Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Pittsburgh (2023)

Pittsburgh has a population of around 302,971 people; it would be ridiculous to imagine that there are no bad people within that number. The worst neighborhoods in Pittsburgh are therefore the roughest and most dangerous places in the city; where there are the highest concentrations of those unsavory types of people, doing what they do best.

These are the places where one may run the highest risk of getting mugged, or his home broken into. These are the places where one may need to stay sharp when visiting, and where one may need to learn how to duck in order to avoid getting shot.

Make no mistake about it; Pittsburgh is a very beautiful city with lots of amazing landmarks. However, beautiful landmarks do very little for a person when they are not complimented with peace, and a general feeling of security.

Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Pittsburgh 2023

1. Northview Heights

Northview Heights is in the north of Pittsburgh. Nobody wants to live in this neighborhood. In fact, the 1,325 people who call this neighborhood home would probably leave if they had an option. One of the major highlights of this area is the Northview Heights school system, which is hardly something to be proud of.

Northview Heights is nothing short of chaos; and it did not start recently. As far back as 1993, firefighters and utility personnel refused to enter the neighborhood without police protection because they were afraid for their lives.

More recently, there is a deadly shooting in this neighborhood about every month. Other crimes that occur quite frequently include robberies, break-ins, car thefts and so on.

2. East Hills

East Hills, on the east side of the city, is well recognized as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Pittsburgh- and with good reason. This neighborhood was actually well planned and developed; there are many row houses, and town houses in the neighborhood, as well as apartment buildings.

East Hills has a population of 3,169 people. A sizable part of this population; is young, which is why the school system is the major highlight of this city. Imani Christian Academy, and East Hills Elementary school are important landmarks.

However, East Hills is one of the craziest parts of the city; Violent Crimes are recorded at a rate of 1,760 crimes per 100,000 people.

3. Strip District

Strip District is located northeast of the Central Business District. It is a small strip of land with only about 714 people calling it home. Strip District has a lot of potential because of its proximity to the central business district; although it has not really lived up to its potential, but rather has become a hot-spot for crime.

Strip District is not a place to be; unless you don’t mind diving for cover when the shooting starts. There are too many incidents of gun violence in Strip District; and the Violent Crime rate is put at 1,755 crimes per 100k people.

4. Spring Hill-City View

Spring Hill-City View got its name because of the abundance of springs in the neighborhood. In the past this was a thriving German neighborhood, but then later on, a housing project came in. The housing project was built with good intentions but as housing projects usually go, Spring Hill City View soon became quite violent.

The neighborhood has a population of 2,537 people, and Violent Crimes are reported at a rate of 1,496 crimes per 100 thousand people.

5. California-Kirkbride

California-Kirkbride is a neighborhood located on the North Side of Pittsburgh. Topographically, the neighborhood is diverse; it has a steep hill, as well as some relatively flat ground. The neighborhood was developed along with some nearby areas in the 1970’s. Now- a- days, this neighborhood has a population of about 707 people.

This is one hot spot of shootings; there are too many such incidents in the area; and many of these shootings result in death, while others result in severe injuries, requiring hospitalization.

Violent Crimes are recorded at the rate of 1,439 crimes per 100 thousand people.

6. Middle Hill

Middle Hill, in Pittsburgh, is a nice, well developed area that is full of row houses and town houses; that may not offer much by way of privacy, but at the time of its development seemed good for decent families. These days, there are only about 1,568 people calling this area home.

Violent Crimes are recorded at the rate of 1,427 crimes per 100,000 people; and they include robberies, muggings, break ins, and shootings for no apparent reason.

7. Allentown

Allentown is a neighborhood located in the south of the city of Pittsburgh. It is in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Though a poor neighborhood, there are many commercial properties as well as shops and business places in the neighborhood. However, Allentown only has about 2,342 most of who must have become inured to crime.

Allentown records Violent Crime at the rate of 1,373 crimes per 100,000 people.

8. Troy Hill

Troy Hill is a small neighborhood in the north side of Pittsburgh; it is situated on a small hill. This is quite the urban area; there are several very tall buildings. Troy Hill has a small population; it has only 1,482 residents.

Perhaps the reason why there are so few people in the neighborhood is the rate of crime. Violent Crimes are recorded in this neighborhood at the rate of 1,299 crimes per 100,000 people.

9. Perry South

Perry South is a neighborhood in the North Side of Pittsburgh. It started out as a streetcar suburb in the early 20th century, and even now it is a mostly residential area. Nevertheless there are a few shops and businesses in the area.

They must have invested heavily in security measures because this neighborhood is riddled with crime. Perry South has a population of just 3,333 people, but Violent Crimes are recorded at a rate of 1,253 crimes per 100,000 people.

10. Crawford Roberts

Crawford Roberts is a multi cultural neighborhood in Pittsburgh there are townhouses and row-houses in this mostly residential area. Crawford Roberts has a population of 2,259 people.

Violent Crimes are recorded at 1,182 crimes per 100,000 people.



The worst neighborhoods in Pittsburgh have the major problem of gun violence which is somewhat mysterious because there is no reason behind it. Unless this issue of gun violence is dealt with, it could significantly hamper the growth and development of the city.