Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Denver 2022

The worst neighborhoods in Denver are those places within the city where one is more likely to meet drug addled drifters, as well as bums who aggressively beg for change like they have a right to. Of course, crime and gang related activities are other issues to worry about.

Denver has much to offer; which is why it is a very attractive place for young people who troop in every year; thus increasing the city’s population. Education, Art, Sports and Economic Opportunities range among the top reasons why people move to Denver. The problem is that wherever there is such a concentration of young people, things can move south really quickly.

People who live in places like Brooklyn, Compton, and Atlanta may find Denver a walk in the park. But as for the others, it pays to know where to step, and where to avoid.

Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Denver 2022

1. Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is a neighborhood built around a public park close to downtown Denver. It is a well planned and designed neighborhood; one that is mostly made of single family detached houses, with lawns and lots of trees.

This is one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods; it is located just south of the spot where Denver was first settled in the 1850’s. Some of the houses there are the original buildings put up on that site; dating back to 1900.

Lincoln Park is the headquarters of the Art District on Santa Fe. Many great artists have come out of this area; and even now, art inclined young people make up the majority of those who flock into the area.

Unfortunately, Lincoln Park has attracted some of the wrong types of people; many who think crime and drugs are part of what makes an artist have also made their way to Lincoln Park, thus driving up criminal activity. Recently, nearly 1000 criminal offenses were recorded in this neighborhood.

2. Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park is located somewhat in the center of Denver; it is another beautiful neighborhood that is well planned, and that has an abundance of greenery. Think single family town houses; all with lawns and trees. The park is very beautiful, with a playground and lots of trees and animals. There are many watchful eyes there so one can rest easy.

But once out of the park, it is best to keep a sharp eye out because Cheesman Park is one of the worst neighborhoods in Denver. In a recent year there were 1006 criminal offenses recorded, and most of them are traced back to drug and alcohol use.

3. Civic Center

Civic Center is located somewhat centrally, it is near the Cheesman Park neighborhood, but separated from it by Capitol Hill. Civic Center is built around two parks, and has several government buildings around it. There are several historical landmarks in the area, which makes it surprising that it should be on such a list.

In a stark reminder that government has not done enough to include all citizens; Civic Center has a lot of ills facing it. Next to the big government buildings, homeless people usually take position. In fact, Civic Center is known as a favorite spot for homeless people, and they are not even the worst problem with the neighborhood.

Recently, 1,444 criminal offenses were recorded in a single year, and they included muggings, pick pocketing, and break-ins. Some of these crimes are often traced back to drug and alcohol use.

4. Lower Downtown

Popularly called LoDo, Lower Downtown is located in the area of Union Station, which is in the northwestern part of Denver, Colorado. This is one of the oldest places where people settled in Denver; and some of the old buildings are still standing; even though most of them have been converted for other use. Lower Downtown is also a place of interest for property developers and investors

LoDo is known for its nightlife; there are several party hot-spots and nightclubs scattered throughout the neighborhood; and while that does something for the local economy, it also encourages crime. Recently, there were 1,575 offenses reported in one year; and the many drug addled drifters, drinkers, and delinquents in the area makes the place look like a ghetto.

5. East Colfax

East Colfax is located in the eastern part of Denver; it is on the record as having the longest street in the country. The area is known for the abundance of nightlife, entertainment, and independent films. This is like a Mecca for the artistic types.

However, East Colfax is known for its rising crime scene; the city is known for drugs and prostitution. Recently, there were 1,827 criminal offenses reported.

In November 2022, three suspects in an SUV opened fire on a group standing on a sidewalk, killing 1, and wounding 5 others. In September, 2022 an Armed Robber attacked the same bank twice in two days, and got away with it! In July 2022, an elderly man was beaten and robbed at a gas station. His injuries were so bad that he had to be hospitalized.

6. Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is a neighborhood somewhat in the center of Denver, and close to both Chessman Park, City Park; both known crime hot-spots. Capitol Hill is lively place; there are several nice bars, shops, and restaurants.

Capitol Hill has not only attracted good people; some bad people have also moved into the neighborhood. Recently, 2,232 crimes were reported in a single year.

In February 2022, a man was shot and killed instantly in Capitol Hill; just around 11:30 PM. In September 2022, one person was injured in a shooting, and in October 2022, a man was found dead in his apartment, from gunshot wounds, and blunt force trauma.

7. Five Points

Five Points is large neighborhood in the north of Denver. It is an old and well planned area, with many historic buildings and monuments in and around the city, like the Burlington Hotel, which was built in 1891. This is one of the liveliest parts of the city; there are many art galleries and museums in the area.

Sad to associate art with trouble; but many hippies and junkies also consider themselves artists, and so they troop into Five Points, also causing problems for law enforcement with their criminal behaviors.

Recently, 3,810 offenses were recorded over the course of one year.

8. Central Business District

Central Business District is somewhat central located, but it is technically in the west of Denver. This is where the big companies and establishments are located; and where you find the Skyscrapers, Hotels, Malls, as well as Restaurants and Stores. There are also Museums, Theaters as well as places to dance. Central Business District is therefore a place of business.

Central Business District is also Central Crime District; 3,020 offenses were recorded here in just one year, making CBD one of the most rugged neighborhoods in Denver.

9. Baker

Baker is located due west of the city center of Denver. There are historic houses, some of them over 100 years old, which were built by the pioneers of the neighborhood. For such a sleepy looking neighborhood which should house families, there are many shocking events happening there.

In January 2021, a 30 year old man was shot and killed in this neighborhood. In May 2022, a man was also shot and killed. In August 2019, two people were shot; although they both survived the incident.

10. Lowery Fields

Lowery Fields is a neighborhood located due east of the city center. This neighborhood used to be an air force base, but is now a largely residential area with green spaces, playgrounds. There is also an Air and Space Museum where old warplanes can be seen.

Sadly though this can be a dangerous place to visit. In March 2016, four people were shot. In May 2021, a woman was shot dead. In May 2020 one person was shot dead.



The worst neighborhoods in Denver can be deceptively beautiful. From the tall buildings of the Central Business District to the street art of Lincoln Park; there is much to admire when visiting this city. Perhaps it is as a result of this admiration that people get carried away, and fail to take proper precaution, which is why criminals find this city an easy place to exist.