Dr. Godwin Maduka Net Worth And Biography 2020

Dr. Godwin Maduka Net Worth And Biography – A successful medical practitioner who is based in the United States of America, Dr. Godwin Maduka is the Managing Director of Las Vegas Health Institute, USA, a billionaire who has been able to indulge in various activities promoting the well-being of humanity. 

Dr. Godwin Maduka Net Worth And Biography 2020

  • NAME: Godwin Maduka 
  • COUNTRY OF BIRTH: Nigeria 
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Umuchukwu


Dr. Godwin Maduka started from scratch, born in a humble setting in southeast Nigeria. He rose from poverty to become a man who was able to attend a prestigious school like Harvard in America and has also become a money bag who gives a lot of money as acts of philanthropy. 

He first travelled to the States in the 80s and he became a Chemist against all odds – going on to get a Doctorate degree in Pharmacy. As a result of hard work, Godwin was able today to obtain his Post Graduate Medical Degree from Harvard.

He started practicing from the scratch, and with dedication, he has been able to not only increase his wealth but has also built various hospitals in the Las Vegas Nevada area.

Dr. Godwin is a strategic individual who has been able to ensure the flourishing of his ventures, and it is not too surprising that his Las Vegas Pain Institute could become one of the best in the whole of America (it has been rated the top #1 in Pain Management in the country). 

  • Dr. Godwin Maduka Childhood 

Dr. Godwin grew up in Umuchukwu, and according to him, his childhood was quite exciting and interesting. He admitted to how his parents played a big role to ensure he become a successful person, emphasizing on how responsible and determined they were to raise him and his siblings to become productive adults. 

He made known the excitements that surrounded his childhood, how he joined masquerades in his village, dancing to the rhythms of the African talking drums, dancing in the moonlight, and playing the traditional moonlight games. 

However, it wasn’t too rosy for him and his poor family who dwelt in an agricultural rural community. His parents worked pretty hard – his mother as a homemaker, a petty trader, and a farmer, while his father as a ‘good’ native doctor.

His parents struggled for money. There were barely enough for food, not to talk about paying the children’s school fees. As a result of poverty, he needed to begin shouldering some responsibilities meant for adults at a very tender age. To pay his school fees at some points, he has to climb some 50 feet tall trees to get the palm nuts as a young teenager. 

Godwin and his siblings worked very hard because their parents were not making enough to take good care of themselves. However, he confessed that the unpleasant situations didn’t snatch the delight out of his childhood, as they engaged in various things that were seen as being fun. He made known how he fetches water from their village stream, go to the farm to plant planting yam and cassava, and how they never saw themselves as being poor – but being contented with what they had, and were happy.

One of the things easily spotted from Dr. Godwin’s personality is his quickness to attribute his success to God, always giving credits to God for what he turned out to become. 

According to the billionaire, he believes in eternal life, and he is striving to ensure he is in a right posture with God, as he wants to be accountable to Him when he gets to heaven. 

  • Dr. Godwin Maduka As A Philanthropist 

According to the Billionaire, he doesn’t believe in seeing anyone suffer while he merely watches without trying to help. He also believes that happiness can come from the goodness shown to others. 

He has given a lot to ensure the transformation of his hometown since he rose to wealth. He has built a lot of homes for some poor people in the place, as well as important structures like a police barracks, a Catholic Church, a post office, and so on. 

Being a person whose life was appropriately shaped by education, the Billionaire ensures he supports needy students to get educated (via full scholarships). Godwin has also given a lot of money in free grants to help various people start their business. 

Explaining why he gave himself fully to philanthropy, Dr. Godwin said he is giving back and thanking God for blessing home. According to the Billionaire, his belief is that all blessings flow from God, and he can’t give more than God gives. 

Dr. Godwin Maduka Net Worth

Although Dr. Godwin Maduka’s total assets are yet to be known, it was made known that he bought some residential properties in Nevada for over 7 million US Dollars – an indicator that he did pretty wealthy. Apart from this, the Billionaire also spent about 4 million US Dollars on the two buildings that house the Las Vegas Pain Institute.

  • Dr. Godwin Maduka Academical Journey 

After he traveled to America with the support of his family to study Chemistry at Rust College, he successfully ended the program without issues and was awarded a degree before proceeding to Pharmacy School at Mercer University where he got a doctorate degree in pharmacy. 

Godwin then moved on to Medical school at the University of Tennessee School of Medicine to begin another chapter entirely. According to him, when he got his medical degree, he decided on what it is he intend going into, and since he was already used to chemistry, pharmacy, and medicine, he opted for Anesthesiology with Interventional Pain would make use of his education and training. 

Normally, as he reached such an enviable stage as this, some might expect him to be satisfied already with where he has gotten, and so, should simply begin living life without stress. However, Dr. Godwin was not a complacent person, but he ensured he kept moving on. What he did was to apply for the graduate medical training at Harvard University School of Medicine in Boston Massachusetts to train as an anesthesiologist, and he was accepted. After some periods of rigorous training (he described the program at the prestigious school as a very tough and challenging one for him), he eventually completed the program and graduated to become an anesthesiologist.

After all, has been done and dusted, he worked for some months (18 months), before he established The Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Center. Right now, the Medical Center has grown from a humble beginning to become one with various branches, and the Center is doing pretty well.

  • Dr. Godwin Maduka Family 

Maduka has a wife – Stella, with five children. According to him, his wife, who immigrated to the States after he has rounded up his training from Harvard, is not only a beautiful woman but also one that is ‘wonderful’ and ‘supportive’. 

Before he blossomed, he experienced some dark moments, and his wife was there for him when he needs her most. There were moments when she goes to work with him and will patiently wait till he is done so they will go home together. 

He made known the huge impact Stella played when he needed a loan to build his practice, how she usually accompanies him to banks, and how she helps in various ways. Despite being an educated busy woman, Stella also works hard to take care of their children and home. 


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