Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Philadelphia (2023)

Even back in the days of prohibition, when the mobsters ran wild, this has always been a rather crazy town to live in. While the worst neighborhoods in Philadelphia have somewhat changed because many of these areas have seen a facelift; bringing in new investors and residents, the hip culture of the city has not changed much.

There are good and bad neighborhoods in almost every city in the world. It is idle to expect that the second largest metropolis on the East Coast of America should be any different. This is a place with over 1.57 million people; many of who are young.

Knowing where not to place foot can go a long way in defining the experience one can get from this city; which is why this post has been created.

Worst Neighborhoods In Philadelphia

1. Tioga-Nicetown

Tioga-Nicetown is actually two adjoining neighborhoods in northern Philadelphia. This neighborhood has a population of    17,382 people, and most of them are poor. The average annual income here is $24,935; and many of the people in this town actually have no reasonable income at all.

Perhaps due to the lack of economic opportunities, the neighborhood has seen many of its young people leave. With so many unemployed and unemployable young people, it is no surprise that Tioga-Nicetown has such a huge crime burden- 2639 crimes are recorded here per 100,000 inhabitants.

2. Hunting Park

Hunting Park is another neighborhood also in North Philadelphia. This neighborhood has numerous historical structures; such as the Clara Barton School, and the Alexander K. McClure School. Hunting Park has a population of 22,735 people, and many of them live below the poverty line.

The average yearly salary is $23,587, while the unemployment rate is quite high. Hunting Park is one of the most dangerous areas in Philadelphia; the rate of crime stands at 1452 crimes per 100,000 persons.

Hunting Park is a hub of gang violence; and sometimes the school children can be at each others’ throats. Furthermore, some of the violence in Hunting Park is not even connected to robbery, it looks as though some of it is random shooting and murder.

3. Strawberry Mansion

Strawberry Mansion is located in the north of Philadelphia. It was once called Summerville, and was an enclave for some of the wealthiest families in the city. These days, however, it is one of the most run down neighborhoods in the whole city; an enclave for poor people.

The population is 19,690 people, and the average annual income is $31,085. With the crime rate recorded at 1,944 per 100,000 people.

This neighborhood has plenty of rap music; but not enough small businesses to keep the local economy thriving. It is best to stay alert if one must visit; and most people in the area have enough sense not to be seen alone after dark.

4. Fairhill

Fairhill is located in North Philadelphia; the neighborhood is home to the Hispanic community in the city. Fairhill is close to the equally terrible neighborhoods of Front Street and Germantown. Fairhill is the center of the infamous Philadelphia Badlands; also called the Mean Streets.

Fairhill is a thriving little town; 27,298 people live here. However, there is not much economic activity in Fairhill, and that has affected the way the people live. With a lack of business in the area; the average yearly salary is $19,698.

The rate of crime in the neighborhood is 1,545 crimes per 100,000 persons, which makes this one of the places to avoid in Philadelphia.

5. Alleghany West

Allegheny West is a neighborhood in the North Philadelphia. It is near some equally run down neighborhoods including East Falls, Strawberry Mansion and Tioga-Nicetown. This is mainly a poor African-American community; one that has seen it’s population decline dramatically, as many young people have opted to leave in search of a better life.

Allegheny West has a population of 18,676 people. However, with an average yearly salary of $25,196; this is one of the poorest neighborhoods in the Philadelphia. The crime rate of 2,458 per 100,000 inhabitants is fully expected for such a run down neighborhood. There are shootings recorded in this neighborhood about every month, and some of them result in needless deaths.

6. Harrowgate

Harrowgate is a neighborhood in the northeast of Philadelphia, the neighborhood was established as a spa back in the 1700’s and grew rapidly and thrived for a long time.

These days, only about 17,456 people live there. There is not much by way of small business to keep the local economy alive; which is why the average annual income in this neighborhood is a paltry $23,871.

Harrowgate is one of Philadelphia’s most rugged neighborhoods; it records crime at a rate of 1,701 per 100,000 inhabitants.

7. Haddington-Carroll Park

Haddington-Carroll Park is a neighborhood, or two neighborhoods grouped together in the West of Philadelphia. There is a park by the name of Carroll Park here, from which the neighborhood gets its name. The residents of this area are mostly working-class and lower-income African-Americans.

All the metrics in this neighborhood are bad; the population is just 35,068 people, and the average annual income is $28,706. Crime is quite a concern in Haddington-Carroll Park; about 1,588 crimes are recorded here per 100,000 persons.

8. Elmwood

Elmwood, or Elmwood Park, is a neighborhood in Philadelphia’s southwest. It has a population of 24,891 people, most of whom are Irish Americans and Poles.

The economics of Elmwood are slightly better than the neighborhoods above it on this list; but in terms of crime, Elmwood is just as bad as the other neighborhoods in Philadelphia. 1,217 crimes are recorded per 100,000 inhabitants.

9. Frankford

Frankford sounds similar to Frankfurt; but it is a far cry from the conditions of that great German city. This neighborhood is located on Philadelphia’s northeast side, and it is roughly six miles northeast of Center City. This neighborhood has a population of     39,792; making it one of the bigger areas in Philadelphia.

The average yearly salary is $33,217; which makes it a poor neighborhood; and as one would expect from such an area; there are many crimes ongoing every day. About 1,369 crimes are recorded per 100,000 persons in this neighborhood.

10. North Central

North Central is a neighborhood in the north of Philadelphia; which has a population of 21,880 people, most of whom are African Americans and Pueto Ricans. However, the neighborhood is quite a poor one; the average annual salary in this neighborhood is $25,296.

North Central is one of Philadelphia’s bad areas; crime is recorded at 1,982 per 100,000 inhabitants.



The worst neighborhoods in Philadelphia have largely seen an exodus of the good people, and a concentration of thugs. However, with much effort, over some time, it may be possible to reverse the ugly trend.