Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Fort Myers (2024)

Nobody wants to live in a neighborhood where an evening stroll could end up in a hospital ward, or where the people are just plain unfriendly and aggressive. The worst neighborhoods in Fort Myers are some of the roughest, run down, and down right aggressive places in the whole state.

Even though some would argue that this city is just as dangerous, or even less so than other cities in the county; they must remember that a place that so famous for tourism should be peaceful. Fort Myers has a lot of potential; but something has to be done about all the madness going on there.

Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Fort Myers 2023

1. Martin Luther King Blvd 

Martin Luther King Blvd is a palm lined neighborhood in the Fort Myers area; it is primarily residential, but also has plenty of retail in the form of shops, coffee places, and gas stations.

Martin Luther King Boulevard, ironically is largely perceived as one of the roughest parts of Fort Myers as a whole. Decent people are encouraged not to venture there at all, because of the high level of crime, and also because of the aggressive, unfriendly nature of many people there.

In November 2021, a policeman shot and injured a young man who was driving a young woman believed to be his girlfriend away. The woman was said to be screaming frantically that she was being driven against her will. In July 2018, a policeman was shot at a gas station, thankfully he survived. The shooting was certainly not a robbery; it may have been gang related.

2. Tice

Tice is a neighborhood in Fort Myers that is largely residential. There are many small houses in this neighborhood; some are one bedroom buildings. However, this rural community has the advantage of open spaces, lawns and play areas for kids.

Tice is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Fort Myers; the people here can be very aggressive. In August 2021, a person was shot and killed at a gas station. In March 2021 a man was shot multiple times; he died instantly. In March 2021 a resident aggressively engaged a Sheriff Deputy and was shot at a home in the neighborhood.

3. Dunbar

Dunbar used to be a small town of its own, but was annexed to become part of Fort Myers. One of the main attractions of this neighborhood is the Dunbar High School, which is a very popular place. The neighborhood has somewhere around 2000 residents, but can regularly be in the news for the wrong reasons.

In April 2022, at around 8 PM a group of teenagers started an argument resulting in someone drawing a gun and killing two children. A woman was shot and killed right on the street in 2016, and two teenage students of the Dunbar High School were shot, and one died instantly in this neighborhood.

4. Ortiz Avenue

Ortiz Avenue is a popular part of Fort Myers; it is residential enough, but also has shops, and other kinds of commercial properties. Ortiz Avenue also has a trailer park where people can stay for a taste of the simpler life. However, this can be a crazy place in deed.

In December 2021, one person was killed, while two others received gunshot wounds. In July 2022, a man engaged the police in a gun fight using a rifle. He was shot and killed, however. In June 2020 there was a drive by shooting in which one died, and a few others sustained injuries.

5.  Harlem Heights

Harlem Heights is a popular but small neighborhood in Fort Myers, Florida. It is a suburban neighborhood; and most of the houses are small; with one or bedrooms. There are of course medium sized town houses, as well as apartment complexes in the neighborhood as well.

Harlem Heights is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Fort Myers; in January 2022 a man shot and wounded another man; even with the motive in doubt.  In May 2016 a man was shot and killed in his neighborhood; he was a father of 5.

6. Palmona Park

Palmona Park is a small neighborhood in Fort Myers; it is toward the north of Fort Myers. The neighborhood has a small population; around 1,300 people live here.

In September 2022, a man was seriously injured after having been shot in this neighborhood. In August 2020 two people were shot after a home was broken into. In June 2022 one man went on a rampage during which he just started smashing windows and windshields in the early morning.

7. Pine Manor

Pine Manor is a sub urban neighborhood in Fort Myers. It is mostly made up of small houses and apartment complexes. The neighborhood has around 4,122 people living there.

In June 2022, a home was broken into, but the owner was able to repel the attack. In December 2021, one man was killed, and two others were injured when an argument broke out on a parking lot.

8. Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a beautiful and leisurely neighborhood in Fort Myers. It actually does have the palm trees and the water front. There are residential buildings, as well commercial properties in this neighborhood; it would have made a lovely spot for recreational activities if it was quiet.

Palm Beach is a crazy place; a 19 year old was shot and killed in this neighborhood for no apparent reason. In 2019 a man was shot in the head, and then his body was put in his car and set on fire. In March a boy and girl were shot, although the boy survived.

9. LeHigh Acres

Lehigh Acres is a residential area in Lee County; East of Fort Myers.

LeHigh Acres is not the safest place to be; a woman waited outside an apartment block to shoot a man described as her best friend. This was in September 2022.  In May 2022 a woman was shot in the head in her own home; even if it had been a robbery; it was unnecessary to do so.

10. McGregor Boulevard

McGregor Boulevard is in Lee County in near Fort Myers; it is a beautiful neighborhood; one that is lined with palm trees. Its not the neighborhood one has to worry about; it’s the people.

In February 2016 a man was shot multiple times on this street; he died on the spot. In October 2020 a man was found to have falsely imprisoned a person. There are also many incidences of cars and homes being broken into.



The worst neighborhoods in Fort Myers earn their reputation mostly because of the crazy people who live there. Of course, it is possible to live in the beautiful city, especially if one is able to stay away from all the hotheaded troublemakers. As for petty crimes; they exist almost everywhere in the world.