Top 10 Best Right Backs in the World Currently in 2020 – Based on FIFA’s rankings, the world’s top 10 best right-backs ply their football careers in top European clubs. Meanwhile, these players are acclaimed for strength, defensive capabilities, and the ability to link up with strikers and other forwards by delivering sumptuous crosses into the box. As provided below, this article clearly focuses on the Top 10 Best Right Backs in the World Right Now.

As always we are looking at consistency, not a display of talent in a handful of games, followed by dismal showings. Consistently good performance should naturally result in laurels, and this is also a factor we put into consideration while compiling this list.

Top 10 Best Right Backs in the World 2020 

  • 1. Trent Alexander Arnold – Liverpool

Nationality – British

This has been a season of maturity and also a season of exploits for Liverpool overlapping defender Trent Alexander Arnold. High on his list of contributions to the team in the last is that clever assist from a corner, for the winning goal, In the Champions League, in a Semi-Final clash against Barcelona! That moment of genius will not be forgotten in a hurry. But what attributes does Trent Alexander Arnold have?

Strength, speed, positioning, interception, tackling, mentality- he has it all. Trent Alexander Arnold combines these stated qualities to ensure that nobody shoves him aside, and strolls into the area he commands, with the intention to murder the goal.
On the overlap, he uses his speed to get the better of his opponents, shakes them with his body movement, and surprises them with his visionary passing.

He has become something of a wonder-kid this season, and will no doubt get better as he adds experience to his game.

  • 2. Kyle Walker – Manchester City

Nationality – British/English

Through the deal which confirmed his move to Man City from Tottenham in the last summer, Kyle Walker became the most expensive right-back. This generated a lot of discussions and expectations. Interestingly, Pep Guardiola –as well as many Man City fans –would have to realize that he needed Kyle Walker to strengthen his team’s defensive line.

Kyle Walker, whose Tottenham spell was marked by brilliant performances, has duly adapted to Man City’s vibrant attacking style. As a vigorous right-black, Kyle Walker handles the ball powerfully and utilizes his speed in beating opponents and eventually delivering crosses into the box. With Man City’s persistent and beautiful style of keeping ball possession, Kyle Walker has every reason to partner with his teammates in knocking down stubborn defenses. Meanwhile, this is obviously the style of play Pep Guardiola has always fancied right from his days in Barcelona.


Tough, gritty, powerful, fast- those words describe Kyle Walker quite aptly. This brutish overlapping defender portrays the character of a charging bull, quite happy to bulldoze the ball and the attacker away from his goal.

On the overlap, Kyle Walker plays with determination above all else. He is probably the most aggressive player in the Manchester City line up, and it is for this aggressive play alone that he is rated above the player in the spot below.

His passes are good, and he is confident to stay on in an offensive position even after the ball is lost, as he can run into a central area to challenge for the ball. This has been essential to Manchester City because of their high pressing style of play requires that they dominate possession, and when they lose the ball they must regain it quickly. As Kyle Walker is set to mark another year of success at Manchester City, he deserves his spot on this list.

  • 3. Cezar Azpilicueta – Chelsea

Nationality – Spanish

A consistent performer, despite the sometimes dreadful atmosphere at Chelsea, Cezar Azpilicueta has proven without a doubt that he belongs in the higher echelon of the game. He is full of energy and running, and has a knack for timing his tackles with perfection. His other attributes include strength, composure, determination, and an interception.

Going forward, Cesar Azpilicueta makes himself available to receive passes with his trademark runs on the right flank. On the ball, he has a determined calmness about him, and the ability to distribute the ball with accurate passes that are sure to keep any defense on the back foot.

Cezar Azpilicueta has played every game for Chelsea this season, and because of the fact that he has been a pillar carrying this Chelsea team on his shoulders, the Chelsea Captain comes first on our list.

  • 4. Dani Carvajal – Real Madrid 

Nationality – Spanish

Consistency, speed, and strong attacking flair are just some of the qualities which distinguish Dani Carvajal as the best right-back in La Liga at the moment. Players like Danilo (who is now at Man City) and Alvaro Arbeloa competed with Dani Carvajal for the position of right-back but neither of them could outclass the 27-years-old. 

Real Madrid’s philosophy is based on a vibrant attacking style and Carvajal has adapted to this in every capacity by possessing speed, consistency, and an accurate passing ability. Considering his age, Dani Carvajal has the chance to further prove himself by remaining on this list in the coming years.

Despite all that has been happening at Real Madrid, Dani Carvajal has put up a good showing, a remains a top player in his position. He has the passing ability that characterizes a good midfielder but somehow finds himself playing as a defender.

Let us see if Dani Carvajal and Real Madrid can regain the shine for which they are well known.

  • 5. Thomas Meunier – PSG

Nationality – Belgian

Next on our list is Thomas Meunier of Paris Saint Germain. The Belgian international is certainly one of the more dependable defensive players in the world who goes about his job without much noise. He has a determined look about him as he does his business, and is keen to establish himself as one of the very best in the world. Thomas Meunier is a part of the Belgian national team and helped them to third place in the last FIFA world cup. He has also reaped good fruits for his hard work in his club’s shirt, he has won the Coupe de France as well as the Ligue 1 title two times with PSG. There is no doubt that this man has the potential to rise to the very peak of ratings for players in his position. As he continues to give his best, and win more laurels, the world will eventually wake up to his talent. 

  • 6. Danilo – Juventus

Nationality – Brazilian

Next on our list, and deservedly so, is the Brazilian left-back who plays for Italian giants Juventus. Often overlooked during his time at Real Madrid, Danilo did not get enough time to show the world what he is truly capable of. However, he still managed to get 2 champions league titles to his name. He is an integral part of this resurgent Juventus side that is seeking to Sarriball their way to success in the champions league.

Danilo is experienced, having won the Copa Libertadores in 2011 with Santos in his native Brazil. He also has two Primeira Liga titles which he won with Porto. He joined Manchester City in 2015, and with them, he claimed 2 premier league titles, as well as 2 EFL cups. He is a big part of the Brazilian national team; he has won the FIFA u-20 world cup and has a silver medal which he won at the 2012 summer Olympics. 

  • 7. Achraf Hakimi – Borussia Dortmund

Nationality – Moroccan/Spanish

Next on our list is the hardworking and determined Moroccan national Achraf Hakimi who plays for Borussia Dortmund where he is on loan from Real Madrid. Achraf Hakimi is a solid player by any standards, solid marking ability, clean tackling, and he loves to join the attack. Borussia Dortmund pride themselves in an attacking type of football that utilizes quick ball distribution to bedazzle and overawe opponents. In order to play in this system, you need to have a very good passing ability, something that Ashraf Hakimi possesses. In 2018 he was named caf youth player of the year, and in 2019 he helped Borussia Dortmund win the DFL Supercup. Before that, he helped Real Madrid win the FIFA club world cup, and also a UEFA Champions League title. 

  • 8. Dani Alves – Paris Saint Germain

Nationality – Brazilian/Spanish

Many football fans understand that Dani Alves is one of the dogged right-backs attackers struggle to defeat. Dani Alves, who boasts of strength, speed, skill, and passing accuracy, is undoubtedly one of the best right-backs in the world. His spell at Barcelona marked the prime of the interesting career which has earned him many trophies including the UEFA Champions League and the Spanish La Liga amongst others. After his Barcelona spell, Dani Alves joined Juventus but despite the trophies he won with the Old Ladies, the 34-year-old Brazilian star claimed his move to Juventus didn’t materialize the way he had planned it.

In the previous summer transfer, Dani Alves completed a deal that saw him leave Juventus for PSG. Though the Brazilian earned interest from Man City, he decided to favour a move to the French league at the expense of the EPL side. Considered one of the best right-backs in the world, Dani Alves packs great strength and passing skills in pairing up with PSG’s star forwards like Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, and Edinson Cavani. Year after year, Dani Alves features in the UEFA Champions League and this is evidently one of the things which add prestige to his football career.

The former Barcelona man continues to shine even in France. Calm, skillful, quick, and a good passer of the ball, Dani Alves has much to offer going forward. That does not mean that he will easily get caught out of his primary position, however; he is quick to track back in order to avert disaster. Dani Alves shows his experience by staying calm under pressure, and he prefers to stay on his feet rather than throw in a tackle to keep attackers at bay.

He has a chance to try again for Glory in the Champions League as PSG maintain their lead in Ligue 1.

  • 9. Jesus Navas – Sevilla

Nationality: Spanish

Jesus Navas, who plays for Sevilla in the Spanish La Liga is not a natural right back. In his younger days, he used to play as a midfielder. Stars shine wherever they are, and so it is no surprise that Jesus Navas has brought his quality with him to his new position. He continues to impact quality and confidence to this Sevilla side that is aiming to make a real impact in the Champions League anytime soon.

Jesus Navas has not forgotten his immaculate passing ability and vision that made one of the most sorts after midfielders at one time. From his position as a right-back, he continues to supply intricate passes to help his team win. He has a world cup medal in his cabinet, as well as the 2013 European championship. In 2019 he found his way into the UEFA La Liga team of the season. Let us not forget his FIFA confederations cup gold medal which he won in South Africa in 2013.  

  • 10. Joshua Kimmich – Bayern Munich

Nationality – German

As expected, Bayern Munich has bullied their way into the premier position in the German Bundesliga, but that does not mean that life has been rosy at the Allianz Arena. A number of players have passed their prime, and so that seems to pile added pressure to the others- and how has Joshua Kimmich reacted to this pressure? Very well.

Joshua Kimmich is a wonderful player and his presence has proven that there could be a remarkable and long-term replacement for Philipp Lahm who has retired from football at the international and club levels. Admittedly, Kimmich’s incredible displays on the right wing-back have strengthened Bayern Munich’s defense line. Though Bayern Munich’s style of the play focuses more on the attack, Joshua Kimmich performs brilliantly in tackling opponents and in supporting his team’s forwards.

Though a young footballer, Kimmich has adapted brilliantly to Bayern Munich’s defense which comprises the likes of Jerome Boateng, and David Alaba.

Joshua Kimmich along with players like David Alaba is the future of this Bayern Munich side, as they continue to cement their understanding, and complement each other in their defensive duties.

Kimmich is versatile, strong, and has a good passing ability. He is good at holding the ball in attacking areas too, which helps his teammates advance into attacking positions. When the ball is lost, he is quick to trackback.
Joshua Kimmich is a disciplined player, and individual mistakes are rare.

That’s all about The Top 10 Best Right Backs in the World 2020


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  1. 1. Ramos 2. Van dijk 3. Chiellini 4. Godin 5. Koulibaly 6. Varane 7. Toby 8. Hummels 9. Bonnucci 10. Lovren

    1. Ramos 2. Van dijk 3. Chiellini 4. Godin 5. Koulibaly 6. Varane 7. Toby 8. Hummels 9. Bonnucci 10. Lovren

  3. If Ramos is the best defender in the world god help football been sent off 35 times in his career so how can he be a great defender.

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