There are various types of ceilings in Nigeria. Many houses you see today use different ceilings types and these are made according to the weather, structure, taste, and design of what you want. The types of ceilings in Nigeria are different from the ones which you will see in other countries. Ceilings are made with different materials and they come in different shapes and sizes.

Before purchasing a ceiling that you would want to use in your house, there are several types available that can suit your taste. The most popular ceiling people go for now in Nigeria is the PVC ceiling or the POP ceiling. This type of ceiling is affordable and can be easily fixed up, the boards are being built with good materials. Talking about the POP, this is not the regular kind of ceiling that you see daily, this type of ceiling is mostly used in bigger houses, not even rented apartments but personal apartments, because many feel it’s hard to maintain. POP are elaborate designs and they tend to be very durable, they last for years without any crack especially when done well. The POP design brings out the beauty of a home. Below we will be giving you the types of ceiling boards in Nigeria.

Types Of Ceilings In Nigeria (Boards & Materials)

PVC Ceiling

We have been able to outgrow the old set of ceiling boards in our houses which goes soft after a while and pulls out after a long time, I hope you remember right. This board is often painted white and it is made of wood. With the introduction of the PVC, ceilings have now become finer and more durable.

The full meaning of PVC is Polyvinyl Chloride; this panel makes the building looks elegant with a top-notch design.  PVC is the most sought after ceiling designs in Nigeria now and they have been able to capture the heart of many Nigerians, this design was actually meant for decorative purposes and it acts as a soundproof to reduce noise and sound from the roof. The PVC is not like your regular ceiling boards, it does not give you a hard time fixing and it helps to make you sleep well.  Talking about installation for the PVC, they are very easy to install, you can install them directly to the ceiling with nails, staples, or adhesives.

POP Ceiling

The Plaster Of Paris ceiling which is popularly called the POP ceiling in Nigeria is rated as one of the best. The designs that come along with this ceiling are top-notch, they can be used in big homes, halls, offices name it and they are rated as one of the best.  This ceiling is also called a false ceiling, it is called a false ceiling because it is a secondary ceiling that is suspended from the main ceiling.

The POP can easily be molded into different shapes and it is used for decorative patterns and cornices. This ceiling has different types and they are light in weight and more durable than others. It has low thermal conductivity, does not shrink while setting, a good fire-resistant, has good adhesion on fibrous materials, mix up easily with water, and easy to spread and level. The POP is rated so much; it has a magnificent design and makes the house looks like a royal home. Though there are some disadvantages that come with the POP when it comes to the cost and maintenance of the ceiling, it’s not much so it is possible to even get it at an affordable price.

Gypsum Ceiling

This kind of ceiling is not too popular, as not many can afford it. The gypsum ceiling is like the POP ceiling but this comes with different designs with a much finer and smooth surface. This is an excellent material to use and it is commonly known as drywall and they are available in all manner of convenient sizes, installation is not that difficult. The Gypsum ceiling is also a suspension ceiling and it’s quite different from what you have been seeing. The installation is of low cost, gypsum does not absorb sound very well so, in terms of a soundproofing system, this can be used.

One disadvantage about all these is that they are very susceptible to water damages, so they should not be used in bathrooms or dank basements, a chemically treated gypsum wallboard will be better. This gypsum ceiling is mostly found in self-built homes and not in every rented apartment in Nigeria.

Ceiling Tiles

You ever heard about ceiling tiles, they are quite common and not that expensive. Ceiling tiles are easy to fix and more popular than the gypsum ceiling in Nigeria. They are dust and rust-free and easy to maintain. Ceiling tiles come in different designs and their materials are top-notch, I won’t say they look exactly like your regular ceiling boards but this is the best you can get and it is affordable. If you do not want to use a gypsum ceiling or POP then the ceiling tiles or panels are your options, talking about durability and affordability, they are easy to move around.

In conclusion, we have given you full details about the types of ceilings in Nigeria, ceilings are ways of beautifying the homes and they have made so many types and several designs that are ready to make your home look great.