Top 10 Richest Kids In Africa 2021

On the richest kids in Africa. It is not surprising that some kids in this era have defied the norm of growing old before becoming wealthy. Gone are the days when kids or children roam around the street playing with sand or toys and moving about aimlessly or are or were a nuisance to society. Presently the trend has taken a new tide as there are kids of affluence and influence, wonderful kids that are gracing the face of Africa. These are the ones I refer to as the richest kids in Africa whose talent has brought them to the limelight or through the riches of their parents. Therefore, in this article, I listed the richest kids in Africa whose wealth and fame have been the discussion on the lips of many in the continent. Below is the list of Africa’s wealthiest kids in Africa arranged in no particular order.


1. Rajiv Ruparelia

Country: Uganda, Job: Director at Rupareila Group

Rajiv Rupareilais are born to the richest man in UgandaSudhirRupareila. He is a young man who obtained a degree in banking and finance from Regents University London. Growing up and at a young age, his father exposed him to the business line by many years ago employing him first as a porter, then made him a construction worker, soon after that a bank teller, before moving him up the chain and giving him managerial positions in the group. Presently Rajiv is the man in charge of the Ruparelia Group (a Ugandan conglomerate founded by his father), comprising of hotels, banking, agriculture, and education. Some of his main jobs in the group include heads strategy and help negotiate large-ticket deals on his father’s behalf internationally.

2. Jide Adenuga

Country: Nigeria, Job: Entrepreneur

Jide Adenuga is the son of the second richest man in Nigeria Mike Adenuga who owns a business empire running in billions. Jide formerly heads and directs one of his father’s Oil distribution enterprises “Conoil Ltd. Having gathered the needed experience and knowledge, he parted ways and establishing his own business in Alcohol sales. He is the founder of 3 Inclusive Ltd, a  company that is involved in the importation and sales of champagne Montaudon in Nigeria and he is doing well for himself.

3. Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola

Country: Nigeria, Job: Disc Jockey

Next on our list is another Nigerian, the daughter of one of Nigeria’s richest and influential men Femi Otedola. One would have anticipated that this young lady would have patterned after her father in the business world but, Florence choose her path and she is one of Nigeria’s most recognized and sought-after Disc Jockey going by the stage name “DJ Cuppy”. She is not only known within the country but across Africa as she has toured some of the African countries to perform on the turntable. She is the CEO of Red Velvet Music Group; she has performed in big shows including the inauguration ceremony of President Muhammadu Buhari.

4. Jonathan Oppenheimer

Country: South Africa, Job: Director at E. Oppenheimer & Sons

The number on our list is Jonathan Oppenheimer who is the son of Nicky Oppenheimer, the richest man in South Africa. Jonathan held a senior position in the managerial staff at one of the family’s company De Beers; an organization that is involved in diamond mining up until 2012 when the company was sold to Anglo American. Presently, he is the Managing Director of the company E. Oppenheimer & Sons, an investment company in South Africa that oversees the Oppenheimer family’s investments across the world.

5. Vimal and Tarun Shah

Country: Kenya, Job: Executive Managers at Bidco Oil

Vimal and Tarun are known as businessmen, entrepreneurs, an industrialists in Kenya and are sons of Bhimji Depar Shah one of the richest men in Kenya. They both hold an executive position in their father’s company Bidco Oil an oil company whose products are manufactured, sold, and distributed in 14 countries across Africa. The company is one of Kenya’s largest manufacturing enterprises covering 49% of the edible oils market in the country. Since taking over the company from their father, the company generates over $300 million in revenues annually.

6. Mohamed Elalamy

Country: Morocco, Job: General Manager, Saham Finances

Mohamed Elalamy is the first and eldest son of Moulay Hafid Elalamy’s a businessman, politician in Morocco. Mohamed obtained a degree in trade and business. Not much is known about Mohammed but one thing we sure know is that he is has taken to his father’s step in the business world becoming the General Manager of the Saham Group, a business conglomerate created by his father. The group operates subsidiaries which include medical clinics,  insurance companies, and call centers.

7. Ahmed Indimi

Country: Nigeria, Job: Head of Crude Marketing Department at Oriental Energy Resources

Seventh on our list is another Nigerian on the list in the person of Ahmed Indimi who was born into affluence and has grown up grooming himself to be useful using his skill to foster his father’s company. This he achieved having obtained an MBA degree in the field of Internet security at the American InterContinental University. He is the son of the founder of Oriental Energy Resources Mohammed Indimi. He currently serves as the director of the marketing department. The company is said to be one of the largest oil companies in Nigeria.

9. Sameer Merali

Country: Kenya, Job: Director Sameer Group

Sameer’s father’s affection for his only one has caused him to name his business empire after him. Sameer is the only son of Naushad Merali, the third richest man in Kenya. Sameer obtained a BSc in Management Sciences as well as an M.Sc. in Banking and International Finance. Presently the young fellow is currently a member of the board of directors of a tire manufacturing company, a subsidiary of Sameer Africa having served previously as an Executive Director of the company at great length.

10. Abubakar Bakhresa

Country: Tanzania, Job: Executive Director, Bakhresa Group

As we draw gradually to the last two on the list of the Top Ten Richest Kids in Nigeria, next on our list is AbubakarBakhresa, son of the third richest businessman in Tanzania, Said Salim Bakhresa. Abubakar often referred to as Bakhresa junior (jr.) is a graduate of Georgetown University in Washington DC, the USA where he obtained a degree in Business Administration majoring in finance. Abubakar is currently the Director of the wheat procurement and milling businesses (in Malawi and Mozambique) of the Bakhresa Group and he has been excellent in this field due to his qualification and early exposure to the business.

11. Theo Danjuma

Country: Nigeria, Job: Artist and art collector

Last on our list is the Theo Danjumason of Theophilus Danjuma, a retired Nigerian general and oilman. He like others mentioned atop the list did not follow in his father’s stead but choose his own path in the art field. Theo is an art collector who recently launched his art gallery named “Danjuma Collection”. There are a lot (over 400) of rare artifacts and artworks handcrafted and designed by artists around the world, some of his collection include Glenn Ligon, 2013 Turner Prize nominee Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, Klara Linden, Cyprien Gaillard, and Sarah Lucas. Related:

Conclusion On Top 10 Richest Kids in Africa

Those are Africa’s richest kids presently who truly have changed the perspective of many towards children born in wealthy homes. Their legacy has proven that everyone has his path in life and are making a giant stride in their respective field. More so, those who took over their parent business empire has indeed multiplied the organization’s wealth and not wreck it like some will. I believe these rich tycoons were wise to have exposed their children to such lives at a very early and tender age; it is truly paying off for them. Most of the kids on this list are rich because of the wealth of their parent and as such has been given a position in their parent’s organization or have an investment in their name. it is an age-long adage that children of the rich are born with a silver spoon and as such, they tend to be spoilt but some of these kids have to defy such ideology by using their talent and skill to contribute to their family’s wealth.