Current ranking to the Top 10 Best Comedians In Africa. African comedy has produced amazing individuals who keep thrilling the world with their talents and they keep amassing accolades from various parts of the continent. Africa, now, can boast about having some of the best comedians the world has ever seen in recent times. Here are creative folks that have transformed usual activities into creative expressions, and, through these exploits, have gone ahead inspiring tons of fans all around the globe. 

There are a lot of comedians in different countries on the continent, but then, some are much better than others. In this article, we will explore the 10 best comedians in Africa, and give reasons why they deserve being listed here. Here are they:

Top 10 Best Comedians In Africa 


Trevor Noah

  • 1. Trevor Noah 

Trevor remains the most famous comedian from this part of the world, and he has a lot of admirers for his stance on important affairs like politics and apartheid. He is a South African (though his dad is Swiss) who is skilled in the business of making people laugh and happy. He knows what it takes to relate appropriately with his audience, and he has the reputation of being the first comedian from his country to sell out a one-man show. 

AY Comedian

  • 2. Ayodeji Richard Makun – AY Comedian

Famously known as A.Y (which is his stage name), Ayo is one of the biggest and best comedians from Africa. Born in Nigeria, this man is filled with talents – he is also an actor, a radio and TV presenter, as well as a producer. He is from Ondo State (one of Nigeria’s southwestern states), and has grown massively since he started comedy years ago. Ayo is known for his A.Y live shows and A.Y comedy skits, and he is the boss at Corporate World Entertainment Nigeria. He lives in Nigeria with his wife and children.

Bright Okpocha

  • 3. Bright Okpocha 

Popularly known as Basket Mouth, Bright is from Nigeria, born and bred in the country, from a humble background. He started his career in comedy from the scratch, but with determination and focus, he was able to find himself at the top eventually. With tons of fans and supporters from different parts of the globe today, Bright has broken and set a lot of records that many other African comedians will have to work extra hard to achieve. For instance, he is the first from Africa to host a show at the Apollo in London, England. 

Anne Kansiime

  • 4. Anne Kansiime

Anne is from Uganda, and is famously known as the “Queen of Africa Comedy”. Apart from her comedy business, she also acts movies. She is one of the talents who have YouTube to thank for their initial success. Since starting her stand-up shows, she has been successful on different grounds. She has sold out arenas and auditoriums in different parts of the world, such as London, Lilongwe and so on. 

Eddie Kadi

  • 5. Eddie Kadi

Although he was bred in the United Kingdom, Eddie was born in Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo) and his background played a role in his exploits in the comedy industry. Eddie is one of the few that can boast about appearing on the BBC’s Comedy Empire. Indeed, he is an outstanding comedian from Africa, and apart from being a comedian, he is also a philanthropist and a radio presenter.

  • 6. Loyiso Gola

Loyiso is one of the funniest persons, not only in Africa but in the world. The talented South African is an expert in comedy, a classic satirist who knows his onions properly. His skill in the comedy business is topnotch and he has been doing a lot of exploits with what he enjoys doing. He does his comedy intelligently, taking jabs at those in politics every now and then, and trying to see to it that he play his own little role in ensuring things work out fine in his country (even as a comedian). 

Loyiso is behind Late Night News, a satirical news show in his country that has gotten the attention of tons of people in different parts of the country. In fact, some years back, it received an Emmy award nomination for best comedy series.

  • 7. Shaher Ronnie Khalil 

Shaher Ronnie Khalil is an Egyptian-American doing well for himself and regarded as one of the best comedians the continent can boast of. He has been in different countries (one of those from Africa that has achieved such feat). He has entertained a lot of people with his comedy from different countries, and he has a lot of fans, even beyond the continent. 

Shaher has been on CNN, ABC News, Al Jazeera, and he remains one of the best speakers out there. One of the things that separate the best comedians from others is their influence beyond the shores of Africa (particularly in the business of comedy). Shaher, as a comedian, is doing great things in different parts of the world and making Africa proud too. He is one of the continent’s highest export to the comedy world, and he lectures around several colleges in America. 

  • 8. Celeste Ntuli

Celeste Ntuli is another female African comedian doing well for herself in the industry. Referred to as the Queen of Zulu comedy, the talented South African woman has gained a reputation as far as the continent’s entertainment industry is concerned. She pulled up a superb performance during the SABC 1 competition “so you think you’re funny” back then in the year 2009, and there, she picked a lot of attention from diverse people, as well as admirers and followers. She capitalized adequately on her success to connect with big guys like Loyiso Gola, and she herself has pushed her brand into an enviable state. 

Ntuli has been in shows like The Bantu Hour, Laugh out Loud, and so on. Her skills in making people laugh are adorable and have made her a darling to many South Africans. She is also an actress and has performed with the likes of Tumi Morake and Anele Mdoda. She is known as a comedian that loves talking about such things as feminism, weight loss and gender. Indeed, she is one of the strongest and funniest comedians in the country. 

  • 9. Patrick Indring 

Next is another Ugandan, Patrick Indring, popularly known as Salvado. He is a very funny guy doing well for himself in the comedy business. He is pretty natural and hilarious and is an expert on the stage of comedy. 

Salvador is a blunt guy, and many of his fans love him for that. He is well-known as a comedian who doesn’t mind making fun of where he is from (he actually came from a place in Uganda that is known as “ombokolo”).

Perhaps, his training in telecommunications helped him to a reasonable extent in his career as a comedian. But then, he decided to focus on comedy after he won a competition where he proved the funny part of himself. Salvador is a man that is good in giving attention to funny details when speaking. This has earned him the admiration of people from different places in the continent and has ensured he has been featured in the likes of CNN, vogue, and so on. 

  • 10. Helen Paul

Another comedian from Nigeria who is doing great for herself in the comedy business is Helen Paul, famously known as Tatafo. She, indeed, is a very talented woman that is extremely skilled when it comes to voice manipulation. A superb stand-up comedienne, Helen, who graduated from the University of Lagos (one of the most prestigious higher institutions in Nigeria), has a lot of fans and supporters from different places in the world. 

Helen Paul rose to the top via playing the role of a funny character on a radio program called “Wetin Dey” in Lagos. She speaks like a kid, talking about major issues in a way that makes people laugh. When she dipped into stand up comedy, she easily found great success. She also set up her own academy – the Helen Paul Academy, which she utilizes in teaching creative art. Helen is happily married and lives in Nigeria with her family. 

  • 10. Carl Joshua Nqube

Another superb comedian from Africa is Carl Joshua Nqube, a Zimbabwean doing well for himself and making us proud. He found massive success with Parker’s club, a South African comedy club, and he has been able to perform in several parts of the African continent, amassing admiration and supporters in the process. 

After getting successful to a reasonable extent, Carl launched his own TV show which is known as “Late Night With Carl.” He remains one of the finest comedians from Zimbabwe to date. 

In conclusion on the best comedians in Africa, there are tons of other African comedians doing pretty well in the industry; folks who have done a lot for themselves and representing the African continent positively well. Nevertheless, these ten have proved how exceptional they are times and times again, and they kept breaking boundaries, setting new paces every now and then. Therefore, they deserved being regarded as the top ten best comedians in Africa. 


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