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Month: February 2018


Nicky Oppenheimer - Richest Man In South Africa

SOUTH AFRICAN BILLIONAIRES LIST 2018 AND NET WORTH South Africa is one of the African countries that boast of dollar billionaires. By “dollar billionaires’’, it is understood that a person’s wealth must have reached the milestone of US$1 billion before he/she may be called a global billionaire. { South African Billionaires List 2018 }. South Africa has […]

Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018, Top 50 {Forbes Latest Ranking}

Top 20 Richest Musicians In Nigeria

TOP 50 RICHEST MUSICIANS IN NIGERIA AND THEIR NET WORTH 2018 { Forbes Latest Ranking } Updated Nigerians brim with much enthusiasm when entertainment is the matter of discussion. As regards their diehard passion for entertainment, particularly the musical aspect of it, the names of numerous Nigerian musicians have featured in talking points both domestically and […]

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