industry
  • Mining industry
  • Finance and business services industry
  • Agriculture industry
  • Communication industry
  • Tourism industry
  • Entertainment industry
  • The wholesale and retail trade industry



We have looked at the different types of major industries in South Africa and what all these industries are into. This was born out of the efforts to make information available to entrepreneurs or people ready to venture into business in South Africa but needed an idea on how and what are industries are currently in the nation. Also, we have looked about what an industry is, sit back and take a read of this piece.

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