Top 10 Best Left Backs In The World Right Now 2020

Top 10 Best Left Backs In The World Currently – Left-backs are usually acclaimed for the technical proficiency they show in threatening opponents and teaming up with their teams’ attacking forces. Besides their primary role as a defender, a left-back pair up with attackers especially by delivering important crosses to them. So who is the best left back in the world right now?

Left Backs have sometimes been some of the most exciting players in the game of football; Roberto Carlos will never be forgotten. Even though we no longer have the bald-headed Brazilian to thrill us with his pace, power, and shooting, we have a lot of exciting players.

Based on NaijaQuest ranking on FIFA’s players, the world’s best left-backs are found in Europe’s top 5 leagues including EPL, La Liga, Serie A, German Bundesliga and Ligue 1. In this article, we highlight the Top 10 Best Left-Backs in the World Currently.

Top 10 Best Left Backs in the World 2020 

Andrew Robertson
  • 1. Andrew Robertson -Liverpool- Scotland

No games, no dazzle, no-nonsense, Andrew Robertson means business. Andrew Robertson has taken the Premier League by storm since getting regular football at Liverpool. The left-back was key to the Reds’ fantastic form in recent times, as they reached the Champions League for the second time in a row, and are within touching distance of the English Premier League.

Scotland’s captain aged just 25, boasts a high work rate, very good crossing from the flanks, ability to get forward, good passing, strength, the ability to stay on his man, and a good sense of awareness.

Andrew Robertson has the potential to be the very best in his position and has been a great asset to coach Jurgen Klopp, and the Kop.

  • 2. Alex Sandro -Juventus-Brazil

Alex Sandro

Alex Sandro is one of the key figures in Juventus’ strong defensive line. Though he often came off the bench during the latter part of 2017, Alex Sandro proved to be an important player. Prior to that moment, his performances had clarified that he is one of the best left-backs in the world. Sandro’s quickness and technical proficiency constitute the factors that make him a perfect player that should adapt to any defensive line.

In the last summer transfer, Alex Sandro earned interest from Chelsea FC of England and rumours have it that the Brazilian might find his way out of Juventus at the end of the current Serie A campaign. In previous times, Alex Sandro played for Porto but today, his brilliant spell at Juventus is probably what has given him a place amongst the world’s best left-backs. Alex Sandro is an accomplished player. He can boast of winning two league titles with Porto followed by four Scudetto’s with Juventus.

Alex Sandro is a robust and dynamic player that stands out when his team is under pressure, or when his team is putting their opponents under pressure. He is very good with the ball at his feet, he can make runs into opponents deep into opponents halves, and has the ability to dribble past onrushing defenders. He loves to shoot; with 28 shots this season Alex Sandro has been a very busy person.

Jordi Alba
  • 3. Jordi Alba – Barcelona – Spain

Jordi Alba is a bright left-footer and his responsiveness, especially in the attack, has helped Lionel Messi find a suitable left-back to partner with. Barcelona’s style of play is much more offensive and he adapts quickly to this and even falls back early enough whenever there is a need to do so.

Jordi Alba possesses one more distinguishing skill which is undoubtedly his brilliant pace and this makes it easy for the 30-year-old Spaniard to switch swiftly from attack to defense and from defense to attack. Through his presence, Barca strikers always find it easy to use the left flank in scoring goals.

Jordi Alba is also one of the most consistent performers in the left-back position that the football world can boast of. Some of his attributes include a great sense of awareness off the ball, an ambition to get forward and create something, the speed and acceleration to carry it out, the ability to take on one or two markers, good crossing ability, and commendable finishing ability for a player in his position.

Jordi Alba has been a regular feature in the Barcelona team that has won back to back to back La Liga titles.. Without a doubt, he is a veteran, a proven asset to any club- not that he is going anywhere soon.

David Alaba
  • 4. David Alaba – Bayern Munich – Austria

David Alaba is one of the important players in the defense line of Bayern Munich and he adapts quickly to his team’s attacking flair. In 2016, FIFA ranked him as the best left-back in the world but now, it is obvious that the Austrian has dropped to the third position. For the fact that the 27-year-old left-back has been battling injury spells, the reasons for his form decline are clear. Besides his brilliant defensive displays, David Alaba is better admired as a defensive midfielder due to his passing ability and the way he keeps ball possession.

While at Bayern Munich, Pep Guardiola enjoyed Davida Alaba’s passing ability and his calm style of keeping ball possession. In consequence of this, he frequently used the Austrian as a midfielder. However considered a left-back, David Alaba performs brilliantly when used as a defensive midfielder. In FIFA’s ranking of the world’s best players, the Austrian star is currently placed in the 69th position.

Bayern Munich’s man is perhaps the strongest left-back in the world. The 27-year-old is a danger going forward with his delivery into the box, but is even more reliable in defense, and has even been used as a center back in the past. He is a sure bet in any 50 – 50 contest, he has a combination of strength and ability to dispossess any player no matter how skillful, good jumping power to prevent attackers sneaking in behind him with long balls, and he has great confidence on the ball. Furthermore, David Alaba is not one to crack under pressure; he remains calm and co-ordinates his defense- line very well.

  • 5. Alex Grimaldo – Benfica – Spain

Spanish left-back Alex Grimaldo who has the position under lock and key at Portuguese giants Benfica is the left-back with a string of first-class performances. He is very calm under pressure, and sizes up situations quickly and decisively. Going forward he brings in a quick passing one-touch style of football that quickly turns defense into attack, catching the opponents unaware and taking advantage of their pouring forward in search of goals. 

Alex Grimaldo lurks around the opponent’s 18 yard box, and supplying the final ball into the opponent’s danger areas and often getting himself on the assist table. Maybe with a world-class striker on his side Alex Grimaldo can truly take the assist table by storm with his ability to fling in well-timed crosses, and well-weighted through balls. Transfer rumors abound about him teaming up with some of the big clubs in Europe, but it remains to be seen which club Alex Grimaldo will line up for next, especially now that he has caught the eye of the people at the helm of the Spanish national team. Next, we have someone who looks just like Alex Grimaldo but who plays a completely different style of football. 

  • 6. Felipe Luis

Veteran Brazilian defense strongman Felipe Luis earns his spot on with his recent exploits at Flamengo and his gold medal-winning displays with Brazil at the recent Copa America where he featured regularly, standing firm at the back with fellow veteran wing-back and captain Dani Alves. The experienced and well-decorated left-back who has won glory with Chelsea football club as well as Athletico Madrid and also the Confederations Cup with Brazil. He was first-choice left-back for Brazil again as they won the 2019 Copa America on home soil. He also won the Brazilian league (Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A) 2019, Copa Libertadores 2019, and was silver medalist as Flamengo were runners up at the FIFA Club World Cup 2019. As mentioned earlier, Felipe Luis is a slightly different player because he is a purely a defensive player, and minds his business at the back, but does it exceptionally well. 

  • 7. Achraf Hakimi – Borussia Dortmund – Morocco

Achraf Hakimi of Morocco who presently flies the colors of Borussia Dortmund has been popping up on all the lists recently, and Real Madrid should be regretting loaning him out.  Ashraf Hakimi brings pace and brains to the left-back position. He is quick and intelligent, possessing the ability to read an attack and position himself well so as to stop the opponent’s attack. He will stay with his man, continuing to make life difficult for an attacker until he loses possession of the ball.

Going forward Ashraf Hakimi has the pace to turn defense into attack within seconds. He is a fluid passer of the ball, and his positioning is also excellent, helping him receive quick return balls in the high tempo full attack system that they practice at Borussia Dortmund. No doubt his achievements help him get on these lists. For the sake of emphasis let us mention a few of them: DFL-Supercup 2019, CAF youth Player of the Year 2018-2019, CAF Team of the Year 2019, UEFA Champions League Breakthrough XI: 2019, Globe Soccer Awards: Best Young Arab Player of the Year 2019, as well as Bundesliga Rookie of the Month: September 2018, and November 2018. 

  • 8. Ben Chilwell

Benjamin James Chilwell of Leceister City and England is another name on everybody’s lips. Left-backs of his quality are rare and hard to find and are definitely worth more than 55 thousand pounds a week. Ben Chilwell is the complete player; he has everything it takes to play at the very biggest clubs in the world: work rate, speed, acceleration, tackling ability, passing, body balance, recovery, dribbling, positioning, technique, shooting… everything!

Ben Chilwell is an absolutely vital player for Leicester City football club, now and in the future. He is very capable of putting the ball anywhere he wants to, especially out of the reach of goalkeepers and into the net. Ben Chilwell changes gears like a Ferrari and can outrun defenders at will before flinging in accurate crosses that can get his teammates on the score-sheet, and himself onto the assists table. He was part of the England side that came third in the 2018-2019 UEFA Nations League. 

Marcelo – Top 10 Best Left Backs In The World
  • 9. Marcelo – Real Madrid – Brazil

Marcelo might not prove to be the best while maintaining a defensive style of play but no one would doubt the fact that he is the best left-back while teaming up with attackers. In 2017, his impressive performances earned him a lot of acclaims and this overshadowed some people’s claims that the Madrid star often committed defensive errors. Marcelo, who once sits in the 30th position among the world’s best players, is obviously among the best left-back in the world.

Real Madrid won the UEFA Champions as well as the Spanish La Liga in the previous season and it was evident that Marcelo’s presence contributed massively to the team’s success. In that season, the 31-year-old left-back created 10 assists in the Spanish La Liga. Marcelo is acclaimed for his technical proficiency and the ability to move the ball forward especially in helping his team’s attacking force. Nevertheless, Marcelo’s presence has strengthened Zinedine Zidane’s squad both in the Spanish La Liga and the UEFA Champions League.

Marcelo has shown that he still has the ability to be a top player despite everything that is going on at Real Madrid. His balance, dribbling, passing, and shooting continue to be top notch.

To remain in contention, however, he will have to force his way back into the Real Madrid first side as his huge wage bill would probably make it impossible for any other clubs to sign him at age 30.

With Real Madrid currently standing at third on the La Liga standings, Marcelo and Real Madrid are probably in next seasons Champions League- a Competition they recently won 3 times in a row.

  • 10. Benjamin Mendy – Manchester City

Benjamin Mendy is a skillful left-back who runs powerfully and crosses the ball into the box while operating from the flank. In reality, he is a technical defender who enjoys an attacking style of play and this flair is the obvious reason why he would naturally fit well into a team that dwells on attacking football.

Mendy’s brilliant efforts which included 8 assists contributed immensely to Monaco’s Ligue 1 triumph of 2016/17. Following his remarkable spell at Monaco, Mendy became part of Man City’s summer signings.  Although Mendy is not present at the moment, the Frenchman’s exceptional Monaco spell has kept him among the world’s best left-backs.

That’s all about Top 10 Best Left Backs in the World 2020.


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