Global Link Money Transfer To Nigeria / Globalink: How To Send and Receive Money

Global Link Money transfer to Nigeria, Globalink is Europe’s leading and most trusted payment service provider, they offer their customers a secure, fast and inexpensive way to send and receive money anywhere in the world. They provide one of the easy ways to send and receive money to Nigeria. Globalink provides a wide range of payment options to their clients from bank account transfers to cash pick-ups and mobile wallet top-ups. This allows clients to make transfers to any country to any given currency.

Global link Money Transfer to Nigeria

Furthermore, Global Link ensures that your money transfers can be collected in under 15 minutes and that bank transfers can be completed within few hours. Global Link recognizes their risk exposure to money laundering, and the company is also aware of legal obligations and civic duty having put all of this into consideration they have set guidelines in line with international money laws and also created a money transfer platform which is secure and theft proof. Global Link keeps a record of all transactions. Below are the key advantages of using Global Link Money Transfer to Nigerian , Nigerian, receive money in Nigeria;

Benefits of Using Globalink Money Transfer To Nigeria

  • You can send Money in a flash through any Nigerian bank from Access Bank to Zenith Bank.
  • GlobalLink brings you leading exchange rates and no extra or hidden charges for your beneficiary.
  • Your beneficiary can collect the money you transfer either in cash or have it deposited direct to a bank account.
  • Their payment process is Simple and Secure, you can pay by bank transfer or use your debit card.

How To Transfer And Receive Money On Global Link Money Transfer To Nigeria

Like earlier said the process of money transfer on Global link international is very simple and easy, once you complete the easy steps below your money transfer would be delivered in a short time.

  • Visit the global link website
  • Select Money Transfer
  • Select the country you are transferring from and the country you want to transfer to
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer then check the price (this would show you the actual amount the person would receive)
  • Proceed to payment by either login of signup (signup is easy as it can be linked with your Facebook account in one click)
  • Enter your payment details and receiver details
  • Complete transaction

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