The best left-backs in the world are highly sought-after footballers. Every football club in the world wants a top left-back because it is quite difficult to find players of such quality playing in that particular position.

They may not receive as much glory as of the strikers and midfielders in their respective teams, but quality left-back may be the difference between winning a major trophy; and going empty-handed, despite nearly winning a treble.

There are basically two types of left-backs; the ones that man their positions on the left-back, and those that love to press forward. The latter has been called the modern left-backs, or “left-backs of the modern game.”

Top 10 Best Left Backs In The World

1. Andrew Robertson

Team: Liverpool

Nationality: Scottish

Andrew Robertson is the left-back of left-backs. For consistency, presence on the field, work rate, and having the unquestioned respect of his teammates, nobody in the football world stands above Andrew Robertson of Liverpool and Scotland at the moment. He is so good that Jose Mourinho once said he got tired “just by looking at Robertson.”

Andrew Robertson is one of the reasons why Liverpool has been so great lately; he covers the back excellently well, and he adds potency to the attack by driving forward with the ball. He creates chances with his long passing ability; he can pick out a teammate a couple of yards away.

Most importantly he is passionate about the club. Andrew Robertson puts in 100% every time; You can see the disappointment in him whenever he loses a game.

2. Jordi Alba

Team: Barcelona

Nationality: Spanish

Jordi Alba was once the gold standard for Left Backs. However, he has fallen slightly from his throne atop the list of the best in his trade. Nevertheless, he still has the qualities that we love so much. At the back; he is incredibly difficult to beat. He has the ability to mark an opponent, and he has the ability to intercept passes.

Going forward; Jordi Alba has pace, vision, passing ability, and passing range. He is adept at the tiki-taka style of football that uses quick short passes. When it comes to one on one situations, you can bet your money that Jordi Alba is going to emerge with the ball. He is still very much the Jordi Alba of old, the problem with his rating has been the general decline at the club.

Now that Xavi has brought stability to Barcelona, the whole world is starting to remember just how great a player Jordi Alba is.

3.  Joao Cancelo

Team: Man City

Nationality: Portuguese

Joao Cancelo is a big player at Manchester City; he deserves to be named one of the best left-backs in the world because of his immense contributions to the club. He is difficult to beat; he has very good positioning, very good marking, he intercepts the ball really well, and he is not afraid to put his body on the line when blocking shots.

The wonderful thing about Joao Cancelo is the fact that he gives so much on the attacking side. Joao Cancelo does not just run up and down the touchline like an Olympic sprinter; he holds the ball, dribbles opponents, and makes clean passes.

Even when the team loses possession, he tracks back so quickly that opponents are unable to exploit his absence at the back.

And he is just as quick to turn a defensive string into an attacking moment as he launches forward with full speed and intensity. He has a few assists and goal involvements. Its only a matter of time before he gets the respect he deserves.

4. Ferland Mendy

Team: Real Madrid

Nationality: French

Having proven himself at the highest stage in club football, Ferland Mendy has risen to the highest mention in the business; he is one of the best left-backs in the world. Mendy is blessed with strength and agility.

He is very difficult to get past; he blocks off the path and stops attackers in their tracks. He has the ability to mark and to stay on his man.

He is very obedient; he listens to his coach (one of the best in the world) and does exactly as he is told. Ferland Mendy has very good link-up play; his passing accuracy is very good.

He is very calm under pressure and communicates very well with his teammates. All in all, Carlo Ancelotti has chosen Mendy to replace Marcelo in that position, and he has not been wrong so far.

5. Alphonso Davies

Team: Bayern Munich

Nationality: Canadian/Liberian

Alphonso Davies has not played every game for Bayern Munich recently due to injury problems. However, he has done enough to show that he is one of the world’s best players in that position. He is very stubborn and confident.

Alphonso Davies is very difficult to beat; he has the ability to stay on his opponent; forcing him to make an error. He is also good at ball interceptions, as well as marking his opponents.

The attributes are very good, but what makes Alphonso Davies even more interesting is what he can do going forward. He is lightening quick; he broke the Bundesliga’s sprint record in 2020; he ran 36.51 km/h in a Bundesliga game.

That speed adds potency to the Bayern Munich game; the team likes to break forward with speed, the string passes together, and score goals.

Alphonso Davies is a complete player; he has a few assists to his name so far, and he has proven his commitment with a few yellow cards as well. He has played at the highest level- he is very experienced despite his young age.

6. Theo Hernandez

Team: AC Milan

Nationality: French/Spanish

Theo Hernandez is one of the best left-backs in Serie A. He has been one of the pillars holding up this AC Milan side, and winning the Serie A title has put him in the spotlight. He has played almost every game for the team recently; the league, the Champions League, and every other competition.

He has not featured in the games; he has given everything. He is very difficult to beat, and he very quick when dashing forward. He is like an understudy of Jordi Alba; he is quick, very good at dribbling, and has a very good passing ability.

He recently scored 5 goals and created another 6. To prove how committed he is to his team, he has racked up 6 yellow cards and 2 reds.

7. Marcos Alonso

Team: Chelsea

Nationality: Spanish

Marcos Alonso has come back into contention quite recently; he has helped Chelsea to assert their power in the English League once again, and he has been an integral part of the team. Marcos Alonso is very good at making interceptions; he is also very good at nicking the ball off the opponent’s feet.

His biggest contributions to the Chelsea game are actually on the attacking side. He has pace; this gives him the confidence to drive forward and take on opponents.

He is quite skillful; he beats opponents on his way toward goal. Alonso also has very good crossing and the ability to shoot accurately. He has contributed more goals and assists than perhaps any other left-back in the world.

8. Sergio Reguilon

Team: Tottenham

Nationality: Spanish

Sergio Reguilon has proven himself as a quality left-back and player overall. He has consistently featured under several coaches; showing that he has the quality, despite a poor team. Nevertheless, he has been part of a rejuvenated Tottenham side; one that has consistently been one of the top clubs in England.

Sergio Reguilon has defensive abilities; he stubbornly hangs on to the attacker he is marking, and he is not afraid to slide in with a tackle, as can be confirmed by his 4 yellow cards.

However, anyone who knows Antonio Conto’s style of play can tell that you need brilliant wingbacks to play his style of football. With 2 goals and 3 assists, and many other crosses leading to goal, Sergio Reguilon has all it takes to fit that bill.

9. Kieran Tierney

Team: Arsenal

Nationality: British/Scottish

Arsenal has not been the most consistent club in the world, which is why many people may tend to overlook players from the club. Nevertheless, Kieran Tierney has been a top performer for the club.

Arsenal is in the process of rebuilding, and you need to start at the back; he has been solid in defense; very difficult to beat. Going forward, he is very quick, and good at passing, and he has a few goals and assists to his name.

10. Raphael Guerreiro

Team: Borussia Dortmund

Nationality: French/Portuguese

Raphael Guerreiro is a left-back; but his finishing suggests that he can play as a forward or even a striker. He has been a joy to watch for Dortmund in the Bundesliga; he is quick, very good at incepting the ball, and can produce the tackles when it matters most.

Raphael Guerreiro is a top defender, but on the attack, he is even more deadly. He has produced a few assists and even scored more.



The best left-backs in the world do more than just defend; they must also instill confidence in their teammates, and help the team win games. Running forward with the ball is appreciated, but it is not the criteria. A solid left-back should have the passing and crossing ability to turn defensive situations into attacking ones.