Top 10 Best Polytechnics In Nigeria 2020 {NBTE}

An updated list of the best polytechnics in Nigeria currently – According to the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), there has been an assessment conducted to determine the top Polytechnics In Nigeria also with their scores and positions, this said an assessment was conducted for all one hundred and twelve (112) Polytechnic containing federal polytechnic, state polytechnic, and private polytechnic.

Polytechnic education has gone a long way in cultivating practical standards for being self-employed. It does not end in providing just the theoretical basis of a study but they believe in training students in the technical aspects of the course they study. The basic aim of polytechnic education is to provide vocational and technological training. This technological training cut across courses like engineering, secretarial, hospitality and tourism management, catering technology, architecture, administration, and applied arts. Polytechnic education is also characterized to enhance human resource development as well as industrial productivity and improving the quality of life.

Top 10 Best Polytechnics In Nigeria 2020 

 S/N   Polytechnics  Type   Location 
 1.  Auchi Polytechnic  Federal  Auchi, Edo State
 2.  Yaba College Of Technology  Federal  Yaba, Lagos State
 3.  Federal Polytechnic Ilaro  Federal  Ilaro, Lagos State
 4.  Federal Polytechnic Nekede  Federal  Nekede, Owerri, Imo State
 5.  Kaduna Polytechnic  Federal  Kaduna State
 6.  The Polytechnic Ibadan  State  Ibadan, Oyo State
 7.  Federal Polytechnic Bida  Federal  Bida, Niger State
 8.  Institute Of Management Enugu  State  Enugu State
 9.  Federal Polytechnic Ofa  Federal  Ofa, Kwara State
 10.  Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo  State  Owo, Ondo State

Ranking for the last the National Board for Technical Education – NBTE ranking is listed in detail below:

Top 10 Polytechnics In Nigeria {NBTE Ranking}


The federal polytechnic Nekede has been announced officially as the first and the best polytechnic in Nigeria by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), this institution is located in Imo state Nigeria, the Federal Polytechnic Nekede gained her stand or rank as the first and the best in Nigeria with the total percentage of 85.08% in the assessment conducted by the NBTE and announced as the best vocational institution in Nigeria.

This Polytechnic is located In Owerri Imo State.  The students who attend the school are known to exist in their field of study because they have been well equipped with practical’s and skills acquisition.

The polytechnic consists of five different schools which are, schools of engineering technology, school of environmental design and technology, school of humanities and social sciences, school of industrial and applied sciences, and school of business and management studies.

The students are given the opportunity to select if they want to study full time or part-time. The necessary infrastructures are being provided to enable a conducive learning environment. Also, the mood of payment for schools varies with the courses you choose to study.


The federal polytechnic Ilaro tends to rank second on the list of the best Polytechnics in Nigeria with the score percentage of 73.08% in the assessment conducted by the National Board for Technical Education as announced by the Executive secretary for the National Board for Technical Education. The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro is located in Ogun State, Nigeria; this polytechnic had earned her place in the second position due to her strength in Education and Vocation.

Federal Polytechnic Ilaro – This polytechnic was founded and established in 1980, it has two main campuses’ hostel, one inside the school for the male and another for the female, this hostel has their regulations which also includes their visiting time, at the west campus we have a different structure there like the school of engineering and environmental studies, the admin building and annexes, we have the schools record and data control unit, this is where all records are kept, they also the information and communication technology Centre, and one beautiful thing about that is that they a free Wi-Fi that is assessable to the student and the lectures, inside this campus is the library, public toilet, staff quarters, poly guest house and a dam, both known campus literally connected with motor assessable road. This poly boasts of over 10,000 students and over 2000 staff.


The Kaduna Polytechnic tends to be a state polytechnic ranking third on the list of the top polytechnics in Nigeria as announced by the NBTE Executive secretary with a percentage score of 72.31% in the assessment conducted by the National Board for Technical Education,  This institution tends to be the third-best vocational institution in Nigeria, this polytechnic as spelled out in her name is located in Kaduna state, Northern part of Nigeria.

Kaduna Polytechnic provides a good learning environment with a flexible curriculum. In this polytechnic, business and management courses, environment courses, engineering, and administrative studies are well taken care of. The mode of payment of school fees is fair enough and good academic standing.

  • 4. The Polytechnic Ibadan (67.69 PERCENT)

The Ibadan Polytechnic emerged as the fourth position on this list with the percentage score of 67.69% in the assessment conducted by the National Board for Technical Education as announced by the Executive Secretary in the NBTE Governing Board Meeting; this polytechnic is ranked as the fourth-best vocational institution in Nigeria, the Ibadan Polytechnic is located at the capital city of Oyo State, Nigeria.


The Federal Polytechnic, Bida came up as the fifth-best Vocational Institution in Nigeria with a total percentage score of 65.38% in the NBTE conducted assessment following up the Executive secretary of the NBTE’s speech, this polytechnic is located in Niger State, Nigeria. This institution is the second Northern institution to pop up in the first five polytechnics announced by the National Board for Technical Education, This implies that this northern Polytechnic has given out her best in Vocational training.


Most of the Nigerians think the Polytechnic should rank first on the list, but as announced by the National Board for Technical Education, the Auchi Polytechnic located in Edo state emerged as the sixth-best Vocational Institution in Nigeria with a percentage score of 63.85% in the assessment conducted by the NBTE which was announced in Kaduna, all the same, this polytechnic is a great citadel of learning and is on the list of the top 10 polytechnics in Nigeria.

Auchi Polytechnic which is located in the southern part of Nigeria in Auchi, Edo state has continued to rank the first position for being the best polytechnic in Nigeria. From its establishment in 1963 to date, it has recorded a vibrant and talented scientist. This outstanding remark was given to them due to their qualitative study of engineering courses and business administration courses. It continues to beat with the record of times. In 2008 and 2012, the school was known to gain prizes on the polytechnic expo and for the best designs and fabrication. To date, they still get the award of being the best polytechnic in Nigeria as the female rector Dr. Philipia Idogho stated that their achievement so far has been to mobilize the capacity building and attainment level of the entire school ranging from the alumni body, the education trust fund down to corporate organizations to contribute immensely to the effective quality education for the student. There is also room for an adequate learning environment and good accommodation to encourage their students to study.

The college offers twenty-two courses in a different school of study, these school of study includes School of applied science and Technology, School of Engineering(SENG), School of Environmental Studies,  Business Studies, School Information and Communication Technology (SICT), School of Art and Design, and School of General studies.

The cost of school fees in Auchi poly is of normal standard as it is not of high budget. It cost less than 50 thousand which makes it easier for an aspiring student to study in this polytechnic.


The IMT located in Enugu State, Nigeria is classified as a polytechnic, thereby earning the right to partake in the assessment conducted by the National Board for Technical Education, and as this institution may have it, the IMT came out as the seventh-best vocational institution in Nigeria, earning herself the seventh position on the list of the top polytechnics in Nigeria, This Institution has been a dedicated institution to vocational training

This particular institute is located in the heart of the city Enugu. The institute IMT was created in the year 1973 with barely more than three students. They started up with roughly ten accredited courses which among them are business administration. They offer full time and part-time program, the duration for a full-time program is two years while the duration of a part-time program is three to four years depending on the course of choice, what makes this institute unique is their structure, the way of learning, the serene environment also their assess to electricity and also school-based technologies. They run a poly air program that runs for four years and this is fully certified by the Enugu state broadcasting company.


The Federal Polytechnic, Offa located in Kwara State, Nigeria, emerged as the eighth-best vocational institution in Nigeria and standing tall as the number eight polytechnic on this list.


The Rufus Giwa Polytechnic is located in Owo local government area; Ondo State, Nigeria stands tall as the number ninth position on the list of the top polytechnics in Nigeria, This polytechnic tends to be rated among the top for the fact that the polytechnic came up with a good percentage in the conducted assessment by the National Board for Technical Education and was announced as the ninth-best Vocational institution in Nigeria by the Executive Secretary of the NBTE in Kaduna NBTE Governing Board Meeting.

  • 10. YABATECH

Yaba college of technology is also classified under a polytechnic hereby earning the right to partake in the assessment conducted by the NBTE, in which after the assessment the Yaba college of technology emerged as the Tenth best vocational institution in Nigeria, The Yaba College of technology is known as YABATECH and is located in Yaba, Lagos state, Nigeria. YABATECH emerging as the last position on the top list doesn’t mean that the institution is not rated or not good, for the fact that the institution falls or reflects on the top list of polytechnics in Nigeria is enough to give kudos to the institution.

Yaba College of technology is the focal point for the establishment of polytechnic education never seizes to succeed in pursuing the objective of polytechnic education. Her teaching staff comprises professors, Ph.D. holders, master’s degree holders to mention but a few.  

This Polytechnic is located in Lagos and is being run by Doctor M.K Lapido. This school is not only limited to the award of National Diploma and Higher National Diploma alone but is also affiliated to degree-awarding schools.

As it is popularly known as being the leading polytechnic to establish a Centre for entrepreneurship development. The school is also known for its applied research and technology innovation unit which has promoted effective research with private organizations,

The school consists of 8 vital schools of study and 34 academic departments. The mode of payment for school fees is relatively high considering the fact that it is a federal school and it ought to be cheaper than state and private schools. For OND, the students pay 44,500 naira for a full time while for HND, the students pay 45,500 naira.


This school qualifies as a good place of study because it creates a good learning environment and a cordial relationship with her students, it is located in Anambra state. The mode of payment is fair.


Polytechnic education started during the times of our colonial masters due to the poor delivery of technical and vocational manpower to carry out an efficient industrial activity. Therefore, the establishment of a local institution for training local people was taken into consideration.

It all began with the establishment of the renowned Yaba college of education in 1947. Although Yaba college of education was then converted to a technical institute to facilitate quality technicians that the society will derive from. On the ground with the objective of Yaba technical institute, Nigeria polytechnic education was established.

In 1979, seven polytechnics existed to provide full and partial training in technology, applied sciences, and management. These seven polytechnics were known to perform basic functions like arranging seminars and as well as creating room for more field works so as to improve their course of study. This form of education was controlled by a body called the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

Gradually, Polytechnic education became one of the three recognized arms of education which is responsible for producing the technical manpower needed for industrial growth in Nigeria. It offers the programme in the various fields of technology and applied sciences leading to the award of the National Diploma (ND) certificate for the first two years of a study and Higher National Diploma (HND) Certificate for the second phase of the four-year programme in the polytechnic. Each stage of the study, the student is expected to partake in a one-year internship so that they can be familiar with the practical aspect of their course. This internship program stands as a developing tool to help the student to know their area of focus in their period of study as well as help in providing job employment. This outstanding feature gives it an advantage over higher institutions that lack time to practice field works.

According to the discussion of the mandate of the Polytechnic in Nigeria, the polytechnic trained graduates are expected by the virtue of practical study to be well equipped in their work and skill acquisition more than that of the university graduates who are more attached to that of theoretical study.

Ever since the recognition of polytechnic education as an improvement tool in empowering youth in their future as well as providing efficiency and development in the industries of the society, Nigeria as a whole has not failed to produce quality polytechnics capable of producing reliable graduates that can add spice to the activities of industries both developed and developing industries.


Conclusion On The Best Polytechnics In Nigeria 2020

In conclusion, it should be noted that polytechnics in Nigeria should not be seen as substandard hence, the dichotomy should be completely abolished. All graduates of polytechnic have gone through a compulsory one-year industrial training for all courses with practicals to improve in their level of education.

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