Holiday or a vacation literally means a leave of absence from a daily job or a particular journey or trip, often for the aim of tourism or recreation. So we are taking a look at Wakanow holiday packages. People usually take a holiday during particular vocation observances, or for particular celebrations or festivals. Holidays are usually spent with family or friends. 

An individual may take a prolonged break from a job like a gap year, sabbatical or career break. The idea of one taking up a holiday is a new method invention and it has waxed stronger by the previous two centuries.

Wakanow Holiday Packages Vacation

The concept of an individual to make a journey just for recreational purposes was meant only for the prominent people to take because of its luxurious nature. There is always a turn off which people and government consider unnecessary in America when people take a break from their place of work other than Sabbath observation reasons.

However, the modern idea of a holiday was presided over by a recent movement of religion encouraging recreational and a spiritual retreat. The middle and working-class people are the two groups of people that initiated the concept of taking a break from the place of work annually.


Due to deep understanding, the Wakanow.com have concerning an affordable tour and easy services prompt them to offer the travelers with the best portal for visa assistance, flights, holiday packages, accommodation, and Airport transportation which bring rest of mind to its travel needs.

These points below are the some of the Wakanow holiday packages they offer to their customers;

  1. Unforgettable Memories: Lots of magical moments and fun activities for the traveler’s whole family will be made available especially if it is a Christmas Holiday.
  2. Best Rates in the Market: There is always plenty of the best rates on travel that its travelers will get a massive value from.
  3. Professional visa Assistance: A professional visa assistance that will aid in getting the necessary visa is rest assured for travelers on holiday destination.
  4. Pay Small Small Option Available:  The traveler embarking on holiday destination can pay up the rest of airline fare at his or her convenience provided that 25% of the money has been paid before the travel date.
  5. Amazing Destinations To Choose From: The Wakanow.com holiday package, especially like Christmas holiday, has three diverse continents which are from America to the Sunny Coastal regions of Africa and to Europe.
  6. Best Hotel Rates: Wakanow has a wonderful hotel rate for the customers local and foreign travel that will enable them to save a fortune on their accommodation travel cost due to the presence of 50,800 hotels at its disposal.
  7. Customized Packages To Suit Holiday Preference: Wakanow permits their customers the chance to play their holiday packages base to their travel needs and personal preference.
  8. Complimentary Airport Transfer Within Selected Preference: In order to reduce the stress that comes with one traveling a free airport drop and pickup will be made available when one book his or her Ghana, London or Dubai travel.   
  9. Complimentary VIP Lounge Access at MMIA: Travelers embarking on a holiday can utilize the access to a complimentary VIP which offers entertainment and food; free online access and a relaxed environment in Murtala Muhammed International Airport before the tour itself when the customer wants to travel with Wakanow.com.


Wakanow.com provides more services to the general public by offering services for;

  1. Airport picks up.
  2. Travel sim cards
  3. Vacation packages
  4. Visa assistance
  5. Unique packages for school, faith-based travels, weddings, and sports in addition to their previous services like hotel deals and flights they offer.


The Wakanow vacation package is one of the products or services of Wakanow.com offers to its numerous customers in Nigeria and across Africa countries who wish to outbound abroad aside from them providing flights and hotel deals.


Package vacation or a package tour or package holiday depending on the name one chooses to call it is made up of accommodation and transport that are sold together and advertised by a tour operator who is a vendor.  Apart from providing accommodation and transport services, a tour operator also provides activities, rental car, and outings during the vacation. Transport can be through a charter airline to an international nation and it involves travel across regions as part of the holiday. Package vacations are a part of product bundling.  

A tour operator is a person that organized a package of vocations and sold it off to its customers through the travel agent. Some of the travel agents that assisted in the selling of package vocation to the consumer are usually workers of tour operators while others are on their own.


The history of the holiday package subdivided itself into two which are

  1.    Organized Holiday Package:

Thomas Cook on July 5th, 1841 was the man Organized tours can be traced back to when a train was chartered by him to take a temperance campaigners group from a Leicester City to a campaign in Loughborough which is eleven miles away. Thomas Cook was undertaking globe tours in the year 1872, albeit with the least groups. Thomas Cook and son generally called “Cooks” was the company’s name of Thomas Cook which had grown to become among the biggest and accepted travel agents before it was nationalized in the year 1948.

Prior to the second World War which marks the season of Seaside reports because of continuous reduction of tours to British, “Cooks” kick-started promotion of international vacation (especially Spain, Italy, and Switzerland) in the initial 1950s.

Throughout Britain, there was a show of information films. However, Thomas Cook and Son made an expensive decision by disregarding the recent version of cheap vacations which combined accommodation arrangements and transport into a one “package”. On May 26th,1972 was the year “Cooks” went deep into decrease and were saved through a “consortium buy-out”.


  1. Group Tours:

In the year 1950, the co-founder of the Horizon Holiday Group by name Vladimir Raitz was the first person that patronized package vacations abroad through charter flights with Corsica and Gatwick airport and he organized his premier package vocation to Palma in the year 1952, and in 1953 Lourdes, and then in 1954 were Sardinia and Costa Brava.

The cheap package vocations during the late 1960s and 1950s which involves transfers, flight, and accommodation given that premier chance for people residing in the United Kingdom to have a cheap abroad tour.

In the year 1961, Eurovia became the premier charter airlines which kick-started its flights business in Manchester Airport and in 1962, it commenced its flight from Luton Airport.     

The package travel industry reduced during the era of the 1970s after commencing a mass tourism to the Algerine and Lieteclarksons and Horizon which were the brand names in which the court-line operates-the second-biggest tour operator collapsed was what resulted to the shaken of the package tour industry on the year 1974, August which made the loss of booking deposit by over one hundred people possible.


Literally, Wakanow implies go now just like “go” or “walk” in the Nigeria broken English language word “waka” implies. Wakanow is the premier E-commerce tour portal for Nigeria outside travel. The company was launched in 2008 by a Nigerian Obinna Ekezie. The founder and the owner of this company hail from Port Harcourt and he was a previous player of National Basketball Association. In Africa, Wakanow.com stand as one of the largest and fastest growing online travel sites. Most travelers before now make a payment to utilize travel agents and hence did not have the right to internet discounted fares that most people in other rest of the world enjoy. Wakanow.com because of that challenge provides the best deals on hotels, flights, vacation packages and airport pickups with its main concentration on Africa travel markets and Nigerian.



Conclusively, taking a holiday tour is always filled up with fun activities and magical moments, and because of that, it is necessary that before one makes that kind of tour, he or she has to consider a flight airline that offers holiday packages which the traveler can enjoy with an affordable fund.  This challenge and other ones have been attended to by this online flight company by name Wakanow.com.

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