Top 10 Best Wingers in the World – This is going to be a controversial post. The problem being that in recent years the line between who is a Forward, a Striker, and a Winger has been greatly blurred. For emphasis sake, this post is about Wingers. We are highlighting the 10 Best Wingers in the World Currently. In this article, we are going to concentrate on attackers who operate in wide areas of the pitch. The ranking takes note of their recent performances in the Major Competitions, including the World Cup, Champions League, and the local leagues of countries they play.

Therefore, if your favorite player does not show up in this list it is not because we do not appreciate his talent or abilities; rather, it must be because he is not a true and natural winger.

Wingers are one of the most important players on the field as they interact with the defense system of the opponents. They are usually located at the left and right extreme of the pitch near the touchlines either involved in penetrating the defense system or making across to the forward players. Wingers are the attacking midfielder whose scope covers a large or wide position.

For a team to perform well, its wingers must be players with vast skills ranging from high dribbling ability, high speed in order to maneuver between any small space to accurate passing. Thus, they are like the penultimate players in goal scoring. However, they can also score goals on their own. It is even surprising that most of the highest goal scorers in the world of football now are wingers. They usually run from the defensive line to the attacking line taking into note the touchlines. In this article, we present to you the top world best 10 wingers in football right now. Here they are

Top 10 Best Wingers in the World 2020 

  • 1. Sadio Mane – Liverpool

The Senegalese professional player plays as a winger for Premier League club Liverpool and his country’s National Team. Before joining Liverpool, he has played for other teams which include Southampton, Red Bull Salzburg, etc. With 290 appearances, he has scored a total of 115 goals both at the level of club and international teams.

Sometimes, with the spotlight on Mohammed Salah and Roberto Firmino, the sheer brilliance of Sadio Mane can be a little overlooked. But the Senegalese attacker who loves to operate on the left-wing is having another important campaign in Liverpool. Sadio Mane offers an added spark and thrust from the left side.

Jurgen Klopp insists “sometimes Mane is not aware of how good he is”. But opponents certainly do not make that mistake. Sadio Mane is the complete package- he packs a powerful shot, electrifying speed, and has good body balance. He is quite comfortable taking on defenders with his trademark going inside with the outside of his right boot, and bending the shot.

Liverpool is in contention for both the Premier League and Champions League titles this season, and as this could be another season of glory!

  • 2. Mohammed Sallah

Mohammed Sallah of Egypt is the symbolic figure that spearheads the Liverpool attack that is set for glory after glory. They call him the fear factor because with him lurking around, opponents fear to venture too far into the Liverpool area. All it takes is a long ball forward and Mohammed Sallah count gets on the end of it. If that happens then they may have a better chance of chasing their own shadows than stopping him.

Playing as a right-winger, Sallah has acquired for himself a reputation for tormenting defenses with his pace. Once he gets a clear sight of goal, he releases a powerful shot with his left foot, rendering the goalkeeper motionless. While he has gained a reputation for topping the scorers’ charts, that is not the only highlight of Mohammed Sallah’s style of play. He is a kind of player who loves to make runs in behind the defense and his dribbling ability is a sight to behold. Mohammed Sallah is an electrifying footballer, and no doubt he is one of the reasons why some people come to the stadium to watch the games. 

  • 3. Kylian Mbappe 

This guy could be the future of football. He has the touches, the movement, the ball skills and most of all, lightning speed. He showed his ability in the World Cup, putting up spectacular performances on the way to France emerging Champions. He showed his talents again in the Champions League, as he produced match-winning performances, and when they were kicked out of the Champions League he voiced out his disappointments.

At the time of filing this article, Real Madrid is reported to have tabled a groundbreaking offer to secure his services. No doubt, the results garnered after the departure of Ronaldo to Juventus has knocked some sense into the management of the club and now they want someone who could possibly have similar potential- Kylian Mbappe.

Kylian Mbappe has won the World Cup in his first appearance, before even turning 20. That brings back memories of the legendary Pele of Brazil.

  • 4. Neymar Junior

Neymar has resurfaced into reckoning after an injury-hit season. He is once again an integral part of the PSG front 3. That’s right, the same PSG he so frantically tried to leave a few months ago. The Brazilian magician has always been one of the most talented players in the world since his time in Barcelona, but obviously it takes more than being a talented dribbler to get to the top.

Neymar has not really been consistent, partly due to injuries and partly due to just being immature on the field. But hopefully, he is getting his head back in the game, and producing the spectacular displays for which PSG broke the transfer record to land him a few seasons ago.

The Brazilian plays on the left-wing and is basically given the job dribbling the defenders to pieces from that position, before banging in shots that the goalkeepers cannot even see. He actually scores more goals than assists, so despite not being the focal point of the three-pronged attack at PSG, he is still a major contributor to the goal haul at PSG. If the gods of football continue to help him keep injuries at bay, Neymar may finally fulfill the potential that so many people saw in him all those years ago at Barcelona, and actually mount the podium, being crowned as the best footballer in the world. 

  • 5. Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling of England and Manchester City has established himself as one of the very best players operating from the left-wing, or any wing at all for that matter. Sterling has two major factors in his favor: his wonderful control of the ball, and his pace. Raheem sterling can change gears like a sports car and rip through defenses all on his own. His dribbling is good- not great, but he has excellent movement off the ball. He makes well-timed runs into small pockets of space and thank god for David silva and Kevin de Brune who have the vision of eagles to spot those runs. Raheem Sterling has extra bars on his battery, and as long as he is on the pitch the opponents can have no peace. He is finding himself on the score sheet again, so continue to expect great things from this guy. 

  • 6. Heung-min Son

With talismanic striker Harry Kane out injured, Tottenham Hotspurs have pinned their hopes on the South Korean playmaker. A bonafide left-winger, Son is having his best season at Spurs to date, already on twelve league goals and five assists.

The 26-year-old has had to prove his playing abilities to coach Mauricio Pochettino during his time in North London, but he’s made himself an undisputed first pick this term offering variation to the Spurs attack with his pace, dribbling, and movement. He’s a fine dribbler – boasting a 75% success rate – but is also smart with how he varies things, playing little one-twos, or altering his positioning, going inside and outside of full-backs.

He is a little different from the guy occupying the spot below him. Son likes to take on defenders on the move, not pausing to watch his marker’s posture before deleting him from contention.

As at the time of filing in this article Tottenham Hotspurs are on the verge of qualification for the Final of the European Champions League. Much of this feat is attributable to Heung Min Son’s brilliant play.

  • 7. Jadon Sancho

Jadon Sancho has been an absolute revelation this season, taking the world completely by surprise! Maybe he is even the best young footballer in the world right now, and with proper mentoring, he could turn out to be one of the all-time greats.

The 19-year-old is a natural right winger and he has a very big bag of tricks. He has very good dribbling skills and his technical abilities make him a match-winner. The Englishman makes football look easy and he is a joy to watch. He has an amazing work rate and will keep on running until the final whistle. Will he stay on at Borussia Dortmund? Time will tell.

  • 8. Juan Cuadrado

Juan Cuadrado has survived at Juventus because he is versatile and has adapted to a change in playing style and position, especially with Christiano Ronaldo with whom he now alternates play at that right-wing of attack. No doubt, the Colombian has shown a lot of promise and dedication to the clubs management, and that is why he remains a regular feature for the club that is gunning for European glory. But Juan Cuadrado has a lot of proven qualities which the writing team on this site has seen. Some of those qualities include the ball holding ability, strong passing, a general will to move forward with the ball, dribbling, and an eye for that final pass. Juan Cuadrado is a boost to the attacking stance of any team, particularly because he can play in several attacking positions, and even defensively. Juan Cuadrado loves to hold the ball, and sometimes he does step-overs even in an open space with nobody marking him, but the crowd has to be entertained so we must not overlook his overall contributions to the Juventus team.

  • 9. Lorenzo Insigne

Very important to mention that Napoli has secured the second position in the Italian Serie A, just behind Juventus who have also been announced, winner. Lorenzo Insigne is among the best wingers in the world and has been absolutely pivotal in a club near success.

Playing as a left-winger, Lorenzo Insigne drives his team forward. He is good with the ball at his feet and can turn defenders right and left as he progresses forward to their goal. His low center of gravity gives him mercurial body balance, and the ability to wriggle his way into opponents danger areas like a rabbit at full gallop.

Lorenzo Insigne is the captain of Napoli and has been playing in their first team for a couple of years. The 27-year-old has continued from where he stopped last season and has blended well to new coach Carlo Ancelotti’s system. Below are his statistics for this season.

  • 10. Dries Mertens

Sarri ball, Ancelotti ball, any ball! Dries Mertens, Napoli’s number 14 shirted Belgian talisman comes in next. He has continued to prove himself one of the hottest assets in Napoli, with his consistent performances on the right side of attack. This may be the Belgian’s year to get some recognition because he has been banging in goals and racking up some assists as well. Dries Mertens is a selfless player, and with some better quality finishing from teammates should rank higher up in the assist table. Anyway, quality is quality whether it is found at real Madrid or Napoli. Dries Mertens is a quality player and a right-winger of class!

Also, let us mention some wonderful wingers out there who for one reason or the other did not make the list.

  • Eden Hazard – Real Madrid
  • Leroy Sane – Manchester City
  • Wilfred Zaha – Crystal Palace
  • Felipe Anderson – West Ham
  • Memphis Depay – Lyon
  • Nicolas Pepe – LOSC Lille

Note; Wingers are so important on the field as they are like the penultimate players in goal scoring. However, they can also score the goal on their own. It is even surprising that most of the highest goal scorers in the world of football now are wingers. They usually run from the defensive line to the attacking line taking into note the touchlines.

That’s all about The Top 10 Best Wingers in the World Right Now


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