Beauty is attractive, and everyone appreciates beautiful things. Houses are not exempted. It is a thing of pride when one’s home is being admired and given nice accolades here and there. And of course, one of the things that makes people admire a house is its paintings. Therefore, the issue of painting a house is pretty important. 

Imagine getting somewhere, and you spot two houses sitting beside each other. The first one is sparkling beautifully, adorned with nice paint, while the other one is an old house with the paint looking faded on. Now be sincere, which will you admire? The first one! That is what a small child will also do! You will naturally appreciate the first house and ignore the other one for it. In fact, if the reason you came across the duo is that you are searching for a new home, no one will tell you to prefer the first one ahead of the other. 

It is important to beautify one’s home by painting them. In fact, when it appears as if it is becoming an eyesore, the right thing to do is to quickly jump at renovation (and one of the major activities is to simply paint it). When the efforts have been taken, one will appreciate the results too. 

Now, one of the issues is that some people tend to avoid patronizing the services of paint specialists and firms rendering painting services. The amount to be spent on such is avoided by some, while some Nigerians feel they can’t just afford such services.

Painting is actually something that can be done yourself, and you can get things right if you have the right knowledge. Now, there are various types of paints out there that can be used to achieve the aim of beautifying a building (be it a house or an office). You need to first understand this, as well as know the differences that exist amongst them. 

We detailed the types of paints in Nigeria, to assist you in making the right decision in your choice of colour and painting

Let us get started:

Types Of Paints In Nigeria

  • Texture Finish 

Also known as tex coat, texture finish is famously used in different parts of the country. It has been around for some time now, and you can decide to opt for this type of paint. One is New Fire –Retardant Resnam Plast in regards to texture only. A real dealer should have no problem bringing this to you if you decide to use this for your next painting activity. 

  • High-Class Marble Trowel

This one is a kind of water-based paint that actually offers a lovely and nice sheen. Additionally, it is washable (one of its features that should be added). If the area of the house that you desire painting is just your bedroom or dining room (or probably your sitting room), then we will advise that you go with this one. It is nice for home offices and the staircase too. 

  • New Fire-Retardant Resnam Plast

Here is another water-based paint that is available in Nigeria. One of its features is that it has the characteristic of smooth surface and also texture. That is simply how it has been made. One other thing that should be added is that this type of paint is a fire-resistant that doesn’t allow the widespread of fire in buildings. So, if you know where you stay is one where a fire outbreak can likely come up, it is advisable that you use this. 

  • Decorative Magic Flex 

Another water-based paint out there is this one. One of the features attached to it is that it has the effect of bringing out various patterns. Either you desire painting the interior or exterior of a building, this can be subscribed to. If what you want to paint is just your wall, then this type of paint can be subscribed to also. 

  • Acrylic Emulsion

Acrylic Emulsion is also a water-based paint that has a superb quality. One of the prominent things that have made this unique is the fact that it is pretty economical to get, and it also has superb features (one of which is its smoothness). So, if your building is a cheap one (and you are keen on ensuring that you don’t spend too much money), you can simply make do with this paint and you will be fine. 

  • Matt Emulsion

Matt Emulsion is also a water-based paint. Now, this also is pretty unique. It has fine particles as a prominent feature, but it is interesting to note that it can hardly be observed (so nice and interesting). Generally, this type of paint is pretty high-quality emulsion paint. If what you want to engage is just a wall, you can subscribe to this type of paint, as it will help hinder the growth of bacteria there and also promote its smoothness. 

There we go with our types of paints in Nigeria. Once you have decided to settle for one, simply look for a reputable company that deals with paint, and you will be good. If you are not too sure of yourself as regarding this, then simply make use of the service of a professional painter. 


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