What are the Types Of Precious Stones found In Nigeria? Nigeria is one country that is indeed blessed with various good things – including gemstones. It is one of the countries in the world that can boast of having a huge deposit of various types of gemstones in a large abundance. We aren’t just talking about gemstones not taken too seriously as a result of their lack of appropriate relevance in the international market, but we are talking about gems that are widely desired as a result of their various uses. 

One of the things we should note when talking about gemstones in Nigeria is the fact that it is not bound to just a particular region. For instance, when talking about natural resources like crude oil, everyone knows it is only in abundance in a place like the Niger Delta region. However, gemstones are found in various states in various regions. For instance, one of the prominent gemstones that can be found in the country is known as Paraiba tourmalines, and it can be gotten in southwestern states like Oyo, Ondo, and Ogun, and not Northern states like Kaduna, Kano, and Nasarawa. 

As stated earlier, there are several types of gemstones in the country. Here, however, we will explore the most popular ones. Here are they:

Types Of Precious Stones Found in Nigeria


As far as the gemstone is concerned in Nigeria, this leads the pack. It is actually the most famous and colorful gemstone in the country. Additionally, it is the most available gemstone here, and it comes in several colours (including white, watermelon, red, pink, green, blue, and so on. 

It is available in states like:

– Nasarawa State (precisely regions like Keffi, Saura, Anngwan Mayo, Garaku, Gidan Kadiri, and so on) 

– Oyo State (precisely in regions like Idoko, Komu, Itasa, and so on.)

– Kaduna Satate (particularly in regions like Kagarko, Gidan Waya and so on.)

– Kwara State (Lemo Ndeji, Ora, Oro, and so on)

– Kogi

– Taraba

– Bauchi 

– Osun States.



There is a good reason why we ensure this gemstone comes second on the list of types of precious stones found in Nigeria. Indeed, it has a reputation for being the most precious blue gemstone. Finding one is very valuable and fetches a lot of money. In fact, it is known that sapphires found in Nigeria can be sold as huge as $10,000 per gram in the International market.

These precious gemstones can be found in places like:

– Mambila Plateau in Taraba State

–  Kaduna State (precisely in regions like Antah, Nisama, and so on)

– Bogoro (Bauchi State)

– Bokkos (Plateau State)

– Gunda (Yobe State)



This is also found in large amount in the country. It is the green-blue to blue variety of the mineral beryl, and it is being sold hugely. 

It can be found in places like:

– Akwanga

– Nasarawa

– Jenta

– Igwo

– Agwada (Nasarawa State)

– Ibadan (Oyo State)

– Ogun State (precisely in Ijebu Igbo and Igbo Ora)

– Kogi State (precisely in Okene and Isanlu) 



Emerald also abides here on a major scale and can be found in various parts of Nigeria. Here are some of the places it can be found:

– Gwantu (Kaduna State)

– Nasarawa Egon (Nasarawa State)



Here is another major gemstone that has been found in various parts of the country (including around Jos-Bauchi axis with Oyo State) 



Zircon is another gemstones available much in Nigeria, and it can be found in Kaduna State as whereas some others. One interesting thing about Zircon is that it has features that can make it to come in place of diamond. 



Topaz is a popular gemstone that is available in Nigeria too. It comes in various colours quite alright, but then, in Nigeria, blue and white are more popular. It is a beautiful gemstone that can bring a fortune on a global scale. 

– Nasarawa State (precisely in Jenta and Akwanga)

–  Jos (Plateau State)

– Bauchi 

– Oyo States

– etc



This is the most famous purple Gem. The ones we have here (fortunately) are of very high quality.

 – Bauchi

– Kaduna

– Kano

– Oyo

– Nasawara 

– And so on 


Other Types Of Precious Stones Found In Nigeria are listed below;

Apart from the highlighted above, there are some others that are also scattered across the country. Some might be in small quantities, but they are pretty lucrative (they can bring a fortune). Here are some other gemstones available in Nigeria:

– Ruby

– Arget

– Opal

– Tanzanite

– Morganite

– Goshenite

– Heliodort

– Kunzite. 

Another thing that should be noted about precious stones found in Nigeria is the fact that there are gemstones that are actually in little quantities, while some others are really huge. For instance, in Nigeria, we’ve got in abundance the likes of emerald, garnet, sapphire, amethyst, tourmaline, zircon, topaz, and so on. They are of precious or semi-precious stone, various features use compositions and colours. In case you don’t know, let it be added that there are some rocks such as lapis lazuli which are not really minerals like amber, but are still regarded as gemstones. Such can be used to make jewelry. 

One of the most evident characteristics about these things is that they are usually hard and before they can be utilized to make whatever it is they are meant to serve, they will first undergo some processes (which includes, especially, being cut and polished). When they are out, everyone who admires and appreciates beautiful things usually finds them attractive and good-looking. 

Closing On Tyes Of Precious Stones Found In Nigeria

In conclusion, our country is obviously a very blessed one that has all it takes to be a lender to Nations. We have gemstones that can be utilized to amass great wealth that can make things great here. These gemstones are worth a lot of money in the international market. Unfortunately, the whole of the attention has been stolen by crude oil, and we left gemstones to the background – where it is now illegally mined. Perhaps, we will begin to take full advantage of these gemstones in the nearest future.


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