DJ Cuppy Net Worth And Biography 2020

Interesting details on the biography and estimated DJ Cuppy Net Worth in dollars. Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, popularly known as DJ Cuppy, is a Nigerian DJ who has been able to break into the entertainment industry and has been able to earn a lot of money doing what she loves doing. The young lady is actually one of the richest DJ’s in the country, and she is one of the daughters of popular billionaire Femi Otedola. 

DJ Cuppy Net Worth And Biography 2020

  • Full Name: Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola
  • Date Of Birth: 11th, November 1992
  • State Of Origin: Lagos 
  • Net Worth: Around $1,000,000
  • Profession: Disk Jockey, Entertainer
  • Nationality: Nigerian


Ifeoluwa stormed the Nigerian entertainment industry unexpectedly, and she has been able to plant her feet there. While some might have expected her to become one of the caretakers of her rich father’s firm, she decided to pave a way for herself with her passion, and she is doing pretty well currently. 

Popularly known as DJ Cuppy, Florence, who was born on the 11th day of November in 1992, is no doubt a pretty lady (and with brains too). She is from Ibadan, Oyo State in the South Western part of Nigeria, and her dad is a Nigerian billionaire – Femi Otedola.

Being the daughter of a Nigerian oil magnate, DJ Cuppy already has an edge in life, as she was given the best by her parents. Growing up with her three siblings – Christine Olunmi, Elizabeth Temi, and Fewa Otedola, things weren’t tough, and so, she could conveniently explore and discover what she intends doing with her life at a tender age. 

Despite graduating from King’s College, London University in 2014 (where she earned a degree in Business and Economics), the pretty lady was able to opt for the entertainment industry without encountering much tough experiences.  

  • DJ Cuppy Education

Ifeoluwa lived in Ilupeju for some years before she moved to Ikeja (both in Lagos State, Nigeria). Since her parents could easily afford it, she was sent to the United Kingdom to do her GCSE’s and A-Levels in London. 

Afterward, she attended King’s College London and was able to graduate with a degree in Business and Economics. Not stopping there, DJ Cuppy then proceeded to the popular New York University after leaving King’s College, and she got a Master’s Degree in Music Business.

With this, it becomes obvious that DJ Cuppy is not an alien to the concept of music in general, and we can agree that she is one of the most educated DJs in the country as things stand now. 

  • Disco Jockey Career

Considering the fact that she was sent to Kings College to study Business and Economics, it appears her parents were getting her set for the corporate world. One would have thought that she is destined to take over one of her father’s firm, and sit back to watch the money flow in. However, it appears she fell in love with music along the lines, and she opted to do what she enjoys doing. 

Right now, she is both a music producer as well as a DJ song mixer. This is a skill she acquired via training (we aren’t forgetting that she studied “Music Business” at New York City University). Although she has started before 2014, it was this year she caught the attention of certain people which eventually brought her more into the limelight. 

DJ Cuppy was the resident DJ during the MTV Africa Music Awards held in Durban that year. She also got a chance to perform both in London and in Mexico City. 

Consolidating on the achievement that came her way, Cuppy made her first compilation mix that she called  “House of Cuppy”. Although she launched it in the United States of America, she first premiered it in the United Kingdom. 

Not folding her arms idly, she went ahead to launch Red Velvet Music Group in the United Kingdom – a music management and content production firm 

As a result of what she does, Ifeoluwa has caught the attention of numerous persons in the country’s entertainment sector, and she has been applauded and honoured by various organizations. One of what seems to be her greatest achievements was being featured on the cover of the Guardian Life magazine (her face, in particular, was used for the coverage).

In 2015, she set some records in Dubai when she was invited to entertain at the Oil Barons Charity held in the oil-rich country. She became the first African female celebrity to perform on stage at that event.

  • DJ Cuppy Tours

After amassing some popularity, she took the step to go on her first tour – which she limited to Africa (she visited 8 major cities in the continent).

Tagged “Cuppy Takes Africa” and supported by GTB Bank and the Dangote Foundation, visited these 8 African countries: 

  1. – Nigeria,
  2. –  Senegal,
  3. – Ghana,
  4. – Kenya, 
  5. – Tanzania, 
  6. – Rwanda, 
  7. – Uganda 
  8. – South Africa.

That tour was very organized, and a lot of money was splashed on it to ensure that it becomes a success. In fact, it was aired on Fox Life Africa, and it included performances, artist collaborations, as well as charitable engagements.

It appears the event opened her up to various other exciting opportunities, as some months later, she worked at some other big events and also interned at Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

  • DJ Cuppy Music

Obviously, DJ Cuppy is someone who wants to explore and do a lot of things with her life. She is not complacent, but she keeps pushing herself trying to indulge in various activities to satisfy her curiosity and enjoy herself. 

Moving beyond what she started with, she has produced two songs, (“Vibe” with “The way I am”). The songs was promoted adequately and it received some accolades after catching the attention of some people. 

In 2017, DJ Cuppy took the bull by the horn to release her first-ever official single which she called “Green Light”. To ensure the quality of the song, she worked with Tekno who helped with vocals. The following year, DJ Cuppy dropped another single which she called “Vybe”. While the first one was with Tekno, this one was with Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie.

  • DJ Cuppy Age

Being born in 1992, Ifeoluwa is currently 27 years of age and is still a young lady. It is impressive to note that she has been doing well for herself despite her young age, and she hasn’t been relying on her father’s fortune as some do. 

At her age, she has become one of the most popular DJs in the country. As she grows, she is expected to bring more surprises to the table. 

  • DJ Cuppy Net Worth in Dollars

One of the reasons why people can be interested in DJ Cuppy’s net worth is the realization that she works for herself, and isn’t relying on some salary paid by working in one of her father’s companies. 

She is no doubt a boss in her own right, and that explains why she is being mentioned whenever people search for things like richest DJs in Nigeria. Well, currently, it is said that she is worth around $1,000,000, she is regarded as the richest DJ in the country as things stand now. 

Of course, she isn’t making money only by being a DJ, but she indulges in various ventures which fetch money for her. She, for instance, has Red Velvet Music Group – a content production firm in London. 

With a net worth that is around a million dollars, we can’t deny that Ifeoluwa is one of the richest female celebrities in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

  • Dj Cuppy’s Relationship 

As expected, people are always seeking to know if she is in a relationship, who she is dating, what is the name of her boyfriend, and so on. While there might be different things being said out there, it should be noted that the person she is mostly seen with is Asa Asika, and many people believe the duo are dating. 

Before now, she was with former Nigerian international and ex Everton striker Victor Anichebe. At that period, she usually praises the time they spend together, and she seemed to be genuinely in love with the talented footballer. Unfortunately, their relationship soon hit the rocks, and both of them have gone separate ways since then. It was nevertheless surprising to some people, as it is understood that people many celebrities are bad when it comes to relationships, and their relationships don’t last too long (except in some rare cases)


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