let’s quickly write briefly on Universities Offering Catering And Hotel Management In Nigeria. Catering and Management service may sound as not too important as a course of study; in a layman definition, it can be defined as the study of food services in a hotel or the management of foods in hotels. Catering and hotel management is more and far beyond that.

List Of Universities Offering Catering And Hotel Management In Nigeria

  • Federal University Wukari
  • National Open University of Nigeria
  • Wesley University Ondo
  • Western Delta University, Oghara
  • Benson Idahosa University, Benin
  • Elizade University, Ilara Mokin, Ondo State
  • Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudiker
  • Gregory University, Uturu

All you need to know about Catering and Hotel Management

First and foremost, it is necessary to know the meaning of catering and also management, this, therefore, leads to the definition of catering and management. Catering is defined as the business of providing food service at a remote site like a hotel. Catering Management is part of the food services industry that deals with the planning and organization of food and beverage service for various types of events, catering management involve meeting customer expectations, maintaining good hygiene, and meeting up the financial status or needs.

Schools and Universities offering catering management will be sure to build up their students how what and what management entails. I can say management also deals with the quality of product or services and what do I mean by quality, quality in business or management context means a specific set of concepts and principles developed over the past century that outline how to accomplish something in a measurable way.  The term quality could also mean doing things well. Things can, therefore, be performed well by understanding how things are done and what are the ways to optimization. It is, therefore, necessary to study what catering management is.

Hotel management, on the other hand, is the principles or concept used in a hotel for the benefit of the organization and its customers. Therefore catering and hotel management is the food services provided in a hotel to meet up the customers’ expectations, to maintain the standard of the organization, to maintain food and hygiene standards, and also to meet financial targets.

Let’s talk about caterings managers, catering managers are usually employed by catering companies, schools, hospitals hotel and so on, some usually establish their own catering companies .the general responsibilities of catering managers are

  • They plan menus in consultation with the hotel’s chef
  • They train staff
  • Thy plan staff shifts for function and events
  • They manage budgets
  • Manage stock levels
  • They order services
  • They build a relationship and negotiate contracts with suppliers a
  • They also market sometimes and so on

The listed courses below are the course syllabus of Catering and Management and they are in modules. It gives more light on the course and the reasons why they should be studied.

Module 1: Hospitability management

  1. Operating a hotel or catering company: students would be taught how to operate or manage a company or hotel.
  2. Projecting comfort and ease: they would be taught how to manage a project in comfort without affecting the organizational goals and objective.
  3. Elevating your business: maximization of profit to elevate the business by meeting the customer’s expectations.
  4. Making a profit

Module 2: Food Science

  1. Chemistry of cooking: the breakdown of chemical components involved in catering service e.g. food metabolism.
  2. Food preservation: the student would be taught how to make food last longer than two or three days depending on the food by adding preservatives.
  3. Food technology: food technology involves all aspects of food science including production, processing, and distribution.
  4. Nutrition: Nutrition is the science that deals with the intake of food, considered in relation to maintenance, growth, reproduction, health, and disease of an organism.

Module 3: Food production

  1. Basic cooking styles. Students will be taught the basic cooking types because there are times that different types of cooking types will be needed.
  2. Basic cooking methods: these are the methods of cooking that are crucial
  3. Food handling: it is very necessary to know how to handle food especially when it is very hot to avoid kitchen accident and this is simply the maintenances of kitchen hygiene
  4. Menu planning: It is very important to know when each meal should be prepared and what types of food to be prepared at a given time
  5. Pricing: Pricing is a very important aspect of food production as many customers do not know how to price, that is why students studying this course must be able to know how to tackle the pricing skills of the customer in favor of the organization.

Module 4: Food and beverage service

  1. Planning the event: The event must be well planned and taken care of to avoid any form of embarrassment
  2. Types of catering options: There are different types of catering service; this must be known to anyone studying the course catering and hotel management.
  3. Greeting and receiving guests: this is all about the manners of the staff un the organization and how the guests are received into the organization, as the manners will go a long way because of first expression last longer.
  4. Foodservice; this is how food is being ordered and served
  5. Bar service: this also needs to be explained and understood by catering and hotel management students
  6. Coordinating in hotel restaurants

Module 5: Hotel roles

  1. Food and beverage management
  2. Maitre
  3. Chef or Cook
  4. Butlers
  5. Porters
  6. Housekeeping staff

Module 6: Hotel front office

  1. Coordination: this is the act of organizing and controlling all manners of an organization’s resources including human resources, non-human resources, and material resources in order to meet up the organizational goals and objectives.
  2. Accommodating guests: it must be well organized and arranged to avoid chaos.
  3. Promoting deals and special offers: This also promotes and adds value to the company itself and by this many customers will be sure to patronize the company because there will be an advertisement.
  4. Cashiering and handling money

Module 7: Back office management

  1. Supporting the front office: there must be a backup office, they might not be seen outside every time but they are sure to be working underneath. This can only be implemented and practice by management students
  2. Managing employee: it is very crucial
  3. Special programs: for further development of employees and the organization
  4. Managing bookings
  5. Attracting guests and VIP’s

Module 8: Housekeeping and laundry operation

  1. Staging the room: students will be taught how to manage the stage use the stage, which is very important to know in managing hotel
  2. Hygiene and health: it cannot be overemphasized
  3. Laundry services: it’s part of catering and hotel management to maintain a clean and healthy environment
  4. Accommodating guests

Module 9: Accounting

  1. Keeping proper records: the records must be well kept safe for present and future references
  2. Balancing the book
  3. Cost analysis
  4. Calculating loss and gain
  5. Analyzing and Maximizing profit

Module 10: Sales and Marketing

  1. Customer satisfaction: this is one of the major goals of any organization to satisfy the customer.
  2. Attracting and keeping customers: by the services provided
  3. Understanding the customer: a customer might not be right but they are always right.
  4. Pricing
  5. Deals, promotions, coupons, etc
  6. Procedures Manual

Module 11: Communication

  1. Communication is as important as any other thing in any business organization, communication between the employees, with the customer, between employer and employee.
  2. Helping customers
  3. Handling stressful situations
  4. Communication strategies
  5. Communication between departments
  6. Managing complaints and concerns

Module 12: Applications of technology

  1. Basic business computers
  2. Information technology
  3. Catering management tools
  4. Making your business shine

Module 13: Hotel security and health and safety

  1. Necessary security positions
  2. Fire and emergency safety
  3. In-room security and safety
  4. First Aid and response plans
  5. Making guests feel safe and comfortable



The course catering and hotel management should be a very compulsory course in every institution, apart from being a management course; it is also applicable to our everyday activities seeing from the above course outline. The universities are few but the course is very broad and interesting. It will definitely be of great advantages for those offering the course either to be an employee or an employer. so that is all you need to know about  Universities Offering Catering And Hotel Management In Nigeria.

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