UN Scholarships For African Students (2023)

There are different United Nations scholarship programs as well as study grants which students from Africa can take advantage of to easily fulfill their education. African scholars can benefit greatly from any of these available scholarships, and the simple thing to do first is to apply. UN agencies, as well as their partnership with other bodies, have birthed several scholarships and funding for graduates and postgraduates.

You can apply for any of these UN scholarships for African students to study in some of the best and most prestigious institutions in the world.

Here are scholarships which are sponsored by the United Nations/Collaborators, and they can be engaged at higher institutions across the world. While some of them are fully funded scholarships, others are partial with varying worth. Additionally, all nationalities and study levels are usually welcome.

Let’s now explore the most recent United Nations scholarships and Grants which African students can utilize to fulfill their great dreams.

UN Scholarships For African Students

1. Berkeley Law School LDC Fellowships

This can be utilized by African students who were admitted to the University of California Berkeley School of Law LL.M. professional track program. It covers their tuition significantly, while they simply devote their time to get trained by some of the best instructors in the world, as they specialize in Business Law and receive a Business Law Certificate eventually.

2. The IPCC Scholarship Programme

Benefactors (which can be from Africa, since scientists from developing countries are given great attention) are empowered to grow in the knowledge of climate change, as well as its management. They can access a body of knowledge which will have been difficult without appropriate funding.

3. OWSD fellowship for female students from LDCs

This is collaboration between different international agencies and organizations, just to help female students from Africa who desire to seek postgraduate training that will amount to a Ph.D. at appropriate centres. They can decide to study in their own countries or even in foreign places.

4. UNESCO/Republic of Korea Co-Sponsored Fellowships Programme

This is a collaboration where the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) is a big player too. Outstanding Africans can become benefactors and will have massive doors of opportunities opened for them. The bigger goal is to see to it that there is a growth in human resources and national capacity-building around here. If you are a benefactor, you get to engage a training course in Korea (or conduct your own research work). This is something you can give great attention to due to the opportunities it brings.

5. UNITAR Fellowships for Diplomatic Training

If you won’t mind, you can jump on the Multilateral Diplomacy Programme to engage their e-learning courses. Benefactors are made to engage their different fellowships, which can enhance their capacity in such a great way. Nevertheless, it should be noted that one of the major things put into consideration is their relevant academic background.

6. IELPO Scholarship Programme

Eligible Africans can study in the prestigious University of Barcelona. This is all about getting scholarships to pursue a Master of Laws in International Economic Law and Policy at the institution. It is interesting to add that scholars from developing countries are given great priority. What this means is that, as an eligible African, you can easily be given consideration.

7. The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) Research Programme

Research groups and institutions in Africa can benefit from these provisions. It was designed to have long-term connections with TWAS members. This in turn will help them get superb training that will be very beneficial when it comes to growing their indigenous scientific acumen.

This is a proper coordinated programme that can present great opportunities to every eligible participant.

Eligibility Criteria for UN Scholarships For African Students

It is necessary to say that there are conditions for applying for these scholarships. Nevertheless, you should know that they vary from one scholarship to another. To make things easier for you, once you found the scholarship you are going for, simply choose it on their official website, and you will see the things expedient of you.

Nevertheless, these are the general conditions everyone applying should adhere to:

  1. They have to be from eligible nations specific to their selected scholarship programme.
  2. They are expected to have prior educational qualification for whatever programme of study they are going for.
  3. Applicants should have outstanding academic records. Having a strong academic acumen will increase your chances of selection
  4. Some of the programmes are for folks with low financial capacity. In such a case, they have to show convincing evidence.
  5. They are expected to be fluent in the language of the programme they are going for.

Application Procedures

First of all, if you want to apply for the UN Scholarships and research grants for African students, applicants should first be sure of eligibility before taking any step. Only then can they proceed to apply via the links that would be made available for the scholarships.

Additionally, you should be familiar with the fact that there are document Requirements too when application is being made. Applicants are meant to provide documents like:

  1. All necessary academic certificates
  2. They are to submit transcripts where necessary
  3. Their Curriculum Vita
  4. Their national Passport
  5. An evidence of their financial statement

It must be noted however that these are just basic. There are other documents that may be required for a specific scholarship programme. Simply identify them and send them across where necessary.



You can apply for any of these UN scholarships for African students as far as you are eligible, and you will find yourself walking through the doors of great opportunities on the global front. You don’t have to have doubts, since there are several African scholars before you who have benefited greatly from these global scholarships.