Top 10 Best Attacking Midfielders In The World 2020

The Best Attacking Midfielders In The World 2020 Right Now. As oxygen is important to the lungs so is the midfielder especially the attacking midfielder is important for a team to be successful on a pitch in any football match. The attacking midfielder usually goes fronts and backward on the pitch.

The main role of the attacking midfielders is to attack the opponents for the ball, thus preventing goals just like the defensive midfielder. Well, the aim of all players on the field is to prevent goal(s) by the opponent. To be in this position, a certain group of skills has to be present. These skills include accurate passing abilities, a good vision, long shot range, and importantly, strong dribbling skills. They are the ones that lobby the ball through the opponent and distribute the pass to strikers or to the wingers. They usually wear the number ten on their shirt; hence the position can also be called position ten.

Here, we present our list of some of the best-attacking midfielders currently in 2020. As usual, the brief list comes first, followed by a more detailed breakdown.

Top 10 Best Attacking Midfielders In The World 2020 Right Now 

  •  Christian Ericksen – Inter Milan – Denmark

This season there is no better performer, no more dependable asset, no more consistent personality in the attacking midfield position than Christian Ericksen. His style of play is direct; he gets the ball, looks up, and drives forward. He is an expert at finding pockets of space to play in his teammates, and some say he would have excelled playing in Spain. If you rush at him, he has the skill to beat you to a pulp and proceed with the attack, with his direct attacking play, Christian Ericksen is one of the most important midfielders in the game.

Christian Ericksen packs a powerful shot in his right foot and can cause all kinds of trouble when he unleashes it. As at the time of writing this post he has made an amazing run of 40 appearances, in which he has featured for about 1613 minutes, scoring 11 goals and making 3 assists in the process. His performances for club and country this term have been outright top-class, and it is no surprise that he has been pulled into the Inter-Milan team that is rebuilding, gaining strength in order to reclaim their place in the league of the highest echelon of the game. Christian Ericksen is so good that he could be a star man in even the biggest football club in the world. Inter Milan have made a very wise choice by investing in him. 

  •  Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City – Belgium

Kevin De Bruyne has been at the heart of Manchester City’s recent explosion into contention for Europe’s most coveted club Prize. He is creative, powerful, skillful, and dynamic. The midfield dynamo can pass, shoot, dribble, tackle and cross – and all with either foot.

The Belgian contributes in every phase of the game; he is not shy to throw in a tackle, put his body in the way of opposing attackers, or track all the way back to help his defensive line. Belgian is rugged and has a good work-rate. He was the star man in Manchester City’s record-breaking title triumph last term, and showed his class again in the World Cup, propelling Belgium to a third-place finish.

So much has been said about Kevin de Bruyne that it seems like we would only be repeating ourselves all over again. 

  •  Paulo Dybala – Juventus – Argentina

Paulo Dybala of Juventus and Argentina comes in next on our list. Whether you are a fan or not you just have to love his direct approach to the game, and the fact that he only goes one direction; forward. His dribbling ability, passing, and eye for goal make him one of those guys that have what it takes to one day be the best in the world- maybe after the reign of Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Paulo Dybala can single-handedly change the outlook of a game. They say it is luck but he has done so too many times for that to be true. This term he has made 39 appearances, and racked up 1557 minutes, scoring 13 goals and making 5 assists in the process.

  •  Hakim Ziyech – Ajax Amsterdam – Morocco

Hakeem Ziyech, superstar midfielder for Ajax Amsterdam and the Moroccan national team comes in next on our list. With the pool of talent currently available at Ajax Amsterdam right now you don’t get to wear the number 10 jersey unless you are good. He is a star on the rise, making a resounding name for himself with his magical control of the ball, exceptional dribbling skills, shooting ability, and accurate passing; he has all it takes to contend for the best-attacking midfielders in the world, provided he can make a wise career move in the near future. 

Hakim Ziyech, with his ability, narrowly missed out on a Champions League final place, but will likely find solace in winning the Dutch Eredivisie.

He is a hot article in the transfer market with arsenal, along with a host of other clubs reported to be jostling for his services.

  • Bernardo Silva – Manchester City – Portugal

Bernardo Silva of Manchester City and Portugal has come a long way from just being mentioned when we talk about capable attacking midfielders. He still loves to hold the ball at his feet, and some say he makes too many touches of the ball, but nobody can deny the fact that he has the attacking zeal, the dribbling skills, the passing ability the creativity, the never say die attitude, and the good looks to be a world-class superstar. So far this season he has made 47 appearances for his club and country, in which he has racked up 2044 minutes, scoring 11 goals and making 7 assists in the process. 

  •  David Silva – Manchester City – Spain

The 34-year old Spanish is a professional attacking midfielder who plays both for his Country’s National Team and the English Club Manchester City. Apart from the offensive midfielder role, he can also do well as a winger. Silva is known for his excellent dribbling skills, good first touch, high technical abilities coupled along with well-developed intelligent attacking movements.

If we were making a list of the most effective dribbler in the game right now, we would probably name David Silver. Not only does he have the ability to find space in tightly crowded areas in the opponent’s half, but he demonstrates this ability with amazing consistency, week in, week out. He has been a regular starter for Manchester City since his arrival eight years ago for a number of reasons: skills, passing ability, finishing, and versatility; David Silva is capable of playing on the right, as a No.10 or in the slightly deeper midfield role.

David silver with his trademark turns on the ball, plays in his teammates in regular play, as well as on the counter-attack. He inspires such confidence in the team and has become a fan favorite, much adored at the club.

  •  Santiago Cazorla – Villareal – Spain

Many other people thought Santiago Carzola was finished when he got that horrible injury a couple of seasons ago while playing for Arsenal in England. But lo and behold! Santiago Carzola is back in contention with a string of match-winning performances in all competitions this season. He still has that control, vision, and passing that made him famous a couple of seasons ago. He drives into the opponent’s box and causes confusion everywhere. The statistics speak volumes:  he has 10 goals, 4 assists, and a playing time of 1413 minutes, which he has racked up for club and country.

So far this season he has made 24 appearances. He wears the captain’s armband for Villareal these days- an obvious reference to his vast pool of experience and quality. He is a rallying figure for the players in the yellow shirt and boosts his teammate’s confidence with his presence. Santiago Carzola directs the flow of the play and is the embodiment of authority on the field. He is 35 years old, and so we may not see him on this list next year. In any case, all hail Santiago Carzola.

  • Luka Modric – Real Madrid – Croatia

Luka Modric of Real Madrid and Croatia comes in next on our list. A few seasons ago he was the best player in the world and the best passer of the ball. He suffered earlier this season he struggled with the rest of the Real Madrid team, but now looks like the team has found its balance, and Luka Modric can fly once again. We just hope that coach Zinedine Zidane does not lose faith in the number ten shirted veteran who has put his very blood on the line to bring glory to real Madrid. He is a very influential figure in the team, and his teammates look to him for creativity and get a confidence boost with his presence on the field.   

Modric is a very fast and creative playmaker that helps in disseminating pass to both the wingers and the forwards. When it comes to dribbling, He is very good at it. He has participated in different tournaments including Euro 2008, 2012, World Cup 2006, etc. and has won awards of various types. In 674 appearances, he had scored a total of 86 goals both at the Club and International Level.

Let his accomplishments speak for him: 3 consecutive Champions League titles, Silver medalist at the World Cup 2018, Most valuable player at the World Cup Russia 2018, Subsequent Ballon d’Or winner.

The 33-year-old former Tottenham man has really grown into a phenomenon since moving to Real Madrid, with the necessary laurels to show for his talent and effort.

Modric is an influential midfielder who raises the game of those around him. He boasts amazing ball control, superb body movement, a solid work rate on and off the ball, and a distinct forward passing game that tends his find space for his teammates to press the attack. Luka Modric, with his trademark ‘banana pass’ is head and shoulders above any other player in his position. It is safe to say of Luka Modric that a greater passer of the ball does not exist in the game today.

  • Joao Felix – Athletico Madrid – Portugal

Next, we have Athletico Madrid’s new boy Joao Felix rounds up this list. The Portuguese international is touted as the future of Athletico Madrid, and with good reason. They should do a DNA test on this guy; he is too confident to be a 20 year old. His direct attacking style of football has earned him comparisons with the great kaka. He doesn’t have much muscle so he uses his brain a lot, he loves to dribble past his first marker, then he finds space to play in his teammates.

With time it is expected of him to become glory hungry, getting himself more on the score-sheet, and making more assists because it is figures like that, major talking points which take players up the rankings these days. With the talent and work rate that this young guy possesses, he is already making the same list as star players like Kevin de Bruyne and Luka Modric. Just look at his statistics so far. He has played for 1624 minutes in 31 appearances, so far scoring 5 goals, and making 1 assist. With more input from coach Diego Simeone and his coaching staff, we should see even more development in the starlet. As far as Joao Felix is concerned, the future is bright. 

  •  Raheem Sterling – Manchester City – England

Skillful, Quick, Tireless. Raheem Sterling has exploded into limelight under coach Pep Guardiola this season and has become one of the most improved footballers in the world currently. We knew he loved to run and dribble, but what he has added to his game recently is a much-sharpened finishing ability.

Last season was Raheem Sterling’s best season to date, he has banged in 23 goals and made 14 assists for his club this season. If Raheem Sterling continues this way, he will bring himself in contention for many personal accolades.

Finally on The Best Attacking Midfielders In The World Currently

What would football be?  Without the magic of players in the middle of the field who duel for dominance for the benefit of their teams.  They trade skills, exchange tackles, and give us fans something to talk about. Attacking midfielders need dribbling skills, near-perfect passing ability, and mobility.

That’s all about the Top 10 Best Attacking Midfielders In The World 2020 Right Now.


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